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Traffic last Friday night was bad. There was an hour back up on the GWB. I did my short cuts through Fort Lee and it still took 30 minutes. I doubt waze would have helped much because traffic was so heavy. I don't take the holland tunnel much but I believe it is ok on Saturday mornings before 11AM. Around 1 pm I see gridlock going down Broome St.
A friend was able to get a same day reservation at Noma (presumably because of a cancellation). Consider trying when you are there and maybe you'll get lucky.
Apparently crup means horsehide. http://howtospendit.ft.com/mens-fashion/6955-plenty-of-horsepower Perhaps since cordovan is the only type of horse leather available these days, crup has come to be synonymous with cordovan.
NYTimes pic of Antonio http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2015/07/16/fashion/20150716NYFWMstreet/s/20150716NYFWMstreet-slide-M4UX.html
If you like argentine tango, there is the link for NYC calendar. http://newyorktango.com
Under the current software configuration, putting the @ in front of a persons name sends them a notification that they have been mentioned in a thread. Usually this is done to invite that persons attention. Of course, they need to have notifications turned on for this to work.
Depends on your taste. It is more SWD, less MC.
I think it is an interesting take on the navy pants (crackerjack) uniform. Apparently the 13 buttons from current navy uniform is no longer functional and only decorative.
I think your idea works with your preferred mode of dress with warm colors. I don't think you often wear a white shirt (which often require black shoes) For example, I wear a green tie with a white shirt, gray suit and black shoes. Medium to light brown shoes won't work in this case
Casual places I'd go back for lunch are Juveniles, 6 Paul Bert and Pho 14.
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