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Wow that thermostatic system is so cheap. I must be shopping at the wrong places. I like this one but it is $10k+. http://www.waterworks.com/products/fittings/shower/exposed-thermostatic/etoile-exposed-thermostatic-system-with-4-12-shower-rose-tub-filler-and-handshower-and-white-porc8230/1324
I use the paper mache flowers by Kent Wang. I have found it difficult to find real flowers of that size
Are you going to be staying a little longer this time?
Do you joke because you don't think it happens?http://www.nytimes.com/2000/01/22/nyregion/doctor-carved-his-initials-into-patient-lawsuit-says.html
I thought you were a Flea because I figured you were Infectious Disease given your chosen name. Didn't know you were a Cutter.N.B. Surgeon = Cutter. Internal Medicine = Flea (because they are the last ones to leave a dead body)
A friend of mine has mentioned that the AMG 7 speed auto makes the car feel like a turbo because of the lag. Apparently automatics are the only option for AMGs because the torque is too high for any of the MB manuals.
I thought you had a Magnepan 1.7 too
I should add that it is an apartment in a prewar building with all sorts of rules. I have to have an architect submit basic plans for board approval but I am wondering if I should hire them for full design service. The walls are all plaster and all walls must be closed with plaster. The current electrical system is from the 1950s and I will have to break through the plaster walls to get to them. So I think it is best to get it done all in one shot.BTW, I was thinking of...
I am planning to do a renovation and I am trying to decide if I should have an architect do detailed drawings and supervise the contractor. I have a pretty good idea of the look I am going for but I don't know much about the construction itself. I am not moving any walls but I am redoing the electrics and adding Ethernet in several rooms. The architect would probably add around 15-20% of the cost of renovation. Have any of you used architects for the renovations and do you...
Nix sounds like a good vegetarian place near Union Square but I haven't been. I do have reservations there in a couple weeks. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/06/dining/nix-restaurant-review-greenwich-village.html
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