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I remember a picture of a Birdseye DB that made me file away the thought to make it up that way one day. I thought the suit was made by Karl Matthews but I can't seem to find it again.
IMO the Birdseye is best as a DB. The sharkskin can be equally good as SB or DB.
I thought they do a fitting too but dandy wonka seems to think not. I don't know if he is mistaken or it is a different process in Australia.
I'm suggesting to you that you shouldn't decline Cleverley just because they don't do a fitting. JLSJ doesn't do fittings either.
Yeah I was disappointed that firefly only had 1 season. The movie Serenity hinted what more seasons would have brought.
Cafe Lalo is a fun place but can get loud.I like Levain, but eating 1 cookie gives me food coma.Salumeria Rossi has a good home made porchetta. hummus Place has good hummus and coucous.The Tavern on the Green newly reopened and is a nice place for drinks but I prefer it when you can sit outside.I like Alice's Teacup. It's a place where mothers take their daughters but I like the scones and sandwiches.
Is cleverley returning? It is more important that they are willing to make adjustments after the shoes are delivered than the fitting itself. IME the shoes fit differently once the soles are added. I have had shoes with different issues postproduction even when they were made on the same last. Leather choice and shoe design impact the fit.
The fried gizzard at Sake Bar Hagi is
I think the tux is quite optimal in enhancing the male silhouette at night. The cummerbund or vest elongates the leg line. The white shirt surrounded by the black coat can contribute to the illusion of slimness. It may be costume but it is hard find other clothing that does all that better. The white tie rig is even better but has to be made to the wearer for it to work and is thus inaccessible to most.
Apparently this internet marketing works for some businesses. For example:
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