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Hmm in that case would you consider cutting the waistcoat higher since the trousers allow it? You'd have to remake it, but it might be an interesting exercise. One issue would be that style vest is more british and the Italians may not want to make it.
Spoke too soon. The duties hit just arrived.
For me the execution of dishes at Mission Chinese is not that great compared with the alternatives.For example the take the Kung Pao pastrami. For alternatives in the Chinese arena, I prefer the Hunan method of cooking smoked or cured meats. There's a good Hunan place in the Murray Hill area. For pastrami, I prefer Katz's. The best inventive pastrami dish have had is the foie gras pastrami from Vetri. It is a foie gras cured like a pastrami, lightly seared served with a...
I would be much obliged if stitches paid to upgrade all my ties to 6/7 folds. I believe they are still around. Just not affiliates.
The problem I have with Italian three-piece suits are that the rise of the pants are often too low, rendering the vest too long. It's not a big deal on the single breasted vest but I think the DB vest is best when it is cut high so that the horizontal bottom is near the natural waist. For example
I don't think 7 fold ties are worth the premium. To me, the value of the tie is mostly in the design and color, not in construction.
Am I one of the few with no problems with orders from Howard Yount, Cappelli or Passaggio Cravette? Cappelli make bespoke orders for me twice without a hitch. I don't recall having customs duties either but I may have forgotten. OTOH the duties for Charvet were brutal and unforgettable.
No. I'm referring to a trend of restaurants like Mission Chinese making Kung Pao pastrami.
I went there Friday night (village location). It was ok. I don't get the trend for Americanized chinese food. Not worth the $$$.
I wore mine yesterday. Also looks a little pink or purple depending on the lighting. I wonder if it is an optical illusion of the burgundy mixing with the blue.
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