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What's the process like? Do you have to go back for a fitting? Do they encourage a first pair in acetate to see if you like the design?
I posted about il Vecchio drapperie in the Unfunded Liabilities thread.
I think the answer to these questions depend on how people use their knit ties. Personally, I use knit ties for more casual ensembles and during the summer. The exception is the black knit or navy knit that I use for more formal evening events.That said1)a) My vast preference is the tight crunchy knits made by that German sock factory (Ascot I believe). The tactile qualities are what I enjoy most. I like the way it feels when I use them.b) I have both tube and shaped. I...
If a magnet sticks to it, it will work. I read that Panasonic made one that also works on copper pots by increasing the frequency of the current changes but the side effect is that the pots levitated a little. The manual suggested using it when there is stuff in the pot (presumably to weigh it down).
Has anyone switched to induction cook tops? Theoretically it seems more efficient than gas (i.e. heats up faster and less ambient heat). Is that true IRL? Pros and cons?
White tie is not dead yet. I have pictures from my recent trip to Vienna in this thread. http://www.styleforum.net/t/368997/the-state-of-white-tie Here are pictures from the Quadrille Ball in NYC from January. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/01/31/fashion/20160205-bill-cunningham-evening-hours.html?_r=0 I have friends who went to a white tie ball at the Waldorf last week. Hopefully the NY Times pictures should show up weekend.
I think you had a better time at L'Arpege than I did. I'll be back this summer. Maybe I'll give it a second try.
L'Arpege, a Passard restaurant, has a 140 euro lunch menu that's very vegetarian. I had the vegetarian menu quite a few years ago and many dishes had an Asian theme. I found that menu a little hit or miss. The vegetarian sushi is still the best melt in your mouth sushi I've ever had. Other dishes reminded me of Asian dishes but tasted a little off.I went to Meurice after Ducasse took it over. Place is beautiful and food is good but I'm not in a rush to go back. Here are...
This looks pretty lean with a relatively strong shoulder. Do you think Zizolfi is closer to the Blasi school or just a variant of the Attolini school?
This one from 1958 sold for $31250 + 25% buyers premium.https://lamodern.com/featured-artists/george-nakashima/$30k new is a bargain.
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