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Interestingly Daniel Wegan over at G&G was saying that he has been making different lasts for the same person to optimize the fit for different shoe styles - not just laced shoes vs loafers. Unfortunately I don't remember the details of what he does for each shoe type.
I believe Jean-Michel is the one who visits NYC. $7k for shoes are JLP pricing.
This is the first time I've seen your 3pc solito. Have you written about it before?
Thanks. I didn't have email notification turn on, that's why I never noticed it working.
What happens when you reference someone's handle? Are they alerted somehow? I've seen it done but don't know how it works.
Any updates on Kenjiro Suzuki commission?I was transiting through Paris last week rather unexpectedly but unfortunately did not have the time to drop by.
In NYC or elsewhere? Is there a good dance floor at the ones you go to? All too often there are couples on the floor who cannot dance blocking the line-of-dance. Good way of practicing floor craft trying to dance around them but not exactly fun.
I posted a reply at the white tie thread.http://www.styleforum.net/t/368997/the-state-of-white-tie/60#post_7401295
To tell you the truth the dance floor at the NYC event is too packed to dance the Viennese waltz.They do have performers and debutantes though. It is a nice party.
Last time I looked into logsdail his suits were closer to 5k. Have they gone up that much?
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