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Do any of you wear a Fitbit or other activity tracker? Do you also wear a watch? I got a Fitbit a week or so ago and I kinda ditched my watch because it was a hassle to wear both.
The 90% Tonik is scratchy and stiff. I'm not surprised it resists the iron as much as it resists wrinkles and humidity. I have suit lengths of 100% mohair and dupioni silk and I suspect neither of them are going to be easy to tailor.
I think Dormeuil's 90% mohair Tonik has great rich color. Otherwise, Smith's makes really nice wool/mohair blends that are similar to Tonik.
When is this scheduled to arrive?
Am I the only one left still thinking of getting more ties from Passaggio Cravette? I met up with him and Marta in Milan 2 years ago. I got my stuff mailed to me without a hitch. He has stuff I haven't seen anywhere else. The blue mesh tie is still on my mind but his ties are quite pricey.
Consider asking on the NYC thread. The choices are numerous and sky's the limit on pricing. You should have a price point and an idea of what you want to try or what you enjoy.
14 months with G&G? Was it Daniel Wegan who was fitting you? For me, the process was different with Tony and Dean.
I found this article so sad. NYTimes: Orchestras Get in Tune With Modern Black-Tie That abomination is not even black tie. It's some perversion of white tie. *sigh*
I think that was through the pain meds.
I heard from a friend who, when as a peds resident, had a patient on the floor getting the leg lengthening procedure. Apparently they would twist a screw everyday to increase the length a little bit. He would hear the kid scream in agony from down the hall.
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