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I think PSS rides and performs better than the Contiental. I don't have experience with the yokohamas. Not sure there is can be that much difference in wear because I think the driving style is the greatest factor.
Yes. 6:30 pm 5/5
Unusually heavy gridlock today. Still the Lincoln tunnel is often terrible.
Did you stick with the stock Continentals or did you switch?
Skylight is quite good. Saw it last month.
But don't they have cuffs on them? Maybe trousers with Lycra?
Mine is a 3-piece peak lapel black barathea from the Scabal formal book.I have to admit the Eidos for NWMA is tempting.http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/suits/black-shawl-collar-tuxedo-with-shantung-silk-facings-8-9-oz-silk.html
I think there is ample interest in the car thread, demonstrating that many people here like clothes and cars. It's just really expensive to do both well and often people have to compromise.
The guy who asked for the restroom was wearing a suit to a black tie event!
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