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Am I correct to assume that regulars get discounts? I paid the full price on the tag. Was I expected to haggle?
Overpriced? Really? A number of years ago I went to Argenio looking for the Scabal Shetland that Manton was talking up. It was 100 euro for 2m. I thought that was a really good price but didn't get it because I didn't think I would wear it. Do prices in Naples get better than that? Il vecchio drappiere in Milan OTOH is really expensive.
Have you guys found differences between Magnifique and Argenio across the street? They seemed quite similar to me.
It's been freezing the past few days in the mornings and evenings. I'm glad I didn't put a 13 oz suit in storage.
Are you getting it in bespoke? You should get the Herve brunelle boot trees.
LL is getting a subscription for gray PoW Piuma which is similar to fresco, a little heavier but less coarse.
Technically the cloth woven for Frank is different because it was made with the apex pointing up rather pointing down. Were you the one that told me that or was it Frank?
Huh? The brown barleycorn was the first cloth LL did with Molloy.
I think the navy blue London is sufficient. I don't think you need a second suit. My impression is that at these medical conferences the guys wearing suits are either presenting, chairing a session or trying to sell you something.
In regards to price, it seems commensurate with Drake's bespoke which is 150 GBP. Kiton RTW is about 300 USD. Cappelli and Sam Hober are very good value for your money in comparison. It really depends on how much you willing to pay for particular pattern or design. Margins must be potentially huge in the tie business.
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