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Thanks but no time for bespoke. Looking more for RTW or accessories. I remember a place in Nice has been mentioned but couldn't fine it.
I'm going to be traveling from Avignon to Nice. Any recommended places to check out (clothing or restaurants)?
The strand has a copy of Flussers Clothes and the Man for $35. It's a good out of print reference.
I just tried on the Lorenzo cut and it fits me much better than the Tipo at Bloomingdales. The Tipo is leaner in the chest and arms than the Lorenzo.
I have a blazer suit made from mohair and it doesn't really work when wearing the coat only. I only wear it as a suit.I have another blazer suit made from regular tropical worsted which I like to use when I need to travel light. But it is a compromise. While at home with a full wardrobe, I more often wear a dedicated suit or dedicated sport coat/blazer.
You say it like it's bad thing.
The shirt is this picture looks off-white. Just compare the pictures shirt to the white background of the SF webpage.I think off-white or cream goes quite well with brown.Stark white often looks too cold when paired with brown. If your shirt is really stark white, perhaps you should adjust the white balance on the photo to reflect the true color.
I got a e250 bluetec loaner today. Not bad for a 4 cylinder diesel. I'm usually given C300 loaners which I really dislike.
Oh, your comment about the perfect use of the DB waistcoat was sarcastic. NVM.
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