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Anyone go to the G&G NYC cocktail party tonight?
There were several batches of the SG chambray. Finding the exact one might be tough.
On jodek's website I see silk # 3993-4000 as discontinued but maybe there's a new book and the website has not been updated. I'd be curious to see the new Drapers book and at the cost of the 100% silk.
My impression is that margins on service is larger than margin on sales.
Waistcoat is better looking but wears hotter than the cummerbund. Something to consider depending on the season. Some think the waistcoat is better with peak lapels and cummerbund with shawl lapels
I believe the trees were outsourced.
It is based on the EG Herrick.http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?75623-Edward-Green-Herrick-Anyone-have-a-pairBestetti has made something similar as well.More pics of it here in the Bestetti thread.http://www.styleforum.net/t/251332/riccardo-bestetti-bespoke-projects/1020_30#post_7165525
I think the decision should be between shawl DB vs peak SB + vest. If your tailor doesn't think he can make a good DB shawl for you, go with the peak SB. I think the peak lapels give the illusion of broader shoulders than notch or fishmouth. P.S. if tall lanky Manton can look broad shouldered in his shawl lapel DB tux, perhaps you should ask Manton for his tailor.
I like del frisco's for steak but is borderline for your budget. The one on 1221 6th ave is a nice location. There is a less formal del Friscos grill nearby.
This is the grain side out kudu.I think suede buckskin or similar deer suede is hard to find these days, even when doing bespoke. G&G said they have some Chinese buckskin. Generally G&G has more variety of kid suede but it is very soft and has to be reinforced.
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