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Thanks for the info. I was looking him up and an interview a couple years ago said it was a sore point for the family that he was their next door competition.
What do you think of Ru Amagasu's work vs what Mira is doing? Are the price points similar? Are there differences in esthetic taste?Thanks.
Hilarious video here by Mr. Porter with scenes from this years Pitti. I can't hotlink the video so you'll have to go through the link (unless someone else knows how to do it). http://www.mrporter.com/journal/the-tribes/the-pitti-peacock/426
I think dressing well is like any other skill or knowledge. Teachers can give you insight, but you have to do the heavy lifting yourself. Most people need to use a good amount of brute force to get good at something. "Natural ability" is only an illusion.Jefferyd had an interesting blog post about the illusion and sprezzatura. The entire post is worth a read.http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2015/06/sprezzatura-great-philological-debate.html
I think the true insight from vox's coherence combination article is that textures are often best paired with like textures. I think that is the gist of his city vs country argument.Consider trying an experiment pairing fuzzy wool ties to different coats, worsted, linen, tweeds and etc. I think you will find that the fuzzy wool ties are easiest paired with other fuzzy coats - tweeds and flannel. Similarly, I think the irregularity of shantung ties go best with rumply...
I think those you advocating the use of accessories for all seasons are really missing out on rotating your closet out every 6 months. Just when you get tired of wearing winter/summer clothes, it's time for the other set. I think it just makes sense to use Shantung as summer ties because there aren't many textured ties for available for warm weather. Cashmere and wool ties are too warm for the summer. For me it is a good balance to divide textured silk, knit and linen ties...
My friends at a major university hospital told me that their department chairman posted a video showing off muscular torso and abs after he got ripped from doing Insanity. I just saw the video and the results are very impressive. I tried doing Insanity but it is too tough on my knees.
Does anyone have a source for wool corduroy? Thanks.
My caption
Given all the recent brouhaha, I am now curious as to what's so great about these pants that people are willing to go through all this trouble. Ambrosi is at NYC at the end of the month. Now I'm wondering if I should get a pair just to see what it's all about. I guess PT Barnum was right, all publicity is good publicity.
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