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About 60-65% off the astronomical MSRP. eg 60% off $11k+ croc loafers
I thought the move to turbo in the past few years was to meet CAFE regulations.
Yeah 30 CdL suits/jackets is about a 100-150k euro equivalent thrift find.
I think there are variations accentuated by the individuals shoulder and trapezius. I had a whole discussion of it in the NSM thread complete with red lines and etc.
Best time to go is when they just open at 11AM or a few minutes before. All other times, it is mostly packed and I don't bother.
The normal shoulder gives a rounded look too. I'm not just talking about just the shoulder but the whole gestalt.
IMO the rounded Neapolitan silhouette is better as a SB notch than as a SB peak. I think the SB peak is better with a leaner and perhaps more squared of silhouette
I'm having a wide stripe chalk from the LL Fox flannel being made up as a DB. The stripe is wide but subtle. It's an alternative to the more typical loud bright chalkstripes.
I appreciate this kind of disclosure. These days I am finding harder to figure out who has financial interests and who do not.
1) yeah I was thinking about that too, particularly in the anonymous social media sites where you can't tell who is a business partner and who is not. I suspect comments by uninvolved 3rd parties are fair use but comments but those seeking to profit are probably not. The quandary is often you can't tell one from the other.2) I don't think the interview analogy works because this is regarding sales of a physical good. For example, if a new soda advertises that it tastes...
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