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Who was there? Does Ciro Paone go to these things?
The depth of color in high quality mohair cloth (and at least 90%mohair) has no equal.
I'm glad that C&A was willing to put in the work to organize a run recently. But doing it is quite a bit of effort.
Consider asking in the armoury thread. One of those guys can find out from Mark.
I was asked about my college tie a few months back by an oxford alum. Is that interest a European thing or just the British?
Too bad. You might get more responses from the unfunded liabilities thread.
If you are set on Lesser and you know the colors you want, why don't you ask Patrick to send you pictures of the swatches once the get back to HK? Alternatively, you can ask Harrison's for the swatches if you want to see them in IRL. WW Chan doesn't bring all the books on tour but can get the fabrics for you nonetheless.
I run blizzaks in the winter and last winter was real tough. One " problem" with winter tires are that they break faster than other cars. I got rear ended last winter.
Did you see this documentary of VBC by Gianluca? http://vimeo.com/m/64921308 Find any good places for apertivo?
Ask the NYTimes to print a correction. The fashion section should demand the same rigor as the rest of the paper correct?
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