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When are you going to write up Zizolfi? He's the heir to Ciro Palermo right?For those of you interested, here is a write up of Palermohttp://dieworkwear.com/post/138616973304/ciro-palermo-omastAnyway, here is the rest of my contribution
Wow. I'm surprised they are comfortable.
What did you think of the Nakashima daybeds? There were 2 for auction. A friend of mine likes the Nakashima for Widdicomb sofa but I think it costs $30k new. Edit: Added pictures
Thanks for the advice. I got busy running errands this weekend and I'm not sure if I can make it today. When I called the Rago last week it sounded like they were open on Sunday too.
I think 8810 is the way to go.
Taking good pictures is a lot of work. I'm lazy.DB Chalkstripe is also a Steed.
CEGO made me a voile tux shirt because it's often packed with people and hot at these events. Budd makes a RTW voile tux shirt.http://www.buddshirts.co.uk/white-voile-pleated-dress-shirt.htmlPique looks great but wears hotter for me. I only wear it for white tie these days.
Yes. The first is the LL barleycorn jacket and the second is a 13 oz Lesser DB blazer with metal buttons. The third is a LL Agnelli Flannel 3 piece suit.
As requested, this is my first batch. I wear mostly suits.
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