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Didn't you have Steed make up you Agnelli tweed? Does it wear too coarse? I assume I'll have to have the pants lined. Interestingly, Steed makes their standard pants unlined.
In the LL thread Alden said that the suit was made from this LL Fox flannel.http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/234/london-lounge/london-lounge-bucklands-herringbone
Do you have the same opinion for these Horsebit loafers?
I saw a GLA45 AMG on the road the other day. Kinda ugly IMO.
Do you have one?
When do you guys think it is worthwhile to get a wine fridge? Is it only worthwhile for those people who want to age their wine? Currently I only keep a few bottles of champagne in the fridge.
There are some good pictures of @SeamasterLux in that issue.
I saw SeamasterLux in presenting French style in the current issue of Rake magazine (the one with Samuel L Jackson in the cover). Congrats!
From whence did this green-eyed monster originate?!
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