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Was the FNB fight about fresco being the sanitation workers Sunday best before your time?
The whole catfish at Lotus of Siam was incredible. I looked through chowhound to get an idea of what to order. LoS is a fantastic dining option in Vegas. Would definitely return but note that it gets really crowded. I went right as it opened and waited an hour.
I think the matching cummerbund (or waistcoat) elongates the leg line, thereby giving the wearer a slimmer silhouette. I don't get why you guys want to ditch that benefit by wearing a non matching cummerbund or skipping it all together. Traditional formal dress is already optimized so you look your best. It's a mystery to me why so many people want to reinvent the wheel and think they will do better. There are some people who can pull off a unique look, but most can't.
AMG repairs and maintenance are expensive. For example, the rotors usually need to be replaced along with the brake pads. At the dealer, the front brakes cost about $3k and rear about $2k. Tire and breaks can wear quickly if you are not careful with all that massive HP and torque. I think if you get one, an extended warranty is essential.
I don't wear a watch with either white tie or black tie. My formal shirt cuffs are cut close to the wrist so they cannot accommodate a watch. I notice lots of men wear watches with formal wear, including thick huge watches.
Wearing it on the opposite wrist is annoying. All my shirts are cut with the cuffs to accommodate a watch on the left, not on the right.
Do any of you wear a Fitbit or other activity tracker? Do you also wear a watch? I got a Fitbit a week or so ago and I kinda ditched my watch because it was a hassle to wear both.
The 90% Tonik is scratchy and stiff. I'm not surprised it resists the iron as much as it resists wrinkles and humidity. I have suit lengths of 100% mohair and dupioni silk and I suspect neither of them are going to be easy to tailor.
I think Dormeuil's 90% mohair Tonik has great rich color. Otherwise, Smith's makes really nice wool/mohair blends that are similar to Tonik.
When is this scheduled to arrive?
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