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You believe it's really different even though the old workers are still there? How so? Supposedly Formosa senior was most famous for his DB.
Enoteca Belledonna at the Chiaia has quite a neat vibe. Lots of people take their drinks standing outside. I did get harassed in the subway near the archeological museum for wearing a vintage Rolex 1680 sub. So all the warnings about not wearing a good watch is correct.
I'm on a 3-piece kick these days.
Looks good. What did you order from Formosa?
Good to know they are making more Barbera for Lesser. I just dropped this off at the tailor.
Thanks but no time for bespoke. Looking more for RTW or accessories. I remember a place in Nice has been mentioned but couldn't fine it.
I'm going to be traveling from Avignon to Nice. Any recommended places to check out (clothing or restaurants)?
The strand has a copy of Flussers Clothes and the Man for $35. It's a good out of print reference.
I just tried on the Lorenzo cut and it fits me much better than the Tipo at Bloomingdales. The Tipo is leaner in the chest and arms than the Lorenzo.
New Posts  All Forums: