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I like some of the furniture I see at auction but don't know how to get it back to the U.S. I spoke to an acquaintance about the getting some people together to share the cost of a shipping container.
Wow. Didn't realize it was that pricey.
The canvas fitting is an extra cost. All told, including taxes, it came out to a little over $2k. This was 2-3 years ago not sure about the current price.
So I was at Drouot a couple weeks ago but I was concerned about shipping things back to the U.S. I saw they have some sort of delivery service but I'm not sure if it applies to international addresses. Any experience?
I had a shearling coat made at Rafel. They did a canvas fitting.
I think Holland and Sherry Crispaire is a good jack-of-all-trades workhorse. The hand is in between a fresco and worsted. I have a coat made from it almost 10 years ago and have worn it threadbare but I still like it.Alternatively Eustace Tilley has said that 11 oz worsted is the optimal weight if you are looking for 1 suit to wear year round. I think he is about right.
Mine is midnight blue. Smith's 8810. http://www.styleforum.net/t/288917/tailcoat-options-and-considerations
Rene Geoffroy is one of the small growers that I like. Good find!
If price were no object, I'd be curious to try Kabbaz for shirts as well. Fritollini apparently cuts a curve (or something) into the sleeve to accomodate the bending of the arm. I notice it when ironing because the sleeve isn't straight like all my other shirts. I think Kabbaz does something similar. Duboin writes about constructing a fused collar so that only the nonfused part touches the skin. I wonder how Kabbaz does his. I would be curious to hear your experience.
Must. Resist. Buying. More. Cloth.
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