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I recall that the context for this suit is that this LL member is a music teacher (?piano) and he uses this suit when he teaches. The design is based on an old vintage coat and vest but I can't seem to find the thread where the details are discussed. The suit looks vintage because it is supposed to be. As a uniform/costume for his profession, I think it is not an unreasonable choice.
I have a suit length of cream dupioni from Il Vecchio Drappiere waiting to be made up. Do I need a yacht before getting the suit? Unfortunately I get seasick, so no yacht will ever be likely.
Not a definite projecthttp://www.thelondonlounge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11474&sid=d3453c9e56b91ba0e8ac96cc45b5d5e4
Thanks! I think I might want silk shirts one day.
How did you get swatches from Bennett silk? Their website says they only sell to the trade. So that scared me off.
Since you are in Berlin, have you asked the guys from Shibumi? I believe, on SF they are Sander and Braddock. http://www.keikari.com/english/interview-with-niels-holdorf-and-benedikt-fries-from-shibumi/ Maybe they know tailors at visit Berlin.
Yes. I am talking about bespoke. Thighs are too lean on me. Maybe I have thick thighs.
Just FYI the default pants are quite lean. I'm bringing them in for adjustment. The coat and vest are fantastic.
Wow! I believe the first pair I made with them when they first started was around 1700 GBP (ex VAT). Does the price include shoe trees from Herve Brunelle?
I always figured Hakkasan is for people with large expense accounts to wine and dine clients. Do people actually spend their own money there? I went once just to try it but it is not worth returning. I'm not a fan of Red Farm, but I can see why it can appeal to some. For Chinese food, I prefer Oriental Garden but ordering food there can be confusing if you don't know what to expect. Has anyone tried the new Mission Chinese? If you are looking for Mexican food, what about...
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