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Nix sounds like a good vegetarian place near Union Square but I haven't been. I do have reservations there in a couple weeks. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/06/dining/nix-restaurant-review-greenwich-village.html
Do you think a recirculating hood is better than no hood at all? I'm planning a remodel of a galley kitchen too. Can't put in a vented hood.
That was my original plan but the layout is bad. The range cooktop is sandwiched between the fridge and tall cabinets. So I think I should change the layout.
I am planning an inexpensive kitchen remodel. What do you guys think about cabinets from ikea vs Home Depot vs lowes? Apparently contractors don't like the IKEA cabinets, perhaps because they have to assemble it. Any other inexpensive cabinet options I should consider? Thanks
Good story about Quinton chasing down a cabbie to be a model at the Eidos photo shoot! http://www.wsj.com/articles/no-im-not-a-professional-male-model-im-a-taxi-driver-1469546652
Have you been washing them in the washing machine or by hand? So far I've only been wearing it as an outside layer.
To set the record straight, Vox is wearing a Minnis fresco (518 - I believe). The photo is atypical because it was taken in bright daylight. It was so dark that the Slewfoot fresco was made as a lighter shade as an alternative. As proof, here is a link to the picture back in 2010.https://stulenstil.wordpress.com/2010/12/06/1594/The Slewfoot fresco was made in 2012. The DWW fresco after that.
The drawstring in 34 was still available in blue a couple hours ago. The off white is still the best.
Are there instructions on how to fold the sublime straw hat back into the red band? I worry I'm crushing the hat every time I try it.
Oh. I read the question another way. Compared to Minnis fresco, they both wear similarly cool. The Piuma is softer and more luxurious feeling. The Piuma also stretches a bit - its most noticeable when I put my hands in my pockets. The fresco is coarser feeling, no stretch and easily keeps the pant crease.
New Posts  All Forums: