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lol I got to know that I am getting a real trainee next summer for our project
be careful and remember to record everything.dat dere assault charges look good on any IB cv.e. maybe that actually would work for traders haha
I bumped R for Stata users from a colleagues bookshelf because Stata is my one true love in life, I think I have one other book too - as mentioned there's a lot of good stuff online. That book seems pretty legit though.
Do you really need SPSS if you're fluent with R? At least in my field that would make little sense.. especially if you write with LaTeX I was TA for a metrics course where for some reason SPSS was de facto, seemed retarded to me. I've heard it's quite OK for manova/anova/ancova stuff but I think you will get a much better return for your investment just sticking with R.
lolhorse meat is good when well prepared.
very nice, definitely HRM for toilet dept like me
finally did my GRE, fucked up on the quant so only 164v 167q now we'll see whether some good micrometrics schools abroad will consider me
welcome to economics
no, it's much much better in terms of sound quality.
both + matlab and LaTeX
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