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it is god tier
this may be a mix-up in terminology. ESL guy here, as you probably have noticed already.I meant chronic overtraining (idk if this is the term in english) where you have serious physical symptoms, like elevated resting HR, chronic fatigue, excessive perspiration and stuff like this. It's something that affects your parasymphatic and symphatic nervous system I think. I know the definition is kind of shaky, and I'm in no position to argue medical issues with a doctor.What I...
I was talking about the variety that takes people up to a year to actually fix, not just some general lack of progress.
like I said earlier, there are very very very few people ITT who even have the work capacity to achieve actual overtraining.I've seen EWC level lifters who've been ground to bits on Bulgarian type programming with 4hr+ DAILY lifting if not more which had gone on for years and years. of course the main reason there being that there was no special restoratives like abadjiev would say..but that's another matter.
some news for you: you're not overtraining with 4 sessions a wk
maybe Hoffman & Kunze
lift the world is pretty neat
maybe 1 person ITT actually knows what is meant by overtraining
a push press isn't really conducive to pressing if done correctly.
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