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I have a detachable wing collar with pique front that shirt that I use mostly for white tie but also use sometimes for black tie. I think the wing collar is best for a peak lapel and vest tux.
I think warehouse wine & spirits has really good prices for single malt scotch. I think Astor is better for wines but I think the scotch prices might be similar.
I believe you are asking the wrong question. The better question is "What do you do to optimize your dress depending on lighting, weather and occasion?" For example, patterns washout in poorly lighted evening events where simple textured high contrast combos work best. Multi patterned combos work best in good lighting or during the day. Thus, I think the number of patterns used is the consequence of the goal rather than a goal in itself.It seems that on SF, multi pattern...
I have a few comments.1) The Golden Age of SF existed because people were still learning. Vox, Manton, yfyf, PhatGuido and etc, all influenced each other and grew. They were competitive, e.g. one upmanship between Manton and Vox (BlazerSuit vs Swiss Army Suit). I think 2007-8 period seemed particularly prolific because Manton had an extraordinary amount of time on his hands with nothing else better to do, is a strong articulate writer and is knowledgeable. Vox curated the...
If you like beef, an alternative to a NYC steak is the short ribs at Il Buco Alimentari. A single plate is enough for 2 people.http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/15/dining/reviews/il-buco-alimentari-e-vineria-nyc-restaurant-review.html?hpThe lunch sandwich version is just as good and 1/2 the price.http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2012/04/il-buco-alimentari-vineria-lunch-italian-review.html
Death trap considering how people in NYC drive.
Is there a dearth of good steak in the UK?
I agree with the bolded points above. I think there are much better colors for an odd jacket than gray. I've tried getting the odd gray coat to work, but have failed because are often better alternatives. I don't think it's because it looks "old man-ish". I think there is some fundamental reason behind this phenomenon.My hypotheses is that there are few trousers that can match a gray odd coat. Options include1) Gray pants with appropriate texture and...
FYI Kyochon and Bonchon and the rest of K-town is right around the corner. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2010/06/02/dining/reviews/02under.html?referer=&_r=0 I am partial to Kyochon but have only gone at night.
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