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I don't think the patterns themselves are a problem as much as the dissonant colors. For example, the color of the tie and suit are desaturated (almost like a pastel) whereas the pocket square color is highly saturated. I find that dissonance distracting.I have an old Arnys tie in a similar shade of purple that I have a hard time matching. I think it is because most of my clothes have high color saturation.
The SF hype cycle for all n00bs who have been here less than 6 years.
The boots were double sole, tapered to single sole thickness at the waist so a fiddleback waist could be made.
Dress code at the rainbow room is business attire. All men wore a coat +/- tie. It was quite an older crowd.
I believe I was there when the Max Weinburg band. When I was there the dinner a la carte and not as expensive as in the Fall. My favorite band is the Alex Donner orchestra. The Michael Arenella and Dandy Wellington bands I think cater more to the Lindy Hop crowd.
Speaking of old NYC landmarks, I was at the reopened Rainbow Room earlier this week and it was fantastic! It is best if you can ballroom dance. The band plays a lot of Cha-cha, some swing, foxtrot, Rumba, Mambo/Salsa and even a Bolero. All American style tempo. The food and wine are over priced, but is covers the band and ambiance. The view from the restaurant are amazing, particularly during sunset. My friends were told me that the room they use now for the restaurant was...
Given the items you are looking at are quite close aesthetically, have you considered asking what you want to learn from having one item or another? For me, much of the clothing I have bought in the last 10 years have revolved around trying to gain first hand knowledge. There are lots of opinions being thrown around the forum and there is no way to know "the truth" until you try it yourself.For example, 10 years ago I was new to Classic Menswear and there was a lot of talk...
Now that you mention it, if they are the same pictures, I do recall making the opposite reaction before. The difference in opinion must be then the vagaries of aesthetics. Perhaps I am now in a mood for a cleaner look whereas before I preferred the drape. When the two things are pretty close in desirability, I am not surprised that the pendulum swings back and forth. Maybe that's why you are having a hard time making the decision too.
Given pictures provided, bottom > top.That said, the Formosa might have more three dimensionality IRL than the Suit Supply.
Apparently in China, car makers (such as Ford) put the stereo/radio controls in the back seat because the person buying the car isn't the one driving it.So perhaps it is better to import a China version of a car if you are not a self driver.
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