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If you are looking for a day trip from Cannes, the Voiles des St. Tropez overlaps with your Cannes dates. It is a regatta for traditional sail ships and is quite an incredible sight if you like that sort of thing. I recall there is a ferry from Cannes that takes you directly to St. Tropez. There is a Paris restaurant thread if you are looking for restaurant...
I would phrase the idea another way. IMO, heavier cloth hangs better than lighter cloth, so I try to wear the heaviest tolerable for the weather. It was low 70s yesterday and I broke out my 16 oz Lesser DB.
@TweedyProf I think in general it is best to see swatches in real life. IMO seeing Harris tweed in real life is even more important. Pictures do them no justice.
Wow that thermostatic system is so cheap. I must be shopping at the wrong places. I like this one but it is $10k+.
I use the paper mache flowers by Kent Wang. I have found it difficult to find real flowers of that size
Are you going to be staying a little longer this time?
Do you joke because you don't think it happens?
I thought you were a Flea because I figured you were Infectious Disease given your chosen name. Didn't know you were a Cutter.N.B. Surgeon = Cutter. Internal Medicine = Flea (because they are the last ones to leave a dead body)
A friend of mine has mentioned that the AMG 7 speed auto makes the car feel like a turbo because of the lag. Apparently automatics are the only option for AMGs because the torque is too high for any of the MB manuals.
I thought you had a Magnepan 1.7 too
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