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I have an 18 oz DB suit from the London Lounge Fox series and it is seriously heavy winter suiting. Pros: Drapes like steel. Will outlive your interest in it Comfortable in zero degree Fahrenheit weather with biting wind Cons: Hot to wear indoors if you have modern indoor heating Pants are scratchy unlined until you break it in. Wearable only below 50-60 degrees F
Have you found inspiration from Apparel Arts? I've browsed a copy or two before and didn't find it that useful. There are only a few pages in each edition that is interesting. I think the many of the best ones may have been scanned in already because the picture in the copies I saw weren't that great.
I preordered a 6s+ via AT&T but shipping is estimated around 3rd week of October. *sigh*
BNT 3 piece suits look quite nice. Good 3 piece suits are hard to find RTW.
In case you are interested in experiencing Versailles in a different manner, consider going to the masked ball. Guests must wear a Baroque costume and a mask for admission. People go all out.Here is a blog post about it from a couple years ago.http://lamourdeparis.com/versailles-masquerade-ball/
Thanks for the leg work!
It sounds like they do in house bespoke for $1700 which sounds too good to be true. I suspect they use one of the NYC factories to make that price point. I was wondering if people had more insight. They seem to be getting quite a bit of press.
Just saw this interview of Brooklyn Tailor. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/b/c172b489-cc73-489d-bf07-628782bbd5d7 Anyone heard about them before?
How about accessories? Ties, belts etc,
I don't think the patterns themselves are a problem as much as the dissonant colors. For example, the color of the tie and suit are desaturated (almost like a pastel) whereas the pocket square color is highly saturated. I find that dissonance distracting.I have an old Arnys tie in a similar shade of purple that I have a hard time matching. I think it is because most of my clothes have high color saturation.
New Posts  All Forums: