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FYI the subscription was filled and is going through. It had better be, I'm in for 4m.
I used to do this too until I realized that I was too lazy/grouchy to select separate coats and pants early in the morning.
If you are looking for a frame work, consider looking up color theory. I like thinking of combos in terms of high-contrast vs low-contrast and cold vs warm colors.I think this is the better of the two because there is relatively high contrast between the shirt and tie, and all the colors are in the "cold" spectrum.For the light blue tie and white shirt pairings, I prefer to wear a suit. The contrast light blue tie on the white shirt seems to stand out better on a suit. I...
Usually with such light colored pants and a blue coat, I think it is easier to do a high contrast look with a white shirt.I think the particular blue color for the coat can make pairing pants an issue. Colors like the fresco 520 IMO look better as suits because it can be hard find matching odd pants.Also I think that blazer type odd coat combos give the opportunity to wear repp ties or club ties.
Tony mentioned years ago that he planned to cap annual bespoke shoe production at 100/per year to maintain quality. Not sure if that is still the case.
This is an interesting article about the current state of diminishing returns from photography equipment. http://blog.mingthein.com/2014/05/08/beyond-the-numbers-whats-next/#more-7935
How does the MTM process work? What options are available?
The m4/3 have great lens options. I just picked up the 42.5mm f1.2 and it really made my old GF1 much more interesting.
The news articles about this one man show seems kinda neat. http://www.londoncloth.com/blog/
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