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Just dropped by kamakura today. It appears they have edited their thomas mason book. I didn't see their 200 2x2 anymore. Too bad.
Do you have anything in the works?
The context is that the poster requesting the Solaro is IIRC a physics grad student living in Texas looking for his second (or thereabouts) bespoke suit. I am suggesting there are perhaps better alternatives than a Solaro.
I know. I was so surprised. Either they are getting an insane deal from Albini or selling at a loss. Like an Easter egg for those in the know. It is only in two colors and randomly placed in the Thomas Mason book.
Kamakura shirts seem very well price. I haven't used them but they have some gems in their cloth book. You have to dig but I have seen albini/Thomas mason 200 2x2 in white and blue which they sell for the same fixed price of $180.
There was some discussion of this in the Berluti thread. http://www.styleforum.net/t/20348/the-berluti-shoe-thread/240#post_7426137
The Italians cut a lower vest. What so you think of unbel's solito?
Interestingly Daniel Wegan over at G&G was saying that he has been making different lasts for the same person to optimize the fit for different shoe styles - not just laced shoes vs loafers. Unfortunately I don't remember the details of what he does for each shoe type.
I believe Jean-Michel is the one who visits NYC. $7k for shoes are JLP pricing.
This is the first time I've seen your 3pc solito. Have you written about it before?
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