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That's a fantastic video! Great insight to the architecture of the white tie rig and it's descendants. I think the issue with summer wear is how to make it look elegant and not wear too hot. Currently, the best alternative I have to the tux is a blue mohair suit.
Is there a date for the NMWA X Eidos trunk show?
Going to Fire Island on Sunday. Never been before.
It's interesting that the pattern was made in a "square" orientation whereas mine were made in a "diamond" shaped orientation.
Is that a Passaggio Cravette tie?
I just received the ties I ordered a couple months ago.
Barney's had some nice Drakes ties for $59 last weekend
Too bad it's not a suit.
FYI there was a length of green Solaro by Carlo Barbera at il vecchio drappiere.
I recall the nailhead fresco required an order of around 1000 m of fabric because the mill needs to adjust their machinery. I'm in for 3.5 m if you are able to make that work.
New Posts  All Forums: