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Yes. The first is the LL barleycorn jacket and the second is a 13 oz Lesser DB blazer with metal buttons. The third is a LL Agnelli Flannel 3 piece suit.
As requested, this is my first batch. I wear mostly suits.
Thanks for your input. The chairs above are on auction at Rago next week. I might drive down this weekend to check them out.I'm looking for a dining table chairs. I bid on a mismatched set of Hans Wegner chairs that had beautiful patina. I was hoping to get it relatively cheap because it was mismatched but was quickly outbid.
Which do you guys prefer? The Chair by Hans Wegner Or the captains chair by Nakashima I go back and forth depending on my mood.
It's this:http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/knitwear/fair-isle-crew-neck-sweater-green-brown-purple-mustard.html
Good day for Jamieson's.
I just made up a pair of Cavalry twill pants in H&S Dakota (13 oz-I believe). I like it.
To me it looks like a cross between a classic raglan and polo coat, and perhaps also related to trenchcoats. I recall the raglan sleeve was designed to be more water resistant.There is a picture of another similar variant in a trenchcoat.I think the drape, accentuated by the belt, is how traditional polo coats are supposed to look.Here is a bespoke polo coat by Despos.I think you have a great find and I would wear it just as it is. It looks roomy but also good when...
Do you have more detailed pics? This this a SB or DB coat?
BTW I found a place I Vienna next to the Opera that sells collapsible top hats! They even sell capes! Though I resisted the temptation (this time).
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