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I went to Juveniles and I thought it was really good simple food.ChanterellesBurratta and ProscuittoVealTuna
Have you been since Senderens retirement?
Thanks. I have a length of fabric that I think will make up ideally with their style but I don't know when I'll have it made up. How much do they charge in London?
Do you know how much they were asking for a suit?
An Asian friend did a tinder experiment comparing NYC vs London using the exact same profile. He swiped right for all profiles. In NYC he got maybe a half dozen mediocre/unfavorable matches. In London he got matches with numerous beautiful women.Consider earmarking some of your tailoring budget to visit the tailors in Europe.
Is that a tailcoat at 0:30? Would love to see it finished.
Then he really has no excuse.
Keep the faith! You don't need to give up the suit for sports.
I would have just thought you were an Englishman.
About twice a year
New Posts  All Forums: