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I recall G&G saying that they were reserving boot trees for bespoke only.
Your experience is different from mine. I find no difference in the size of the sleeve head between a regular shoulder and shirred shoulder when controlled for the same maker. I find the amount of drape has greater effect on comfort during movement than the size of the sleeve head.
I had an alignment done at the same time so I don't know which was the culprit, maybe both.
The 2 coats with spalla camica are both summer weight. One is a Gunclub check and the other is a blue mohair BlazerSuit. If I made them again, I would probably do regular shoulders for the following reasons.1) At least with NSM, the spalla camica can be a bit puffy with certain fabrics- I suspect greatest with the stiff fabrics. The regular shoulder is a way to avoid the puffiness.2) The roundedness of Neapolitan silhouette in the shoulders and lapels are for me to make...
I agree it is not a fad for them. It was a fad for me though. I was really enthusiastic in the beginning, got my fill and tired of it.
I would caution you against using different makers for the pants and coats for a suit, unless you were providing the material. There can be variations in color from bolt to bolt, even for the same fabric number. So your method risks having nonmatching pants and coats when making suits. Your method is fine for odd jackets/trousers.Also, I find the water fall shoulder kind of a fad. Of my dozen or so Neapolitan coats, I got the spalla camica in my first two, and then got...
I bought new winter tires a few weeks ago. I was getting vibration at highway speeds so I brought the car to get the wheels aligned to see if that would fix the problem. Turns out the dealer who installed my tires, installed the tires on one side backwards!
Unbel, your steed appears to also have a higher gorge. Was that a request too? IMO the swelled chest makes the silhouette round enough as it is.
Thanks! I hoped someone had it handy.
I think Smiths is the way to go for a tux. There is a picture of foo in his tux from Smith's 8810 but I can't seem to find it.
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