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This 1929 Gio Ponti burlwood armoire is the best I've ever seen.
Why did you get rid of your Shantung's? Season's just right around the corner. BTW, I notice I never wear ties with equal frequency. I notice they get worn in clumps.
What the sizing for the Sozzi no show socks for someone who wears US 9-9.5 shoes? Thanks.
Was this in Pudu? Or has that part of town gentrified?
I've been wearing this recent acquisition a lot lately. It's still cold and rainy and I'm still wearing my Lesser 16. Haven't switched to my spring/summer wardrobe yet.
A bit sweeter than expected. Vanilla, hint of oak and butter like finish.
Pizza- Pizza Arte, Marta, Don AntonioBurger-Bill's burger, Minetta tavern, JG MelonSushi - Nakazawa
Suede gator looks good to me.
My PSS last me closer to 25-30k miles but there is lots of extra wear and tear from road hazards in the NYC area. I got a new set for under $900 from Tire Rack. I think the weak Euro helps.
I had a problem with oxyclean once where I got a blue stain on my white shirt - I think because I didn't dissolve the oxyclean well enough before soaking the shirt. Fortunately the stain went away after anther wash. Now I make sure I dissolve the oxyclean completely before soaking anything in it.
New Posts  All Forums: