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I have mentioned before that the most difficult part of bespoke is keeping a steady weight. The fact that you had to try to maintain your weight between these fittings deserves kudos.
Yes, Despos mentioned it happened to his mohair pants at the leg crease. I'll have it made up eventually but just not expect for it to last forever (and maybe not press it so much). The mohair's color is so rich compared to wool or other fabrics.
My experience is that mohair wears hotter than fresco but maintains its crisp look despite the humidity or sweat. So you look cool, even though you feel hot. I don't mind because I'm in AC most of the time in the summer. I have a length of 100% mohair waiting to be made up.
A friend brought a bottle of Opus 1 to thanksgiving dinner. I thought it was pleasant and silky smooth but I'm not sure if I'd spend that kind of $$$ for it. I don't know that much about red wines but are Opus 1 considered worth that kind of money?
White truffle season
I think both gun clubs are not right for Noodles at this point in time. I think he should stick to a high contrast look for now because it works easiest for his complexion. A warm look will take quite a bit more effort.
What about the Second Ave subway? Isn't that slated to open soon?
Well, Joe is finally retiring.http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2015/11/17/master-craftsman-closes-shop/iwiaf8B8aNNAA5J27OH1IO/story.html
I happened to be wearing a Fox for LL flannel DB on Tuesday night, out in the freezing rain. It was perfect. It would otherwise be too hot in more temperate climes.
IMO the best are the dense crunchy knits from that one German factory. You can get them at Hermes for $200+ or, when they have them, from Conrad Wu or Kamakura for about $70. If you don't see them IRL, you have to look for the made in Germany label.
New Posts  All Forums: