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Does the Merz 226 fit similar to the 103? Thanks.
By the looks of your tan, I imagine you are spending quite a bit of time at the beach! Have you had a chance to visit Taormina? I visited Sicily quite a few years ago and quite liked the Ancient Greek sandstone temples in Agrigento. I also picked up a taste for Nero D'avola.
Ironically, the extra soft waistband is exactly why I like NSM/Italian pants. Most other tailors make them too stiff.
Bump. I assume it's probably Medium or Large.
Apparently Charles and Piper are now back under the same roof. I believe they are now both owned by the same company that owns JM Weston. On further investigation Charles and Piper were brought under the same management in the '80s under Remy Cointreau. http://www.remy-cointreau.com/group/remy-cointreau/presentation/ Both companies are now owned by EPI. http://www.decanter.com/wine-news/piper-heidsieck-and-charles-heidsieck-sale-to-epi-completed-38486/
That looks like Manton in a Solito nailhead fresco and a Rubinacci Victory square. The fact that I'm pretty certain of the ID means I've been on this board for way too long.
I got my brown mohair from Il Vecchio Drappiere. They said it was made by VBC.
I've seen people keep their sleeves up using a rubber band at their biceps. If you are wearing a DJ it won't show. That's the simplest last minute fix I have for you.
Consider Spring or Le Comptoir du Relais St Germain. Spring is a bit more dressy.
I thought you were fundamentally opposed to patterned linen.
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