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They use a JR sole. It was around $100-200.I've had it topied and toe caps placed. To clarify, they won't send it back to the factory but will send it somewhere locally for repair. B Nelson/VIP apparently do the work for them anyway.That option was not offered to me.
Seamless G&G balmoral shoes for comparison from the G&G tumblr http://gazianogirling.tumblr.com/post/79989762764/seamless
I had B Nelson resole my John Lobb RTW because Lobb wouldn't take it back for resole. The resole is fine, but not channeled. If you want your resole to be channeled and to keep the beveled waist, you should send it back to G&G.
Yeah material was LL Barleycorn made by Molloy and Sons. Coat was made by Ercole. Sorry couldn't stay to chat on Sunday. I had to run to another appointment. On Saturday, I was socializing so much I didn't actually look at what was on sale. So I dropped in on Sunday for a bit to look at stuff. I ended up picking up a linen Bigi tie for the summer. The temperature in that showroom was dialed up so high, it felt like summer had arrived!
The lighting and perspective of the pictures are all somewhat suboptimal. I have considered taking pictures of the whole rig in daylight once it is warmer but the pants are back at the tailor for adjustment. Then there is that inherent laziness thing to get over . . .
At least it appears you have survived all you can eat sushi and all you can drink sake.
I just tried the new nespresso vertuoline machine. It's really good. Better than expected and quieter too.
What little I've seen of her work looks impressive. I've an appointment with her the next time I'm in Paris. She appears willing to make the trial shirt and have a fitting the week I'm there.
Anyone made shirts with Mary Frittolini recently? She doesn't have her own place but will meet clients at Scavini.
A well cut coat with the canvas and shaping are better at hiding flaws and emphasizing strengths. If you wear a coat all the time, deficiencies with the body of the shirt only come up when you are wearing coats with thin fabrics. With some of my summer weight coats, wrinkles in the shirt show up through coat. That doesn't happen with my winter weight coats.
New Posts  All Forums: