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These were the Krug I tried at the tasting. I thought the pours were relatively generous. I probably tasted at least 60-80 different champagnes. The champagne is so acidic that my mouth was numb and the gums hurt for quite a few days. Not sure if I would do that again.
I had some Krug at a tasting a couple weeks back. I am not a fan of the oak. Does the oak mellow out with age? Vintage Krug prices are
Last time I was in the Amalfi coast, I spent 4 nights in Sorrento and 1 night in Naples. Sorrento is quite central and relatively easy to get to Naples or other small towns. There are many tour companies that will drive you to the different towns. The cliff side roads are so narrow, I wouldn't want to be driving. I even did a day trip further south to Salerno and Paestum. BTW I found a great local hat store in Salerno.If I stayed longer I would have gone to Capri or one of...
Have you considered the Almafi coast since you have already been further north? If you prefer staying in the north, there is always Cinque Terra.
I kind of prefer a softer feel of the floor in the kitchen. What do you think of a wooden floor in the kitchen? Is it a bad idea?
I am planning a kitchen renovation and the architect recommended porcelain tile that looks like wood. I am worried that the surface might be too hard. Anything that drops will surely break. Any other preferred alternatives? I don't like real wood in the kitchen because the floor will get wet. What do you think of linoleum?
Tripel karmeliet is quite good and not hard to find
I'm thinking of buying some vintage champs from Zachys. I know there's always a risk of the wine having gone bad, but do you think zachys is a reliable source?
I think the Tres Leches doughnut from the Doughnut plant is excellent and among the best I've ever had. I'm not a fan of the sweet stuff from Sullivan street Bakery. I think they are better for their Pizza Bianca and flat bread pizzas. Their Pizza Funghi is so good.
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