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I assume Jake is starting his own thing, no?
In that case, Liverano is clearly a step above Corcos and Guida.
The coat has quite a bit of drape. It's closer to what I get from Steed vs NSM or Formosa.
Frack & Co. is a store dedicated to formal wear, better than anywhere else I have seen in the world and at quite reasonable prices. They sell tailcoats, tuxes, daycoats and all the accouterments. They even have foldable tophats (even Locke in London doesn't sell that) and capes!http://www.frack.co.at/e_00.htmlThis store is just to the left of Bitzinger on this pic. Which btw is a great place to get some snacks after the balls.Across the square is Jungmann & Neffe.The sell...
You should add Vienna to the list. It's great for classical clothing.
The LL Fox flannel is 18 oz. I'm getting used to it. After over a year it is starting to break in.
Wow. Those prices are incredible.
It's a mix. The flannels in the Ice book might be worsted flannels.
Dormeuil Icehttp://blog.vanita.nl/2012/12/jubileumactie-dormeuil-suitings.htmlBTW, this pattern is suiting, not jacketing. It will look odd as a jacket only.
I am researching the cost of doing a residential renovation project in Manhattan. I found out that the expected cost for parking tickets (from double parking) is included in the bids.
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