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I my experience MTO G&G can take longer than bespoke G&G.
Are there NYC garages that will let you charge a tesla?
It was probably from the FIT exhibition Elegence in the age of crisis. Use that in your search criteria and you'll find it.
Oops too bad
Soiffer haskin RL sale starts today. It is hit or miss but you can get amazing deals if you are lucky.http://www.thechoosybeggar.com/2014/06/ralph-lauren-sample-sale-3/
Lapel notch doesn't look like CdL to me.
I presume this means that you basically only wear blue shirts with earth tone jackets (e.g. brown tweed and etc). Off white shirts open up more options.
Anyone go to the G&G NYC cocktail party tonight?
There were several batches of the SG chambray. Finding the exact one might be tough.
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