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Jodek international is the USA agent for Drapers.
I got the DVD. Unfortunately won't be in town for the screening. The movie seemed more like an infomercial when compared to O'Mast.
Coincidentally, I just bought LL Midnight Chalkstripe to make that up. Really, only 15-30 minutes ago.
No double ribbon on the tailcoat trousers? What material did you use?
Timotune carries that flag these days. Several more have carried it in the past.Regarding your opinion of Il Vecchio, I'll chalk it up to your youth and inexperience.
The 8 oz vertuoline is good. To get the same volume I would have to dilute at least 2 lungos.
For the n00bs who weren't around before 2010. Sadly much was lost during the great crash. This is just a snippet of what is left. http://www.styleforum.net/t/253439/waywrn-hall-of-fame-pre-2010
G. Bruce Boyer interviewed the Rubinacci's tonight. Not that informative if know already about London House. I thought the best part was the last Q&A where they were asked about what advice to give a young designer.
Carl (CEGO) made my tux shirt and I asked him to sew in a button on the pants for the tab. We marked the appropriate spot on the pants when I was wearing the shirt and pants.
Next time ask the florist for mini carnations. Alternatively Kent Wang sells mini paper meche flowers that are very nice. Unfortunately, I lost one of mine already. For the bib front, do you have the front tab that buttons to your trousers? That helps pull down the bunching of the bib.
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