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is IB nowadays kosher for streetwearahf uck been working in research too longcasual friday right
lol the agecon guys can't do mv calc
also official PhD student status achieved RHET brethen. expect fully to make zero progress in weightlifting for the next year.
a close miss man.ever tried widening your receiving position a bit and pointing your feet not excessively outwards, seems like there's that tiny bit of not receiving as low as possible there.
I bet you're the kinda guy who wears an SD and a dive computer
but it makes me lol everytime
there is no such thing as that, you either clean or power clean, that is a split clean likewise there is a split snatch as well. fucking @fit douches and their redundant terminology
omg three screens would be so cash could run stata r and matlab all on different screens
time to fix your first pull
New Posts  All Forums: