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I recently had a fitting with Mary Frittolini and I agree that her written English is better than her spoken English. Fortunately, I brought the gf who speaks French.I learned a thing or two that I thought was interesting.1) She favors the rounded cuff edges because she believes that it wears longer. Apparently, the edges of sharper angled cuffs wear faster.2) The cutting of the trial collar while you are wearing it was quite surprising, but it gives a better sense of how...
DB coat sans tie doesn't look right to me.
This is one of my favorite DBs. My NSM come out looking quite similar and is the reason I was going full medwards for a while.
This past winter I broke down and got water proof gortex boots with a thick Vibram sole. It felt great when I could step into straight the dark murky sidewalk puddles and not care of the depth. I used to have to walk around them.
How near is near? Is East Hampton close enough? Last year I went to Bostwicks which was quite a neat place. Also went to 1770 house which was fancy but not worth the $$$.
Jodek international is the USA agent for Drapers.
I got the DVD. Unfortunately won't be in town for the screening. The movie seemed more like an infomercial when compared to O'Mast.
Coincidentally, I just bought LL Midnight Chalkstripe to make that up. Really, only 15-30 minutes ago.
No double ribbon on the tailcoat trousers? What material did you use?
Timotune carries that flag these days. Several more have carried it in the past.Regarding your opinion of Il Vecchio, I'll chalk it up to your youth and inexperience.
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