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Am I one of the few with no problems with orders from Howard Yount, Cappelli or Passaggio Cravette? Cappelli make bespoke orders for me twice without a hitch. I don't recall having customs duties either but I may have forgotten. OTOH the duties for Charvet were brutal and unforgettable.
No. I'm referring to a trend of restaurants like Mission Chinese making Kung Pao pastrami.
I went there Friday night (village location). It was ok. I don't get the trend for Americanized chinese food. Not worth the $$$.
I wore mine yesterday. Also looks a little pink or purple depending on the lighting. I wonder if it is an optical illusion of the burgundy mixing with the blue.
That's a fantastic video! Great insight to the architecture of the white tie rig and it's descendants. I think the issue with summer wear is how to make it look elegant and not wear too hot. Currently, the best alternative I have to the tux is a blue mohair suit.
Is there a date for the NMWA X Eidos trunk show?
Going to Fire Island on Sunday. Never been before.
It's interesting that the pattern was made in a "square" orientation whereas mine were made in a "diamond" shaped orientation.
Is that a Passaggio Cravette tie?
I just received the ties I ordered a couple months ago.
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