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Depends on the shade of brown. I have a length of dark brown, almost black, mohair waiting to be made up. I'm pretty certain that any suit made from it will only go with black shoes.
I've been to Williamsburg twice for restaurants but found that it was not worth the effort. Once I took an hour long $60 cab ride home because there was all sorts of construction in the bridge. The only place I think is worth trekking out of manhattan for is Stone Barns.
You mean they were not artists?
Did your friend take you to the MoMA party last night too? Looks like someone was dressed like a long eared batman. Another like a deck of cards.http://bfanyc.com/home/event/11678
I am wearing suede chukkas today without problem. The slush pools aren't so deep today. Might be a different story tomorrow if we get the predicted 4-8 inch accumulation.
I saw her again in December and requested modifications to the collar. The first batch had fused collars but this time I requested unfused collars. I'm curious to see how they turn out. Did you request fused or unfused collars?
You survived Iceman Cometh?! The show is supposedly very depressing and doesn't let out until past midnight.
That just means you don't go to Lincoln Center. I only go to Brooklyn for BAM.
I have a DB in 29608 that I like a lot. At 13oz, Smith's Botany has an unmatched selection of sharkskin. Hopefully they are not letting Botany run out after Harrison's acquired Smiths.
Personally I usually take relatives visiting different places to eat. There is a vast array of restaurants in NYC representing cuisines from around the globe.
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