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Has coverage started yet?
I sat in a GLA AMG this weekend. I like the exterior but the interior is quite mediocre - reminds me of BMW interiors.
Consider a dedicated summer wardrobe to survive the humid DC summers. Shirts are not a bad place to start. I.e. Linen, cotton/linen, voile
Let me count.Winter weight:Gray - SB, DB (including flannel)Navy - SB, DBSummer weight:Gray-SBBlue - SB worsted, SB mohair, SB/DB linenshoulder season (optional)Gray - SB, DBNavy- SB, DBBy my count about 8-12. Am I missing anything?
Seraphin is good but pricey. As a point of reference, for about that sale price I had a bespoke shearling coat made onsite in NYC with two fittings.
Have you read vox's coherent combinations thread? http://web.archive.org/web/20120711003637/http://www.styleforum.net/t/287922/practical-thoughts-on-coherent-combinations-for-beginners He makes the argument for matching the formality of each item of clothing, but I think a lot of it can also be explained by matching saturation or tone of each piece. For example, the "city" dress mix items which are more highly saturated than "country" dress. The city suit with worsted...
I think lighting is something people do not consider enough in this type of discussion. Often the unspoken assumption is that the person in seen in ideal lighting. For example, I think the high contrast look of the tuxedo is best in relatively dim light. A lot of the subtlety of coloring, that is best in daylight, is lost at night.
Great thread. I am a fan of color theory and I wear the blue/brown/yellow and blue/green combos frequently. However, I have noticed the value (tint and shade) is also crucial but I don't have a unifing theory that ties it all in. Looking forward to the rest.
That's my story and I'm sticking with it!
I was once pushed down by an acutely psychotic guy in busy Soho. He was walking the opposite direction on the sidewalk, pushed me down and repeatedly said "stop f****ing with me". It was a busy street and people shouted him down and I walked away.
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