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Sushi Yasaka's omakase is excellent value. w72nd btw WEA & Amsterdam.
I'm watching a fascinating documentary on Netflix called "In Search of General Tso." Apparently, the dish was invented in Taiwan by the chef for the Nationalist Army. However, the American version is sweeter than the original. Also interesting is that it was the Chinese Exclusion Act that pushed Chinese into the food business because the law excluded them from the labor market. The Chinese realized that by modifying their food to the American taste, they can make a...
A few years ago I was crossing the street at night with the light. A bicyclist, who was speeding down the street the wrong way and trying to run the redlight, had to come to a screeching halt because I was in his way. He then starting cursing me out as if it were my fault.
My understanding is that marketing is the dominant factor in creating value in items where beauty, not function, is the primary purpose. The greatest example, I think, is the contemporary art market. I am absolutely amazed at the prices that Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons command for their "art". If that is not amazing marketing, I don't know what is. Furthermore, I have heard is that the reason to show your art collection in museums is to increase its value.Back to the...
@TweedyProfI have a summer DB, similar to your pic, made from linen.It is made in this style but with a barchetta breast pocket.
Why do you think the tailcoat was made in the '30s? Do you see the date on the label? According to the Saks 5th Ave history, the company started out as Saks and Company at 34th and Broadway (just as the label says) but merged with Gimble in 1924 to become Saks 5th Ave. Do you know if the still used the Saks&Co label after 1924?
IME, the depth of color that makes the tweed so great is generally absent in wool summer weight cloth. For summer weight odd jacketing, I think it is best to go for linen, mohair or silk. I think solids made from these fabrics are sufficient and let the material speak for itself. I have 2 patterned wool summer jackets that don't get much use.
I am unconvinced that where something is sold defines the character of the brand. For example, J. Press is Japanese owned with the majority of their sales in Japan but yet the brand is quintessentially American. The J. Press NYC store has closed. If the other stores close, will the brand become Japanese even if the aesthetics remain the same? That just doesn't make sense to me.I think it is far harder to define the nationality of a brand like John Lobb. It's owned by LVMH,...
I thought Eidos is owned by Isaia and has existed before Antonio was hired. You can even find pre-Antonio Eidos on EBay. Has ownership of Eidos changed?
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