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once you go singlet, you never go back
submission deadlines means no training, no eating, just coffee and proofs Losing weight steadily.
tweaked something in my back. Really enjoying this since now I'm going to have to rest for probably some weeks. Did the diagnostics for a herniated disc, seems to luckily not be the case. Oh well, I guess more time for my shitty papers and teaching then.
Really enjoy the 10 FS triples on a hungover day in the afternoon. Probably not what my coach had in mind though.
Never done Adderall, but if it's anything like your garden variety amphetamine then I can totally understand why it'd be a good choice for study.
post-tenure lifting goals, year 2025+
yes absolutely fucking yes china not stronk
is this like the tried-and-true tapeworm diet
Coldsnap recommended this here when I had a very, very bad case of medial epicondylitis. To my great shame I must confess that I did buy this rubber dildo and did the twist exercises and had my hands smell of used condoms, but the claimed effects of this treatment I did not see anywhere. The strongest treatment effect was my utter humiliation, which might have been the goal in the first place as well.
Lifted with an Iranian dude yesterday and he noticed our poster of Kianoush Rostami's 209 from London. Turns out this guy was his primary school classmate. Small world.
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