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Any updates on Kenjiro Suzuki commission?I was transiting through Paris last week rather unexpectedly but unfortunately did not have the time to drop by.
In NYC or elsewhere? Is there a good dance floor at the ones you go to? All too often there are couples on the floor who cannot dance blocking the line-of-dance. Good way of practicing floor craft trying to dance around them but not exactly fun.
I posted a reply at the white tie thread.http://www.styleforum.net/t/368997/the-state-of-white-tie/60#post_7401295
To tell you the truth the dance floor at the NYC event is too packed to dance the Viennese waltz.They do have performers and debutantes though. It is a nice party.
Last time I looked into logsdail his suits were closer to 5k. Have they gone up that much?
Just saw this piece on Bloomberg about Liverano. http://mobile.bloomberg.com/news/2014-09-12/liverano-liverano-a-cult-tailor-now-in-nyc-.html $7200 for a 2 piece suit.
FM from your initial post I think you are seeking the answer for the question "what processes should you look for to get the best results from bespoke". Is that right? I think there should be a follow up question "which of these processes are worth the cost."
Are you thinking of Oleana near Inman?I am always tempted by the mr and mrs Bartleys when I am at Harvard.
I can't say anything of the senior Formosa but I have noticed some stylistic differences between Formosa (ie Dionisio) vs NSM. For example Dionisio prefers 4 vest pockets vs Mina preferring 2.
This looks like a more squared off shoulder in the Blasi style no? I wonder if Formosa builds a more padded squared off shoulder by default such as noted by koolbear.
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