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Check out nybits.com for no fee rentals. Streeteasy advertises some no fee rentals too.
Then that means the white DB the Sexton and the 6x1 DB Cifonelli.
I agree with Canta about the jacket makers.Lets do the easy ones first.Jacket 4 = A&S because of the Hitchcock hint [[SPOILER]] Jacket 5 = Cifonelli because of the cigarette ropingJacket 6 = Classic 1 button Huntsman Richard AndersonJacket 1 = Liverano because of the absence of the front dart and widely open front below the buttonSo we are left with Panico and Sexton.Jacket 2 = Panico for the rounded shoulderJacket 3 = Sexton for the squared off shoulder
Sexton looks great
Apparently the LL houndstooth is still available.http://thelondonlounge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11613
What are you making up? I have 3m of it and I may make mine up as an overcoat one day.
You were not a fan of the LL Shetland houndstooth?
Last time I was at Il Vecchio Drappiere they tried to sell me a green Solaro by Carlo Barbera while I was about to leave. Very dandy but not for me. It was great to bring the cloths out into the sun so you can see it under different lighting conditions. Consider checking out their silks or mohair next time.
I've only hear of Tofani in passing but he seems to keep good company in this article with Rubinacci and Kiton. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/22/fashion/Naples-a-haven-of-tailoring-by-hand.html?_r=0 How did you find him? What do you think of your experience? Particularly why no shoes or socks?
I met a woman who lives in Madison Sqaure Park and complained about the big apple BBQ last night. She's leaving town with the kids this weekend.
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