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Paris men's fashion week makes Pitti appear staid and boorish http://nyti.ms/TBA6U6 NYTimes: Paris Men’s Fashion Week Street Style Berluti. But a shadow of its former self http://www.nytimes.com/fashion/runway/berluti/spring-2015-menswear/1
Did Steed make yours up? NSM made mine.
Who represents Alumo in the US now? Find any interesting lengths when you went to Italy a few months back?
Vox has made up both brown frescos.
The tuxedo and tailcoat are classic examples of solid coat, tie and shirt.
FYI American Sember closed last summer.
I know guys in Psych who were clips-ons in case patients grab them (particularly on the Schizo ward). I imagine security personel do it for the same reason. I know pediatricians who were bow ties because it is harder for kids to grab and transmit disease from one kid to the other.
Yeah, I've seen other CEOs speak so much about nothing that I believe it is a deliberately acquired skill. I imagine anything interesting will have to be off-the-record.
I just wrote up my experience of making shirts with Mary Frittolini, now based in Paris. http://www.styleforum.net/t/300803/la-camicia-con-lanima-mary-frittolini-bespoke-shirts/0_30#post_7224700
New Posts  All Forums: