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A few years ago I saw 93% vicuña at the LP sale going for 80% off $26k for 4 yards. I was tempted but couldn't justify the cost. I suspect it would be best as a "gift", possibly to an oligarch or a member of the politburo.
My impression is this thread is essentially the general bespoke clothing thread.
You guys should start a Savile Row Thread. I think it'll be hear everyone's experiences.
Is the cronut worth the wait? I haven't bothered but I am curious.
Wow that's incredible. I guess it's not a surprise given that apparently he's an apprentice at Meurice Sedwell.
I think it is at least in part related to the absence of good photography (bad lighting, bad perspective and etc). I've seen pro photos of crusty on the web that are really nice.
I just got this that I think would foot the bill.The Alt Wien in Whiskey Cordovan might be next on my list, though I might prefer a double sole rather than the vibram.
Nice video by Andrew Yamato with interviews with G. Bruce Boyer and Luca Rubinacci.
Then it is unfortunate that these customers miss out on real finesse. To my eye the best parts of the house appear when there are fewer flourishes to distract.Some examples courtesy of DirnelliCifonellihttp://dirnelli.tumblr.com/post/64594703607/for-sale-cifonelli-bespoke-donegal-tweedCdLhttp://dirnelli.tumblr.com/post/78536287002/monthly-lunch-at-automobile-club-camps-de-lucaSmaltohttp://dirnelli.tumblr.com/post/76617506482/the-camps-de-luca-notch-lapel-which-later
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