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I think POW should be flannel or tweed. I haven't seen an example that looks good as a worsted. For worsted, I think nailhead, sharkskin and Birdseye are better alternatives. I have a DB in the LL RAF blue POW Piuma. It's ok but not great.
Really? I have one from before the Harrison's take over and it's great. It would be discouraging if it is no longer the same.
I still see occasional red bows and cummerbunds sported by the older crowd. Apparently some people didn't get the memo.
I think is really interesting that Boyer's connects Cary Grant and Castiglione's idea of sprezzutura. According to this post on sprezzuturahttp://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2015/06/sprezzatura-great-philological-debate.htmlAccording to Boyer, that is exactly what Grant did, he made himself better through training.
The 18 oz LL flannel drapes like iron but wears quite hot. Not if I would get it again.
What data plans do you guys have? Your numbers are way different from mine. I get unlimited data for $20/month from AT&T. 2GB/month from them is $30. Unlimited is way better.
My current tux shirt has 3 buttons so there are some vintage studs to choose from. I wear a vest with mine so I think a 2 button tux shirt will work too. My understanding is that there are more vintage options for 2 buttons.
I recently got vintage abalone shell stud and link set from the 1940s. I think the next tux shirt I'll get will have 2 buttons because Manny (from the Missing Link) said that the studs he has from the 20s are often 2 button. I think the vintage buttons are often so much more beautiful than the ones made today.
I like using studs. It is one of the few ways to individualize the tux.
Doesn't AT&T slow down the data if you use more than 3-5GB/month?
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