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I was in the Palais Garnier last summer for the POB's La fille mal gardee. Many men wear no coats. It is not really that dressy. I may have worn a coat but it was during the 105 degree heatwave and Paris has no AC. Unless it is a gala, I see no reason to wear more than a coat and tie. The Chagall ceiling
Nomination #1:Suede Butterfly loafers from Nicholas Templeman.Nomination #2:Norwegian Strapboots for Jun Kuwana by Fosters
Have you ever considered doing a collage or look book of your WAYWRN for Eidos? I find the style from your selfies more accessible because they look like something I could pull off too.
LL Piuma wears as cool as the Slewfoot fresco but feels a lot softer and more luxurious. The Slewfoot fresco seems to have more body though.
I've only dined at Per Se once two years ago and it was ok. I prefer the French Laundry to Per Se.
Those buttons are removable. They are attached to a strip.
I picked up a cream colored silk formal shirt from Budd. The cloth is thick and densely woven and lacks the cold silky smoothness of the typical silk shirt. I think it wears well for the winter, but too hot for other climes. The cream color is not particularly noticeable at night.
I'd be up for a Norwegian Rain pre-order if bright colors were available.
So it turns out that one of my winter tires, bought just last winter, has a bubble and needs to be replaced.
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