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I'm thinking of buying some vintage champs from Zachys. I know there's always a risk of the wine having gone bad, but do you think zachys is a reliable source?
I think the Tres Leches doughnut from the Doughnut plant is excellent and among the best I've ever had. I'm not a fan of the sweet stuff from Sullivan street Bakery. I think they are better for their Pizza Bianca and flat bread pizzas. Their Pizza Funghi is so good.
You are all amateurs. Bespoke water is next level.
I wear my Lesser 16 DB about 6-8 months a year. I started wearing it a week or two ago.
I am planning a renovation and my condo requires all walls be closed with plaster. Drywall is not allowed.
Does that mean there's an afterparty?
I believe I have the same tie, or something similar. It's not easy for me to use. It's a bit pastel and many of my shirts are too dark for it. I am yet to find a really nice coherent combo
I am speaking of the seam on the sleeve. On most suits, the seam on the sleeve is not so forward in position.
Any rationale for the open kitchen hate? The place I have was built in the 1930s and has a closed kitchen and I'm planning to keep it that way. But people are advising me that I should open the kitchen. What are the pros to keep the kitchen closed?
Last weeks gala season at Lincoln center
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