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Does Bestetti speak English?
I have this picture saved but it was the description of the Scholte cut vs the conservative cut in the article that I noticed the differences.I only have party pictures of the tailcoat - ie bad lighting and poor perspective. Currently, the pants are at the tailors or adjustment.
Thanks for the write up. Interestingly the tailcoat Steed made for me has a voluminous chest and has a somewhat rounded in appearance. The lapels are not angled as the Scholte nor are the fronts as dramatically cut away. If you had only made this post 1 year ago, I might have asked them if they could copy the Scholte!
I brought my summer clothes out of storage just in time.
Just heard the Gustin interview on NPR's Marketplace. Good stuff.
I didn't get to make it over to Bones but did make it to Spring.I found the Spring more refined than at Le Comptoir. The service was more informal than Meurice. At Spring, the serve only 1 menu per night and they ask you to mention food allergies and such when making the reservation. Price wise, it was about 1/2 the price of Meurice and I think it is pretty good bang for the buck for this kind of experience. Spring and Le Comptoir are the two places I would return again,...
Le Comptoir du Relais is interesting in that there is only 1 dinner sitting at 8:30 pm. I was lucky enough to get same day reservations. We could only get terrace reservations, but it's quite good on a nice night. They have heat lamps too. The food is on the heavier rustic side. The service was fine but not spectacular. i.e. on occasion, I had to pour my own wine. The price was about 1/3 the price of Meurice. Still expensive but worth considering a return...
I figure I'll put up my experiences of some restaurants I visited recently. Restaurant Le Meurice was recently taken up by the Alain Ducasse team. My understanding is that the team from the Plaza Athenee, currently under renovation, moved over to Meurice. Personally, I preferred Meurice to L'Ambroise. The setting was beautiful and service was magnificent. For the price, I think it is more like a one time experience than a place I would revisit. Some pics. Poached...
I haven't seen the solaro worn IRL, but the fabric looks quite bright to me. It's fine if you have lots of suits, but I suspect there aren't so many shirt tie combos. I suspect it is analogous to a loud sportcoat, you have to keep the tie and shirt muted to make the whole thing work. How do you wear yours?
I saw her in Paris. I'm not sure if she spends more time in Paris or Turin.
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