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I recently had a fitting with Dionisio from Formosa. So far the coat seems to have reasonable fullness in the chest. However, the coat is going to be lengthened a bit. The pants are really lean. I have asked for them to be widened. What is interesting is that he circled some prominent areas such as my shoulder blades to add in fullness during stitching, not just doing ironing. He is also going to add in fullness to my calf area. Here is a picture of him marking the right...
The winning time is about a 5 minute mile for 26 miles. I'm not sure if I can even sprint a 5 minute mile pace for a quarter mile.
Steed cuts a very distinctive vest with pleats.
I try to drop in on Friday.
An article about the various lapel styles.http://stiff-collar.com/2012/05/28/les-revers-parisiens/
Foo just is
I'd be interested in your experience at Maison Bonnet. I didn't think they have a turn around of 2 days. Did you see them during your last trip? I emailed them once but never heard back. My impression is that the tortoise shell glasses are worth several pairs of Cleverley, if not more.
I can't speak of longevity. I only made it up this spring.
I find it easier to email them.
Very soft and lux feel. Wear as cool as crispaire or there abouts
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