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Had to bring out the shearling from storage today. This is why 18oz flannel suits are fantastic.
I meant the angle of the leg of the boot had to be adjusted from the mock to the finished pair. I had a brain freeze and used the word "calf" instead of "leg".
The boots fit very well thanks to the new fitting process of making a trial pair. The angle of the calf portion of the boot had to be changed.The 3 piece boot trees take a bit of work to use.
My bespoke GG boots are double sole tapered to single at the waist. The fiddleback waist looks pretty much like the shoe version.
Are you talking about the drape? Some people swear by it, others swear at it.
I prefer the braided ends because the leather ends on the other version bites into my back when seated.
I was at a black tie event for NYE. I estimate 60-80% were in some semblance of black tie. Kind of disappointing given the last event I went to a month ago was pretty close to 100%
Alice Zotta wasn't doing the work herself anymore I think and so the company might still be around. I saw a recent yelp review from 2014 so the company might still carry on.
Did Alice Zotta and French American close?
It's not in your poll but I think dirnelli's thrift find of 30 bespoke Camps de Luca suits/sport coats is one of the best ever told on SF.
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