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I'll be around. I should be able to make it.
http://putthison.com/post/140694767058/bullseye-with-jesse-thorn-and-bruce-boyer-long Here's a recent interview with Boyer.
So which sartoria would you suggest for those who don't speak Italian and are reliable? WeakMonday has written up about other options such as Pirozzi, Volpe and Tofani, though I think he required help with translation at some points. I hear Elia Caliendo is quite good and even takes credit cards but appears quite expensive. Rubinacci is even more expensive and is a stylist. Ambrosi and Solito have had much discussed production and communication issues. OTOH, I hear Solito...
Do you know if the party is during the day or evening? If it's during the evening, the suit might work better.
I've bought from eBay once and I'm not in a hurry to do it again. Photos often don't represent what a fabric looks like IRL.
The JLSJ sock displays the royal warrants. For example, http://centipede.web.fc2.com/vmlobblon.html
I stayed at the palazzo alabardieri in Naples several years ago. It's quite nice and was about 100 euros a night. http://m.palazzoalabardieri.it/it If you have your family with you, consider basing your self in a town on the Almafi coast instead of Naples. A smaller town might be more manageable with a toddler.
Thanks for the review! I was there last summer but they couldn't fit me in for an appointment. I plan to visit them this summer. They told me sky's the limit regarding the price (i.e. 6 digits). I'm afraid if I go directly to tortoise, I may not like the design.
What's the process like? Do you have to go back for a fitting? Do they encourage a first pair in acetate to see if you like the design?
I posted about il Vecchio drapperie in the Unfunded Liabilities thread.
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