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Are the armoury guys not there this season?
Fortunately, I believe paraffin is not toxic, at least not highly (discounting potential additives).
EFV made the NY Times coverage, image 16. http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2015/01/13/fashion/13-pitti-uomo-fashion.html?smprod=nytcore-iphone&smid=nytcore-iphone-share
My impression is that cashmere is a better insulator per gram than wool, not just that it is softer. Personally, when it gets in the teens, I switch to shearling.
http://instagram.com/nytimesfashion Nytimes at Pitti
In other news, I think people need to get in on the LL Piuma blue nailhead subscription. It's the closest we will get to making up a nailhead fresco like cloth. I've put in for my subscription!
The first run was 450 GBP/m. Too rich for my blood. Steed said they ran into a problem and had to look for more length because the width was a little shorter than usual.
I find that thin striped shirts stand out more than evenly spaced stripes. Evenly striped shirts are useful if you don't want your shirt to stand out too much. If I want the shirt to stand out more, I prefer a checked pattern. I find the presence of the thin striped shirts in between the checked shirt and evenly spaces stripe shirt and thus less useful. Ie depending on the purpose I often go for either the checked shirt or the evenly spaced stripe rather than the thin stripe.
Do you guys have any good loafer ideas? I'm thinking of 1) Weston 180 variant in cordovan 2) butterfly loafer with a lower vamp
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