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good bar position, no upper back rounding, up-down movement. that's about it. don't turn feet out excessively.
fuck the fucking "butt wink". My coach wouldn't even know what this shit means.
I suppose you mean why choose the power jerk (e.g. david in the above clip, and pyrros dimas) over the split jerk?Personal preference, as there are few practical reasons to favor it, if the lifter is equally proficient in both styles. The power jerk doesn't have much margin for error w.r.t where you put the bar - if you drive the bar forwards or backwards, you'll lose it. A split jerk allows for a bit of fumbling here, as you have much better balance and can compensate if...
Rio will be glorious https://instagram.com/p/52JGDCiBUv/ давид молодец
I would guess the emphasis is on the anaerobic side of things, i.e. weight training as opposed to a lot of endurance stuff. I don't really know how the interplay is between the two ends of the training spectrum, but intuition would have it that a big squat like that would be a lot ´harder' to maintain than endurance capability.
finally on vacation.. but in time-honored academic tradtion I now have two grant applications to draft with my asshole colleagues who pushed me into this research project. Also would have some reading to do, but I think I'll just train (for once, since I now have time) and do just fuck-all with these apps. Probably also drink a lot and play video games.
don't sweat it. you're not competing, so just enjoy your vacation and try to keep your diet somewhat on point. top end strength will deteriorate a bit, but likely less than you think.
vacation coming up in 6 days.. wil probably take a few weeks and go hang in St Pete
yeah but in weightlifting this is especially problematic since you get no upper body mass and huge legs
weightlifting builds the most sartorially challenging body. so fucking nice to have a 36 jacket fit but not fit into a 38 pants because mah quads and ass
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