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Worst is at night when the delivery guys (and other bicyclists) have no lights and are impossible to see, especially when they are riding fast. I think it's reasonable to crack down on cyclists with no lights after dark. It's like driving with no lights at night.
Coxsackie, I think the coat looks best when buttoned with top button only like in your top picture. The silhouette and flare of the skirt looks best that way. The picture where you buttoned both buttons looks too constrained. I suspect the coat is meant to close only with the top button.
The H&S Dakota book is good. I have a pair of Cavalry twills from that book.
Yes. Bicyclists can be more dangerous than cars because they blow red lights, ride on the sidewalk and go the wrong way down one way streets. Worse at night because they don't have lights and harder to see them.
Any update on the Eidos Ghurka shorts preorders?
Wasn't Spectrum wines auctions in that that documentary Sour Grapes? I recall it was one of the auction houses Rudy was using to unload lots of fake wine and Spectrum was reluctant to pull the questionable lots. Am I remembering that right?
Marea is upper limit of your price point Robert on the roof of MAD has great views at night Pizza Arte has lower price point Quality Italian and Quality Meats are also pretty good
They are all pretty similar and quite good. The Botany used to have a very large selection of sharkskin with very many shades of color. I haven't seen the bunch since Smiths was bought by Harrisons but worth at look since you are interested in a twill. I have a vibrant mid to dark blue suit from the Botany book.
I have a pair of mid grey pants from Dormieul Ice. It is a wool/mohair mix. Holds the crease really well. I think the book changes from season to season.I also have a pair from the H&S Crispaire book.
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