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I think this question is like asking if you prefer apples or oranges. There is no clear consistent answer and the at the moment response might depend on mood, season or any number of different variables. That said I have a Lesser 16 DB that is fantastic. The Mistral is still waiting to be funded.
Mary also rips open all the seams on your shirt so she can pin and readjust the seams. When the shirt sleeves came off, I didn't think this sort of stuff happened outside a Chippendales, let alone to me. That said, I think it is an effective method. I could see after each step how creases or folds were being removed one after the other.
Yes, Mary did that on me. Large scissors next to your face, a little shocking to tell you the truth.
Are you going to make a patch work quilt from all your samples? Or better yet a patchwork tweed jacket.
I recently had a fitting with Dionisio from Formosa. So far the coat seems to have reasonable fullness in the chest. However, the coat is going to be lengthened a bit. The pants are really lean. I have asked for them to be widened. What is interesting is that he circled some prominent areas such as my shoulder blades to add in fullness during stitching, not just doing ironing. He is also going to add in fullness to my calf area. Here is a picture of him marking the right...
The winning time is about a 5 minute mile for 26 miles. I'm not sure if I can even sprint a 5 minute mile pace for a quarter mile.
Steed cuts a very distinctive vest with pleats.
I try to drop in on Friday.
An article about the various lapel styles.http://stiff-collar.com/2012/05/28/les-revers-parisiens/
Foo just is
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