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I just got this that I think would foot the bill.The Alt Wien in Whiskey Cordovan might be next on my list, though I might prefer a double sole rather than the vibram.
Nice video by Andrew Yamato with interviews with G. Bruce Boyer and Luca Rubinacci.
Then it is unfortunate that these customers miss out on real finesse. To my eye the best parts of the house appear when there are fewer flourishes to distract.Some examples courtesy of DirnelliCifonellihttp://dirnelli.tumblr.com/post/64594703607/for-sale-cifonelli-bespoke-donegal-tweedCdLhttp://dirnelli.tumblr.com/post/78536287002/monthly-lunch-at-automobile-club-camps-de-lucaSmaltohttp://dirnelli.tumblr.com/post/76617506482/the-camps-de-luca-notch-lapel-which-later
Cifonelli appears much more unconventional compared to CdL, let alone compared with British tailoring.
My impression is that peak lapeled SBs are best with smooth finished worsted cloth. OTOH flannels like that gray microherringbone are best as DBs or 3 piece notch lapel SBs. Also peak lapels are usually made as a 1 button like that cifonelli. The CdL peak looks like a 2 or 3 button, thus unusual in several details.
HighToned, do you have a full picture of the flannel herringbone coat? A peak lapeled SB is unexpected and I was wondering how the coat looks. Thanks.
I only have 1 shirt from NSM years ago, and it was 100% machine made other than for the handsew buttons. How did you get them to hand make it for you? I was never offered that option.
Did you buy anything at Lafayette Saltiel Drapier?
Come to think of it, I also like to bring out-of-towners to the Top of the Standard because the views are great and there's live jazz in the evening. It is kinda $$$$ but it's good if you want to entertain.
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