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I'm getting spoiled since I have my own office while a lot of other grad students are grinding it out in cesspools of 4 or 5. And even that isn't too bad compared to many places, or so I hear.
idk fenance ppl
heh, you get to see greene. you can thank him for his excellent textbook (not).
grade nondisclosure ftew
if we get some data there might be some piece of shit paper brewing
try earning 160k being an academic.. damn, people with PhDs are fucked. even tenured faculty salaries here are super crap. ULRM to the max
in my specific subfield I'd rank UCL above all these other plebs
basically shorter sets means you can do work at higher percentages of your max, which in my sport is very much the key thing. volume is built through sets not reps since doing huge loads of submaximal stuff is really not conducive to progress in weightlifting. just fucking with eason really
that's pretty standardnow 4x8 would be quite useless indeed
are you counting teh dick vein
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