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Care to share any insight on that Cifonelli coat? How is it different from what you make or what others make? Thanks.
I'm saying that at this point in time, Jefferyd's observation regarding the correlation between the construction of the undercollar and overall quality is very useful. Look around at your bespoke stuff by Steed and NSM and compare it to other RTW of various quality and see if you notice the same correlation. I do.
This post by jefferyd explains a fake Brioni with badly made collar. http://www.styleforum.net/t/270842/brioni-suit-real-or-fake-help-please/30_30#post_4899304 Here is his blog post about the different undercollars and how they relate to quality. http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2008/11/collars-dead-giveaway.html
JefferyD wrote a great post about how to tell an authentic Brioni by looking at the underside of the collar. Use it as a guide to examine your bespoke vs RTW. I learned quite a bit.
I would never have guessed they were backless. The brown vest also has lapels right? Are they notch or peak lapels?
Forecast is for snow again on Thursday.
Butler do you by any chance have pictures of the SB and DB vests without the coat? Thanks.
NSM has access to Lesser, Harrison's, Minnis and H&S. If there are certain books you want, I think it is best to ask them to bring it.
Are any of yours summer weight?
I got Smith's Botany (which is 13 oz not 11 oz) for around $130-150 per yard from Isles. I don't suggest buying retail because I doubt you save money. I only did it because NSM doesn't carry Smith's. The Botany has a fantastically wide selection of sharkskin and I suggest you at least peruse the book.
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