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Casual places I'd go back for lunch are Juveniles, 6 Paul Bert and Pho 14.
I think Sander's rule is more a side effect of dressing in a coherent color scheme, eg high-contrast vs low contrast, warm vs cold.The example above is discordant because the shirt and suit are high contrast and cold while the shoes requires warmer colors and lower contrast to work.
Theoretically, you can reweave the old buttonhole and make a new one. I imagine it depends on how much extra fabric there is left to reweave the buttonhole. Also, the cost might be more than the coat is worth.
WW Chan made my 3 piece tux quite a few years ago. I made a black SB Scabal barathea, grosgrain lapels and 1/2 lined coat. Patrick has several low cut U-shaped waistcoat designs just for the tux. I opted for a silk backed waistcoat, because I thought I might dance with the coat off, but it does get hot. If you know you won't take off your coat, consider the backless waistcoat option. The trousers were side tabs with suspender buttons. I got my sized grosgrain bowtie from...
Like a canary in a coal mine?
I went to Juveniles and I thought it was really good simple food.ChanterellesBurratta and ProscuittoVealTuna
Have you been since Senderens retirement?
Thanks. I have a length of fabric that I think will make up ideally with their style but I don't know when I'll have it made up. How much do they charge in London?
Do you know how much they were asking for a suit?
An Asian friend did a tinder experiment comparing NYC vs London using the exact same profile. He swiped right for all profiles. In NYC he got maybe a half dozen mediocre/unfavorable matches. In London he got matches with numerous beautiful women.Consider earmarking some of your tailoring budget to visit the tailors in Europe.
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