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To tell you the truth the dance floor at the NYC event is too packed to dance the Viennese waltz.They do have performers and debutantes though. It is a nice party.
Last time I looked into logsdail his suits were closer to 5k. Have they gone up that much?
Just saw this piece on Bloomberg about Liverano. http://mobile.bloomberg.com/news/2014-09-12/liverano-liverano-a-cult-tailor-now-in-nyc-.html $7200 for a 2 piece suit.
FM from your initial post I think you are seeking the answer for the question "what processes should you look for to get the best results from bespoke". Is that right? I think there should be a follow up question "which of these processes are worth the cost."
Are you thinking of Oleana near Inman?I am always tempted by the mr and mrs Bartleys when I am at Harvard.
I can't say anything of the senior Formosa but I have noticed some stylistic differences between Formosa (ie Dionisio) vs NSM. For example Dionisio prefers 4 vest pockets vs Mina preferring 2.
This looks like a more squared off shoulder in the Blasi style no? I wonder if Formosa builds a more padded squared off shoulder by default such as noted by koolbear.
It's hard to know what the Formosa senior style looks like. I've met Patrizio Cappelli a couple times and I'm not sure if I could tell if he was wearing a suit by the senior Formosa. Does anyone have pictures of what the senior Formosa made and the visual differences to what is made currently? I've just ordered a Formosa. At least I can compare it to my NSM.
You believe it's really different even though the old workers are still there? How so? Supposedly Formosa senior was most famous for his DB.
Enoteca Belledonna at the Chiaia has quite a neat vibe. Lots of people take their drinks standing outside. I did get harassed in the subway near the archeological museum for wearing a vintage Rolex 1680 sub. So all the warnings about not wearing a good watch is correct.
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