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Just want to let you guys know that Astor Wines has a 20% off sale for all French Wines for Bastille Day. Today only I believe.
16 oz Lesser wears cooler than 13 oz flannel, at least for me. I can wear my 16 oz DB up to the low 70s.
Does a great fish sandwich even exist? The catfish sandwich at Nam Pang is ok but I prefer their salads or rice bowls. I can't even think of an example of a great fish sandwich.
For my first batch of shirts I was able to get measured on Monday, have the muslin fitting on Friday and the final shirts mailed 3-4 months later. But this needs to be arranged in advance.
Would you be able to make it if the meetup was in Sunday the 19th instead? I imagine you won't be able to make the evening of the 20th since you would be leaving then.
Fortunately, I was also able to get a reservation at Bones before it closes in August. The atmosphere is that of a French Bistro in the Lower East Side or Williamsburg. Paris was hit by a heatwave last week and this restaurant didn't have A/C. The overhead fans made it a little more bearable. I was curious because the restaurant had gotten quite a bit of...
Thought this was a nice video of Pitti 88. After hearing Lino speak, he seems more genuine than the caricature he is made out to be. Original source here. http://www.bonnegueule.fr/reportage-pitti-uomo-88-qui-sont-vraiment-les-stars-du-pitti-22/
Yes. The best trick is the wetting the shirt and rolling it in a plastic bag. Makes the shirt evenly soft and easy to iron. Linen was such a hassle to iron before I learned that trick.Also I think you I need to iron in the roll for her shirts because the collar is higher and longer. Furthermore this was a shirt with a nonfused collar. IIRC the fused collar is easier to iron and less finicky.
Finally had a chance to dine at David Toutain. The amuse bouche was bacon flavored cream wrapped into a shape of a sausage. Had to be eaten immediately and the whole thing just dissolved in the mouth. I'm doing it from memory, so I think this was a tuna tartare. Garlic vegatable sponge cake Broiche Gluten free bread Egg Yolk with peas Smoked salmon-like fish. A carrot variety with subtle flavor. Asparagus with a citrus sauce and egg yolk sauce, crispy...
So have you had a chance to pick up your shirts? I had a meeting with Mary last week and asked about a problem with the right collar lifting off the shoulder. She took the shirt and showed me how to iron the roll into the collar and let it set. Ironing the collar correctly fixed the issue. This technique of rolling the collar while ironing was in Pierre Duboin's post about how to iron a shirt, but I was too lazy to do all of the steps.
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