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i have my spotter keep their finger firmly in my pooper to prevent prolapses.
yes. sometimes you get dat endorphine rush and it's almost as good as bad sex but that's like 30 mins max and after that it's terrible again. also because the clip is the god of mp3 players when i used to run it's shuffle algorithm was actually much more efficient than the one's now so you'd end up having to listen to same songs many times whereas the later versions made the shuffle less random.
this works in research. My colleagues are almost all PhDs and hanging around with these people is generally awesome.
dafuqgot some special discounts there or what
also played a great session with my friend's band yesterday. I'd almost forgot how cool playing with a group is as I mostly play alone.
back when my elbow was acute opening bottles and jars was absurdly painful which is why i drank mostly beer as it comes in cans
I had to axe two corneliani mainline suits I had because I no longer fit in them. the horror, the horror we went over this, these pants cannot be endorsed as the women in the ad cannot squat
no shit, that's exactly what I wrote
protip: those weightlifters that actually have great physiques do a fuckton of (mostly) bodybuilding stuff. compare current bulgarians to chinese lifters and the difference is vast, and it is due to a very different training system (among other things). you can take a look at Taner Sağır who is a comparable lifter to Lu (172 vs 177 + 202 vs 204) and they look nothing alike. also aramnau looks like a rapist truck driver but is (or was) a premiere lifter.i don't really see...
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