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Come to think of it, I also like to bring out-of-towners to the Top of the Standard because the views are great and there's live jazz in the evening. It is kinda $$$$ but it's good if you want to entertain.
For cocktails I like Raines Law Room and Mulberry Project.
Most admirable. Should we start the white tie train wreck thread now or wait?
I think SF is still good. I ain't jaded, yet.
I think around 2006 was the peak of the meme creation with "brown is for farmer", "you like it the lamb", and members like ernest, vaclav, mittal. That's to say nothing of the feeding frenzy at Paul Stuart and Asprey sales.
http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?100429-Drumohr-SweatersAnother version of the historyhttp://english.riccardocampedelli.it/categorie/drumohrWhich is true?
I've learned that once you have bespoke clothes, the hardest part is staying in shape so the clothes continue to fit. It's far too expensive to have to replace them.
Thanks. I don't think I'll have the time to drive out of the city.
Does il vecchio drappiere sell silk suiting? Is this where you bought the material for your silk coat?Where is the store that sells shirt fabric? Thanks.
Just might be the winning entry.
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