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hooked up with my best friend's sister last night. not even feeling acceptably embarrassed about it. autism has its privileges.
but aren't cats total assholes though?also never had/will have a pet. I really can't understand why people keep pets in huge cities, seems like the animals suffer from dwelling in an apartment most of the time. Prolly just me though.
OK. If I'm interpreting what you're saying correctly it seems like lack of mobility, which as you already mentioned may be something that will be hard to fix*. If you want to consult a coach, I would humbly suggest trying to find one who knows something about weightlifting, as they are most likely to actually know how to fix the issue. *or then it may not, I really can't say.
something like thishttp://www.ironmind.com/ironmind/export/sites/default/ironmind/ilya-ilin-233_lg.jpgwhich illustrates a proper receipt of a clean. as you will notice from the picture, the bar rests on the deltoids supported by the upper back. a receipt where the elbows are low and the bar is supported by your arms is obviously incorrect.unless you meant that one shouldn't allow the bar to slip onto the fingertips, which I would agree on. receiving a pc versus a clean...
but don't b schools look benevolently on risk-taking behaviour
tfw your entry into graduate school is mostly based on your handling of equilateral triangles
The advice given in that book with regards to that movement is mostly incorrect, with the 'jumping with the bar' cue being the one that irks me the most. That is to say, feel free to substitute an alternative movement, i.e. rows for it. You may want to look into a variation called the "pendlay row" supposedly named after US weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay. That is what most people following the book seem to favor.
was looking at some phd forums today for like not even the top tier programs in the states. the guys coming in are hardcore. haven't taken my gre yet (which probably will be the deciding factor) but i was kind of wondering about the value added for a us school if it's going to be something like mid-tier vs just staying domestic. better just not read internet forums i guess
based fuji do not know if could do the same
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