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OP bled out
are you really this fucking stupid?ah yes, yes you are.
bachelor's student's don't know how to drink. Only PhD student's do, but it's entirely due to the crippling depression and nonexistent job market opportunities.
holy laxatives batman
it is wintertime soon
I think I need to apply for funding to get my own refrigerator. the department kitchen is so gross it is bordering on unsanitary.
was in st. pete for 8 days with my gf. had one of the greatest vacations ever, such a beautiful city filled with history. also an excellent chance to get some practical training in my russian skills. so many babushkas told us that we should have kids already, since we're both 27 missed some work things because some local reporters wanted to get my comments on a paper that I wrote, but thankfully my boss handled them.
@fit is a generalist sport, so shoes designed for it are not going to excel in any particular sport, but will pass for all. Weightlifting shoes are built for weightlifting, and hence are very, very solid. This makes them generally also very good for squatting etc. where you want a solid base so you can apply force. The reason weightlifting shoes are like they are come from the requirements of the sport itself.If you want to get rom deuce for purely squatting, that's fine....
like very basic defending against knives, fighting with a fixed bayonet. nothing more.
You're an english major, so the concept of preferences might seem like a bit hard for you.
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