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The guy who asked for the restroom was wearing a suit to a black tie event!
At an event two weeks ago, I was asked for directions to the restroom.
This month? Almost every week.
IMO the best part of bespoke is the education. There is so much I learned about myself and my preferences about how clothing should look and feel. This journey is not a straight line, I have changed my mind over the course of several years.
There is a vicuña robe at the Loro Piana sale going for $5k down from $20k+. Completely decadent.
The people in the French tailoring thread might be able to help you. I've done Demi-measure at Charvet. You see them once and they mail you the shirt in 2 months or so.
This looks like Eidos made for NWMA.
I went to dinner a week or two ago at Parlor. The food is included in the price of membership (drinks are extra) and it is quite good. If I lived downtown, I would consider joining and have dinner there 3-4 times per week. Gato, the new Bobby Flay place is good. There are also many new restaurants in the LES.
Because you recommended it for flat front casual pants. The version they made for Vox looked good so I figure I would give it a try. I usually don't know if I like a garment until I have lived with it for a while.
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