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but it makes me lol everytime
there is no such thing as that, you either clean or power clean, that is a split clean likewise there is a split snatch as well. fucking @fit douches and their redundant terminology
omg three screens would be so cash could run stata r and matlab all on different screens
time to fix your first pull
now just remember to maintain those calluses buddyI'm partial to Adidas on this. I've lifted in rom deuce and somehow they just didn't feel as great. They also have a slightly higher heel, so you know adidas more functional if you're not doing weightlifting it probably won't matter that much. just get the one that maximizes your steez given that your budget constraint is binding.
no, but this is different at my gym because if you're asked to spot the person doing the lifting will know to fail so that the spotters can actually do their work if required. Spotting a squat is almost always a two-person job anyways, guys on both ends is much better than one guy standing behind you at erection distance.
work on rack delivery and your clean receipt position. grip width is a matter of preference and anthropometry, experiment with what feels good for you. the key is hitting the right positions all the time and finding out the grip and stance that make them happen for you. imo a proficient power clean is in some ways much trickier to learn than a clean, because you need good timing and feel of the barbell, sometimes even more so than for a clean.not going to happen with...
timed my 10k today, something like 54 mins running sucks ass (or fast walking in my case, given my time)
a best response t-shirt would be: your max clean is my snatch triple
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