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I imagine at Asprey price is no object. I have a friend who told a story of how Idi Amin came into Asprey with his entourage looking for a crown.
Aren't you in London these days? Solito visits london right? Have you tried meeting him in London?
I have passed by Dimtri Gomez's store in the C&J store. But I don't recall posts about his shoes in the past few years.Marc Guyot is also around the corner and his taste is quite particular.
Round 2
Eidos silk for NMWA http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/image/113169406276
Staying the same weight over that 1.5-2 year period seems harder than the wait. If your body/weight fluctuates significantly over that period, it seems like the tailor has to hit a moving target.
Where do you go about looking for these re-released champagnes?Thanks! Will look at winebid. Do you find it worthwhile to age champagnes yourself or do you generally buy it when needed?
They have a phone number on the website. I've called them before.
I thought it's less common to find champagne at auction. Being a rank amateur, I just know what I'm told.
Do you guys think it is worth the effort to age vintage champagne? I recently had several vintage Ruinart going back to the 90's that's got me thinking. My impression is that if you want to drink old vintage champagne, you pretty much have to cellar it yourself. Is that true?
New Posts  All Forums: