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I looked at the pictures before reading the article and I picked out the bespoke. This is what I noticed1) The shoulders on your bespoke are cleaner and more flaterring. The low right shoulder is more conspicuous on the RTW and not noticeable on the bespoke.2) The bespoke lapels and chest have a more rounded and cleaner shape.
Which patterns? I recall discussing the L16 sharkskin.
I think DBs are best made bespoke because there are too many variables to get right to be flattering. IMO SBs can be a little off and still look good but DBs have less tolerance. You might get a nice one RTW but you have to be lucky or persistent.
Do you mean you were able to do the transaction in English via Miki? Is that his wife?
What's the process at Fournet?
I walked from 42nd to 14th because the trains weren't moving.
I'm wondering if black tie is making a comeback. A friend and his gf threw a black tie holiday party last week and virtually everyone came in black tie.
I remember a picture of a Birdseye DB that made me file away the thought to make it up that way one day. I thought the suit was made by Karl Matthews but I can't seem to find it again.
IMO the Birdseye is best as a DB. The sharkskin can be equally good as SB or DB.
I thought they do a fitting too but dandy wonka seems to think not. I don't know if he is mistaken or it is a different process in Australia.
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