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I was shopping for marble recently and came across these calacatta like marble from Colorado. This type of marble was used for the Lincoln memorial and is about 1/2 price compared to imported Calacatta. Not sure what pricing is like in SF, but marble from Colorado might be competitively priced compared to Carrera.
I have the Budd silk tux shirt and it wears hot. I only wear it during the cold months. It is quite impractical when there is heat and humidity. I have a voile tux shirt for warm and humid weather. The climate in London may be temperate enough for you to get away with only the silk tux shirt, but not in NYC.
I think there is always a risk of buying old wine. I recently opened a bottle of 1990 champagne that had lost all its effervescence and I was worried that it had gone bad. Fortunately, it was still pretty tasty, though probably post peak.
I have a summer jacket from the old Carlo Barbera for H Lesser (CBHL). It is S120 but feels lux like cashmere. I am surprised how well it resists creases give how soft it feels. I also have a 3 piece suit from a vintage length of Barbera for Lesser around 9/10 oz. Also has a nice silky luxurious feel to the cloth but the pants seem to crease a bit. It is possible that CBHL is more optimal for jackets than for pants.I suspect Barbera would make cloths to different specs...
I just watched the Sour Grapes documentary about Rudy and his wine scam. It struck me that the FBI guy investigating the case mostly investigated Art theft and fraud. He had to read French Wine for Dummies. I recall a lecture on art theft where the speaker said that there is only 1 detective in NYC who investigates art theft (I don't recall if it he was talking about NYC police or FBI). The implication was that only 1 person was assigned that job because few people are...
Your right shoulder looks lower than the left. Is that correct or is it just the way you are posing? If that is indeed your natural posture, bring it back to NSM to adjust for the low right shoulder
These were the Krug I tried at the tasting. I thought the pours were relatively generous. I probably tasted at least 60-80 different champagnes. The champagne is so acidic that my mouth was numb and the gums hurt for quite a few days. Not sure if I would do that again.
I had some Krug at a tasting a couple weeks back. I am not a fan of the oak. Does the oak mellow out with age? Vintage Krug prices are
Last time I was in the Amalfi coast, I spent 4 nights in Sorrento and 1 night in Naples. Sorrento is quite central and relatively easy to get to Naples or other small towns. There are many tour companies that will drive you to the different towns. The cliff side roads are so narrow, I wouldn't want to be driving. I even did a day trip further south to Salerno and Paestum. BTW I found a great local hat store in Salerno.If I stayed longer I would have gone to Capri or one of...
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