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I know guys in Psych who were clips-ons in case patients grab them (particularly on the Schizo ward). I imagine security personel do it for the same reason. I know pediatricians who were bow ties because it is harder for kids to grab and transmit disease from one kid to the other.
Yeah, I've seen other CEOs speak so much about nothing that I believe it is a deliberately acquired skill. I imagine anything interesting will have to be off-the-record.
I just wrote up my experience of making shirts with Mary Frittolini, now based in Paris. http://www.styleforum.net/t/300803/la-camicia-con-lanima-mary-frittolini-bespoke-shirts/0_30#post_7224700
I met up with Mary a few months ago in Paris and was able to schedule an initial visit and a fitting in the same week. I believe her shirt making business is unusual in that she does everything herself - the pattern making, cutting, sewing and embroidering.The initial visit involved getting measurements, choosing fabric and choosing the collar shape.I chose something from the Thomas Mason bookand the voile Bonfanti (top swatch).The fitting later in the week was with a...
I'm not surprised that getting the Delos interview was difficult. I couldn't even get to see him as a paying customer! An Arnault interview may be impossible, but he is more interesting as the heir apparent (though his sister is a supposedly potential rival). Sartori might be interesting nonetheless. I look forward to seeing the interview with Paone.
Ciro Paone and Antoine Arnault might be interesting interviews - if you can get them. Does Berluti/LVMH have representation at Pitti? I imagine they might send buyers at least.
Who was there? Does Ciro Paone go to these things?
The depth of color in high quality mohair cloth (and at least 90%mohair) has no equal.
I'm glad that C&A was willing to put in the work to organize a run recently. But doing it is quite a bit of effort.
Consider asking in the armoury thread. One of those guys can find out from Mark.
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