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I promised myself restraint this year but if the euro reaches parity I'll probably have to make dedicated European shopping trips.
The better idea is to send a photographer/reporter to help facilitate Foo's reviews of his Chavet shirts and Maison bonnet glasses. Foo threads definately spike forum activity, at least for me. The threads keep me at the edge of my seat, figuratively if not literally.
I'm one of those people who really like threads like this to fulfill the social aspect of the forum. It's like the forum version of reality TV. I've been a forum member for 10 years and have long stopped needing (but not stopped coveting) new things. I come back because it's a cool place to hangout.
Perfect qualities for a wingman. Do you hire out?
Any plans for a non hooded loop wheel sweatshirt?
NYC is a very competitive dating market. A friend mentioned that he missed out on dating a billionaires daughter because he was dating someone else at the time and only found out who she was after it was too late.
Nice article. Thanks for the link. Sounds like the cost for a suit is around $5-8k USD these days.
I'm wearing my Lesser 16 today, though I only have 1.
Is that your new Lesser 16?
I think one of these days you guys should do a "mixed doubles" challenge.
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