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lolI feel your pain though, davidson & mackinnon + cameron & trivedi cost a lot.
squatting is used to build leg strength in weightlifting, but in the end all that matters is the carryover to the classical lifts. you can squat the world but if you can't put it overhead it doesn't matter. depending on the type of programming, squatting to max may be done or not, more often than not squats are programmed quite heavy and building volume through sets, keeping repetitions quite low.
that shit takes ages to fix. good luck
agreed, Плов is awesome
belated merry christmas to all RHET economists and people alike. Spent the last two days with my girlfriends entire family, what can I say.. russian family christmas is awesome here is a view from my apt for some appropriate melancholy [[SPOILER]]
I hate that term intensely
basically this.the dumbass stand is just in the way so I for one can't see with my myopic eyes whether there's too much flexion. sometimes the lumbar tucks under a bit even with professional lifters. skeen is right in that if you start to buckle the solution to that is staying more upright. that ofc requires nice mobility from the ankles.. for some it helps to open up the stance a bit, maybe point toes outwards A BIT.a bit as in not that donald duck type of stance.
time to submit my apps overseas, I guess I'll see how it goes sometime in spring. Not too optimistic because my uni is not really known, got decent LORs though.
sucking dick for creatine, what the fuck else did you think
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