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If you like the portwood, I think you'll like the tun 1401 too. I had a couple different batches 2-3 years ago, both different and very $$$$. I think they are doing tun 1509 now but I haven't had any.
You can find pretty reasonable prices for scotch at NY warehouse wine and spirits.
I imagine at Asprey price is no object. I have a friend who told a story of how Idi Amin came into Asprey with his entourage looking for a crown.
Aren't you in London these days? Solito visits london right? Have you tried meeting him in London?
I have passed by Dimtri Gomez's store in the C&J store. But I don't recall posts about his shoes in the past few years.Marc Guyot is also around the corner and his taste is quite particular.
Round 2
Eidos silk for NMWA http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/image/113169406276
Staying the same weight over that 1.5-2 year period seems harder than the wait. If your body/weight fluctuates significantly over that period, it seems like the tailor has to hit a moving target.
Where do you go about looking for these re-released champagnes?Thanks! Will look at winebid. Do you find it worthwhile to age champagnes yourself or do you generally buy it when needed?
They have a phone number on the website. I've called them before.
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