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You were not a fan of the LL Shetland houndstooth?
Last time I was at Il Vecchio Drappiere they tried to sell me a green Solaro by Carlo Barbera while I was about to leave. Very dandy but not for me. It was great to bring the cloths out into the sun so you can see it under different lighting conditions. Consider checking out their silks or mohair next time.
I've only hear of Tofani in passing but he seems to keep good company in this article with Rubinacci and Kiton. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/22/fashion/Naples-a-haven-of-tailoring-by-hand.html?_r=0 How did you find him? What do you think of your experience? Particularly why no shoes or socks?
I met a woman who lives in Madison Sqaure Park and complained about the big apple BBQ last night. She's leaving town with the kids this weekend.
I don't think "perfect" fit exists because the foot itself can swell throughout the day. The change of the ankle and foot size is even more dramatic in people with heart or kidney disease. So for some people, how a shoe fits has to be a compromise. In addition the leather of the shoe softens through time. So what might be too tight in the beginning might fit better later. Or what fits well in the beginning becomes to loose when the leather softens. Finally, the choice of...
I decided to pass on that event this year. Do they let you upstairs now?
I believe jefferyd has previously acknowledged that his dissections reveal the making at that time and not necessarily the quality of the house currently.
I believe that is Vox's second hand Solito. I found his old post. Unfortunately Vox deleted the photo.
This reminds me of George Nakashima. My understanding was that the prices weren't so ridiculous 10-15 years ago. But if you were looking for furniture that held it's value . . .
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