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Catch 22
You are going to fairway at the wrong time. It is best after dinner time.
Lasbar is right. The tie doesn't go with the shirt and also a touch loud.
There were lots of nice ties. I thought the wool Navajo like prints had great colors. Pocket squares were $45 each and 3 for $120.
I've tried on a vintage Smalto, made for someone else, and it felt like armor - very stiff and sculpted shoulders. Quite the opposite to what I have from NSM. Was the Smalto I tried atypical?
Have any of you worked with Kenjiro Suzuki? I was looking over his stuff and it looks quite nice. I hear suits start at 3500 euros which seems quite reasonable for Paris.
BTW tits I prefer to take a picture of the swatches I'm interested in the same frame to normalize the exposure. I find it particularly useful when comparing different shades of the same color.
I wonder if all the measurements, whether computerized or manual, just get you to a good starting point. After all each leather is a little different, some with more give and others more stiff. I find also that design can also alter the fit of the shoe. Of my 4 bespoke shoes, I've sent back 3 for some sort of adjustment. Each pair had a different issue and they were all made on the same last.
Seamless balmoral in the works by Daniel WeganInterview with him by Keikarihttp://www.keikari.com/english/interview-with-daniel-wegan/
My impression is that the regular luxury brands like LV are getting oversaturated in the Asia market and no longer exclusive. LVMH bought Berluti, Arnys and Loro Piana to make into their next tier super luxury brand. I remember reading this in an article but don't recall the source.
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