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I saw this in Paris last year. Hard to take a picture of it without someone in the way. You guys know the model?
It depends on how cold it gets. I have a 20-24oz DB overcoat that is good until the teens or single digits (in Farenheit). Below that I breakout the shearling.
Apparently today is my 10th year anniversary of being on StyleFo.
The Clover at Starbucks can make a quite a good cup of coffee
Unbel do you wear the tunic with or without an undershirt? The material is on the heavier denser side correct?
David Toutain is in the 7th but I have never seem to plan far enough to get a reservation. http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/01/08/food-matters-a-peek-inside-the-hottest-new-restaurant-in-paris/?_r=0 Has anyone been?
I had to look it up. Apparently the pore is some sort of sensory organ. Huh.http://crocodilian.com/cnhc/cbd-faq-q1.htm
Every time there is a gorgeous day in NYC I assume Manton is out of town.
Does the sweater tunic in linen have any give? Should we size up?
I have been to Toque, APDC, and Lepecier. APDC is the best and the only one I would return to. Food is very rich. Book early.
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