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ilya 246 so fucking based mang
this is a good age to expire
but what's not to like, you can still pretend you're having sex with a girl, but since you're actually not you take approximately 100% less bitching and nagging, right?
just watched om-yun chol dominate, the rest couldn't give a fuck about. Everyone bombs once in a while.
IIRC even something like static stretching doesn't have that much scientific research behind it. Or perhaps the question was stretching and recovery. Cannot be arsed to waste even one unpaid minute to read through non-economics journals, since I plow through so many papers on a daily basis. My friend, who worked for a good few decades as a professional coach in volleyball both here and abroad gave me the following advice: if something feels good for you and you think...
This, exactly this. Bar work and the classic lifts keep my mobility right where it needs to be.I used to use almost an hour or 1.5 hours daily (including post-lifting) static stretching and foam rolling, there was no actual benefit except the fact that some static stretches just generally made me feel a bit better.
the 56 A group was amazing as fuck
DNP is probably cheaper, clen won't do much at least in that time.
I would want to perhaps read that paper, but at this time there's a pile of about 30 papers on my desk that I have to absorb, or such is the opinion of my advisor.
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