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Do any of you have experience with shipping furniture from overseas to the US? I am considering some furniture from 1910. What kind of documentation do I need to bring it in as an antique? Thanks.
For the brunch h8ters. The buffet brunch at the Hyatt in Vienna is uncommonly good.
I think the answer is a combination of great marketing and sense of belonging/identity (eg MC tribe vs SWD tribe). The most incredible examples of this behavior are in the contemporary art market where Koons somehow convinces people to pay $58 million for a 12ft balloon dog. I can think of no other answer than that's the price of joining the "club". After all, your other rich friends own Koons and owing one demonstrates you are one of them.That $8k rag is a pittance in...
The Viennese sure know how to keep this alive! From the TC Ball.
The store on rue de Sevres keeps the old buttons in the back, at least that's what they said last year when I visited. If you are still in Paris consider checking out the buttons to see if you like them.The Forestiere fits large. I've tried several variations but so far none were flattering on me. I suggest you try one on in real life.
Did you keep the Berluti buttons? They have the old Arnys buttons that they will swap out for you. The old Arnys buttons are really great.
More about Pitti Peacocks. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/15/fashion/mens-style/florence-pitti-uomo-mens-fashion-fall-2016.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fmens-style&action=click&contentCollection=mens-style®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=3&pgtype=sectionfront
I have a Lesser 13 DB that I can wear up to low to mid 70s.
Yeah it was nice meeting you in London too. I notice from the pictures that Mr Claymore packed a lot of hats! I am quite the opposite. I try to travel with carry ons only.
I was in the Palais Garnier last summer for the POB's La fille mal gardee. Many men wear no coats. It is not really that dressy. I may have worn a coat but it was during the 105 degree heatwave and Paris has no AC. Unless it is a gala, I see no reason to wear more than a coat and tie. The Chagall ceiling
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