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Too bad. If it bothers you, you can send it back to them for adjustments.
The basted fitting is key. Every cloth behaves differently. I can't believe you guys skip that especially when you know your shoulders are asymmetric. You can get them to try to fix it after the fact, but I suspect they can do much more adjustment at the basted fitting stage.
Aren't you from Texas or somewhere else from the South? If so, you should consider linen or an open weave cloth. If you were looking for a suit, I'd recommend mohair - scratchy but performs unbelievably well in high humidity.
Jake has been the manager for two years? I thought he just move to NYC.http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/06/fashion/mens-style/at-the-armoury-classics-are-always-in-style.html?ref=mens-style
Zachary Quinto at the Guggenheim
In particular, Mina encourages lining cream linen pants because of its translucency. I imagine only the very densest Irish linen (or a darker color) may not have this problem.
I think POW should be flannel or tweed. I haven't seen an example that looks good as a worsted. For worsted, I think nailhead, sharkskin and Birdseye are better alternatives. I have a DB in the LL RAF blue POW Piuma. It's ok but not great.
Really? I have one from before the Harrison's take over and it's great. It would be discouraging if it is no longer the same.
I still see occasional red bows and cummerbunds sported by the older crowd. Apparently some people didn't get the memo.
I think is really interesting that Boyer's connects Cary Grant and Castiglione's idea of sprezzutura. According to this post on sprezzuturahttp://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2015/06/sprezzatura-great-philological-debate.htmlAccording to Boyer, that is exactly what Grant did, he made himself better through training.
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