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I think the most consistent way to JFK is taking the LIRR to Jamaica and then the airtrain. Most taxi drivers don't know how to get around the traffic jams in Queens. So taxis can be quite variable. I have a friend who uses a particular driver from a car service who knows all the shortcuts to Queens.
What leather is it?I had a similar issue with my bespoke kudu wholecuts. There was a scar on the toe but I let it go because it was a textured leather and I figured a wild animal is going to have scars. Also, I get cuts on the toe of my shoes through normal wear anyway so I didn't bother.
I have a friend who finds good hotel deals via Priceline. My impression is that the peak season is around Christmas and new years. Low season is after new years in January. So it will depend on when you want to be in NYC.
Yes. Jefferyd wrote about it on his blog.http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2009/09/cutting-trousers-cultural-divide.html?m=0
I believe the shape was made via ironwork. Does the shape remain after dry cleaning? Any experience with linen or cotton where the material can't be shaped by iron?http://ambrosi-napoli.tumblr.com/post/42853917345/prototype-a-homage-to-my-great-grandfather
Just dropped by kamakura today. It appears they have edited their thomas mason book. I didn't see their 200 2x2 anymore. Too bad.
Do you have anything in the works?
The context is that the poster requesting the Solaro is IIRC a physics grad student living in Texas looking for his second (or thereabouts) bespoke suit. I am suggesting there are perhaps better alternatives than a Solaro.
I know. I was so surprised. Either they are getting an insane deal from Albini or selling at a loss. Like an Easter egg for those in the know. It is only in two colors and randomly placed in the Thomas Mason book.
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