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Bent a rim on a pothole on the GWB during the rain storm a few days ago. Fortunately I bought the rim insurance.
G Bruce Boyer writes an interesting chapter in the Elegance in the Age of Crisis book regarding how the drape look was exaggerated in America to become the zoot suit.
I don't see what's that objectionable about Cantabrigans Rubinacci particularly given the vagaries of photography and perspective. For example, a number of the ripples in the chest on the rooftop picture are not there on the window shade picture. So I'm not sure which picture to believe. OTOH I think there's more front drape than I would personally like. Tough to know for sure without seeing it IRL.
NMWA sells a Formosa tux in that price range. Mail order only unless you get to NYC. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/suits/black-barathea-single-breasted-peak-lapels-tuxedo.html
A few years ago I saw 93% vicuña at the LP sale going for 80% off $26k for 4 yards. I was tempted but couldn't justify the cost. I suspect it would be best as a "gift", possibly to an oligarch or a member of the politburo.
My impression is this thread is essentially the general bespoke clothing thread.
You guys should start a Savile Row Thread. I think it'll be hear everyone's experiences.
Is the cronut worth the wait? I haven't bothered but I am curious.
Wow that's incredible. I guess it's not a surprise given that apparently he's an apprentice at Meurice Sedwell.
I think it is at least in part related to the absence of good photography (bad lighting, bad perspective and etc). I've seen pro photos of crusty on the web that are really nice.
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