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You survived Iceman Cometh?! The show is supposedly very depressing and doesn't let out until past midnight.
That just means you don't go to Lincoln Center. I only go to Brooklyn for BAM.
I have a DB in 29608 that I like a lot. At 13oz, Smith's Botany has an unmatched selection of sharkskin. Hopefully they are not letting Botany run out after Harrison's acquired Smiths.
Personally I usually take relatives visiting different places to eat. There is a vast array of restaurants in NYC representing cuisines from around the globe.
Frank can also do quick adjustments in Brooklyn while you wait. It is a consideration if you are short on time.
No interest in going all Wooster?
Sadly, I suspect the real McCoy is synthetic.http://putthison.com/post/28702494181/one-of-the-things-i-learned-from-experience-but
If you got the coat too, you could bring out your inner Tom Wolfe!
I happen to be wearing the barleycorn Frank made for me today.
I believe you can get a refund for a lost unlimited 30 day card.http://web.mta.info/metrocard/balanceprotection.htm
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