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Don't know. Never asked.
I use Hallak for my bespoke coats because they will correctly repress the lapel roll.
Last year I found a really nice Montecristi hat in Salerno. Keep your options open and look around a lot you might find something you otherwise did not expect.
Paris men's fashion week makes Pitti appear staid and boorish http://nyti.ms/TBA6U6 NYTimes: Paris Men’s Fashion Week Street Style Berluti. But a shadow of its former self http://www.nytimes.com/fashion/runway/berluti/spring-2015-menswear/1
Did Steed make yours up? NSM made mine.
Who represents Alumo in the US now? Find any interesting lengths when you went to Italy a few months back?
Vox has made up both brown frescos.
The tuxedo and tailcoat are classic examples of solid coat, tie and shirt.
FYI American Sember closed last summer.
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