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this is only a good thing
trying to push some mediocre shit paper through the grinder and writing three separate funding applications with different groups. no training in two weeks, feels like I'm a fucking slob. also have to present on monday so there's even no drinking on the weekend
I seriously even have no idea what this means. Like gripping with nonchalance? the sprezzatura of the deadlifting world?
I was just referring to the fact that with UG stuff you don't know the potency. obviously not all of those who use die.
yeah it's not something like DNP that really would be the magic bullet. but might easily kill you too. but youknow dem fuggin aesthetics bruh
one of the rare instances where pics or didn't happen does not apply
sorry to hear this.
can't cut, my gf is teaching me all about quality russian cuisine
Aramnau physique best physique >have a massive total >look like rapist truck driver >winning
you are now aware of the many dangers in shaving your junk
New Posts  All Forums: