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Il vecchio drappiere is great. I got suit lengths of silk and mohair, but didn't think to bargain. At the end they were pushing this green Solaro by Carlo Barbera. Unwearable for me.
I recall that was one of Vox's earlier posts. I think it goes to show how much his taste has developed since.
Lens selection is key. The photos all used the 45 mm lens (90 mm equivalent), considered quite optimal for portraits. If you are not interested in changing lenses, a fixed lens camera like the RX100 maybe be better value for the buck.I have a 42.5 mm f1.2 and the color I get from that lens is much better than all my other lenses.
NSM requires 3.3 m for a 2 piece suit for me. But Dionisio (Formosa) says he can cut a 3-piece for me with 3.3 m. I haven't held him up to task though.
FYI Frank's dad Ercole thought mine was correct.
Frank (Ercole) thinks that the S. American is not quite as well made as the old ones from England. He showed me the difference in the selvedge between the old and the new. That said, I have pants from the new stock and I can't tell the difference.
I find the Holland and Sherry Crispaire to be a good general purpose travel cloth. It is a good compromise of wrinkle resistance, smoothness and breathability.
And deprive you the pleasure of leaving the city? I'm not that cruel.I've only driven within the city maybe twice. I learned quickly that cabbing it is far easier.
I have sidewall damage on a tire, probably from all the potholes in the city. Now I have to replace all 4 because the winter tires I have are discontinued. *sigh*
For me the cliffhangers from this season of Pitti SF are: 1) Did Synthese ever meet female Asian Synthese or are they doomed to Craigslist's Missed Connections? If they did meet, are they alike or is she a bizzaro version of Synthese? 2). Who is that girl in several pictures with unbel? Is she the same person of interest from last season? Or was that just Synthese ragging on unbel's game? I haz to know. But it seems I'll have to wait for the next season Pitti SF to...
New Posts  All Forums: