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Lifted with an Iranian dude yesterday and he noticed our poster of Kianoush Rostami's 209 from London. Turns out this guy was his primary school classmate. Small world.
don't even need to watch one second of this to know how it is going to be.because gloves give you a worse grip.you unsurprisingly don't understand how callouses work.
always thought decaf is a signal for the lowest type.
a guy that cannot do a pull is highly unlikely to be able to snatch or clean. but i agree, these are the best for your upper back.
this is so retarded, I'm at a loss for words here.
As far as I know the thing went beyond the IWF, which (according to internets) could have possibly been influenced by some sweet, sweet cash.I had the distinct impression that if you piss AAS at the olympics, you won't be back at that event ever. Could be wrong though.
Yes, this is hardly news to anyone with a cursory knowledge of the sport, just really wanted to see Ilya get to suleymanov level with that triple gold. But alas, it is not to be.The hammer seems to have come down rather hard on the former hammer and sickle (heh).
Ilya banned for life in the olympics, same for Apti. Fuck Rio. Is it truly so that chinamen and best koreans just really are on top of their drug game or did they just not get the retests.
we have that as well
Having got back to a normal training routine and program, I had to acquire some new suiting. Ran into a rather novel problem which I had not encountered yet, none of the OTR trou fit my calves - for a 38 jacket, had to go up to like 42 to get this shit even past my lower leg. Ridiculous considering I'm kinda dyel anyways. I guess if you want to lift, you got to be baller enough for bespoke trou.as a guy having had a very severe case of medial epicondylitis, fuck you.
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