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My impression is that you really need to know trends, what's worth while and what's not in order to make it profitable. It's beyond the scope of my knowledge.That said, would you mind finding out the cut price for Alumo's Triplo when you are at Cacciopoli? If the price is not nuts, I'd be interested in some shirt lengths of blue.
New Kos is so different from old Kos that I don't think there much, if anything, he sells now that I would wear. The best new places that opened up recently IMO is Kamakura shirts and The Armoury in Tribeca. Kamakura seem good value for the money. The Armoury has good selection of umbrellas and other accessories. NMWA has their office in NYC but it is not a retail store. FYi, the old Peter Elliott men's has moved and I haven't been to their new location. The J Press in...
I don't know the retail price of scabal in the US. I just remember that the 2m length of scabal Shetland was 100 euros and that's a good price. This was a few years ago though.
My vote is either Unbel doing Blue Steel/Le Tigre/Magum or gdl in his best Masaccio impression.
1) I like Hallak Cleaners.2) Gortex boots when there is sludge.3) The best clothes are worn.4) Stop bumping into stationary objects (unless drunk or high or something).
Only thing I've seen on the new Arnys. Sounds like they are focusing on the Asian market. http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/12/arnys-bespoke-tailoring-at-berluti.html
Take the A or C to 168th. I commuted there for 5 years without catching TB and I consider that a win.
I don't own a coat from Moonbeam but I made a note of it because Slewfoot has one that he likes. It is soft and spongy and thus Anti-Manton. See more here. http://www.styleforum.net/t/147959/harrisons-moonbeam/0_30 The 36519 is what I'm thinking of and it is 320 grams.
What about Harrison's Moonbeam? There is a big black an white Glen Plaid.
Thanks for the write up. I haven't seen Gilberto before. Any pictures of how it looks on you?
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