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Ironically, I keep on a steady workout regiment because I'm worried I'll no longer fit into my bespoke clothes. The clothes are far too expensive to replace if I gain too much weight.
No wonder the weather in NYC has been unseasonably good. Manton is away.
Pearl and Ash has become too loud for me. Even at Bouley this weekend there was a couple next to us streaming loudly some sort of song or movie clip.
I think Rubinacci is unique in that they have the resources to assign the customer to one tailor. The look of the coat would be dependent on the style of that tailor. E.g. Rubinacci Milan looks much different from their work from Naples. What Luca wears looks different from Mariano's.
Cifonelli? CdL?
Really? I emailed them once and never heard back. What is their schedule?
Put in a bespoke umbrella project with Fox.
Physical therapists tend to be athletic and attractive.
Lots of places on 32nd if you want Korean food. The fried chicken place Bon Chon has a good sports bar vibe.For non-Korean, Resto, The Breslin, NoMad and Les Halles are more south.
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