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Rafel is a shearling maker in NYC. I chose them because they make on site so adjustments to the canvas are easier. For example, there was an issue with the shape of the right arm hole and the maker came downstairs to work out the adjustments.http://www.rafelshearling.com/mens-jackets/You are right their designs are pretty basic. I came in with an idea for a coat based on a Nepenthes design and it evolved from there.
Thanks for the responses about the LL mohair. I'm thinking if I should get the chalk stripe to make up as a 3 piece as a between season suit.
Does anyone have experience with the LL Mohair? I think a batch came out earlier.
Do you know the price point? I saw $5k flash on the screen in the end. BTW, Rafel does a similar process, with a canvas fitting, in shearling for about $2-2.5k.
Apparently Lock doesn't sell foldable top hats. Any suggestions for a source? Thanks.
My experience is that the Italians tend to cut a vest 5 buttons to button all five. The Brits cut the vest 6 buttons to button 5. In that case, the last button is not in the right place to button.For example,I thought this post was informative.
Ok. I'm thinking about getting a top hat for my white tie rig. Apparently the silk top hats are only available as vintage and cost $$$$, particularly for my hat size. Any thoughts about fur vs silk top hats? Are silks worth the splurge? Do they have residual value?
So bespoke Cifonelli doesn't have this?I thought this detail was supposed to imitate this.Hmm. Interesting.
I saw the Cifonelli RTW collection at Barney's today. They have at least 2 different jacket styles. The one that really piqued my interest was a sport coat with the prominent sleevehead (presumably the "Le Cigarette" style for which they are known). There is very little padding in the shoulders, most of the extra material is in the sleevehead. I think the silhouette is flattering on me, though quite different from the other coats I own. IMO the pattern and material...
I have mentioned before that the most difficult part of bespoke is keeping a steady weight. The fact that you had to try to maintain your weight between these fittings deserves kudos.
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