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bought this GRE shit off amazon, the first two practice tests I took were 167 & 168Q, 160-161V tempted to just go do it right away, as verbal scores don't matter in economics by and large
hire someone else to do it for you
at that point you're better off with straight up amphetamines
no no you definitely want to name that fucker after a derivative. might I suggest vega or gamma. for an economics hedgehog, my pick would be Kakutani
some @fit coaches actually know how to coach weightlifting and how to write programs. I think that makes a shitload of difference in the trainees' wellbeing. too bad the most internet prominent ones fail either or both of these criteria.
what you actually mean here is does the chinese way of teaching their athletes how to squat differ from how you should [back] squat, right?the previous me answer would have been just to say yes and hit send, but I'm trying to be a nice guy obviously the front squat and the back squat can differ quite a lot, depending on how you back squat, i.e. a low-bar squat and the positions that you need there are almost the exact opposites of a front squat. but let's say you want to...
whoever itt suggested I start running again, fuck you ran 10K which my 1 pack a day lungs almost could not take. surprised though that i made it that far. did not time it because that would have been embarrassing
somewhere a tree iscrying tears for lost brethrenbecause of IB noobs
progress is progress, whether it's more reps at some load or more load on the bar. however, estimating a true max from some set based on calculation may give a biased representation of where you are. depending on what you do, that may either be irrelevant or not.
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