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Given all the recent brouhaha, I am now curious as to what's so great about these pants that people are willing to go through all this trouble. Ambrosi is at NYC at the end of the month. Now I'm wondering if I should get a pair just to see what it's all about. I guess PT Barnum was right, all publicity is good publicity.
Was the "creamy and spicy" the masterpiece?
I have unlined carpincho gloves that I can wear to about 40 degrees without wind. Below that I have to wear cashmere lined gloves. Around the teens and lower I start wearing the shearling gloves. It all depends on your cold tolerance.
A button down collar might not be noticeable when blocked by a bow tie.
I saw a 100% vicuna robe at the Loro Piana sale around $4-5k down from over $30k MSRP. It fit me and I tried it on several times but still couldn't justify the cost.
Most of the time I wear it with the blue-white areas showing the subtle transitions of color. I'm not sure is that subtlety will show up in photography.
I'd say that it is useful enough that you should buy it if the price is right. If you don't like it you can sell it, hopefully at not much of a loss. The trick with these kind of squares is folding it so that the colors you want show up.
I have this exact Victory square with the gray edge. I tried the different colorways at the London store and I think the gray one is best. I like it but it is quite expensive for what it is.
I justed wanted to let you know that the Instagram quality this week is fantastic. What camera do you use? Can you be a guest editor for more than 1 week?
Sounds like if you really want pants from Ambrosi, it's worth every penny to get it through the Armoury so you don't have to deal with Salvatore. BTW, the busted seam is an easy fix. I've had it done locally for a few bucks because it is just restitching a seam.
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