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I've learned that once you have bespoke clothes, the hardest part is staying in shape so the clothes continue to fit. It's far too expensive to have to replace them.
Thanks. I don't think I'll have the time to drive out of the city.
Does il vecchio drappiere sell silk suiting? Is this where you bought the material for your silk coat?Where is the store that sells shirt fabric? Thanks.
Just might be the winning entry.
I've a friend who has a car service driver who knows the detours through Queens and once got him to JFK from midtown in 30-40 minutes during rush hour. I gotta get the phone # of that driver.
The salesmen at the rue Marbeuf store gave me the run around for 2 days when I asked about working with Delos. They gave me the "why do you want Delos, you are buying Berluti" line. The whole experience pissed me off. I don't desire anything that much to put up with that kind of service.
What is the base color on 6? It looks like it may be burgundy or dark brown. Is 11 the green?
BTW I also have the 13 oz woolen Fox cream flannel that Will made a couple years ago and I think plenty warm. 15 oz might be a bit too much for a woolen.
Yeah that sounds like the one. A bit yellow gray worsted flannel.
There are new popular places like Le Comptoir, Spring, Bones and Septime.I wrote a bit about Le Comptoir and Spring here. http://www.styleforum.net/t/370258/paris-restaurants#post_7055464
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