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that's just the tradeoff one faces. as I see it most people go into the field for those boner-inducing exit opportunities
don't fresh summer meat at IB work like 70 hr weeks or some shit? you'll have plenty of time for training if you don't sleep otherwise I'm curious as to your time management skills.
point taken. the facility is closed for the summer anyways so a break seems a rational choice, and then re-evaluate again in the fall.I still love it and I've never minded grinding, even when there's no appreciation or recognition in the end. It's just the realization that you have some minor setback come up which then isn't so minor after all, and suddenly almost a year later you're going to have to do a lot of work to even claw back to the level you were at before. I'm...
change a few words here and you have the description of my dream job used to run half marathons like 4-5 years ago. maybe it's worth looking into, super boring but the rush was pretty awesome now and again.
forgot to add i'm not really into much else
have some serious motivation problems, thinking of quitting training for a long while. during the spring I had a quite extensive project at work that tied up a lot of my time, and more often than not I'd just simply go home and not to training. felt really fucking great not training too - i mean it's scary how easy it was to stop. my schedule is more normal now but I've really not had that urge to go anymore. ever since my elbow injury I've basically had very little...
but it's more important than brushing.
it's regrettable that more often than not that's how it goes. what makes it worse (I'm assuming here since I've never worked in IB) is that that first job is the one you'll use to leverage for better positions later on.
I guess it has something to do with increased intra-abdominal pressure and allowing you to contract the abdominal muscles more intensively. I don't know the science because I have zero time to read papers outside my discipline, but I view the deciding factor as this. Do you lift better with or without a belt? A lot of weightlifters use belts, and many don't, so I don't see belts having some sort of intrinsic benefit. If it works for you then it's probably a good move, if...
New Posts  All Forums: