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@fit is a generalist sport, so shoes designed for it are not going to excel in any particular sport, but will pass for all. Weightlifting shoes are built for weightlifting, and hence are very, very solid. This makes them generally also very good for squatting etc. where you want a solid base so you can apply force. The reason weightlifting shoes are like they are come from the requirements of the sport itself.If you want to get rom deuce for purely squatting, that's fine....
like very basic defending against knives, fighting with a fixed bayonet. nothing more.
You're an english major, so the concept of preferences might seem like a bit hard for you.
we had hand-to-hand CQC stuff in the military and that was by far the most boring shit I've ever done. Too biased to do any fight sports after that.
also like his multilingual swearing in the end
that's one fucking dumbass dude, I was at this event where he flipped out
just time, basically. I was pretty overeager to start putting in a bit more stressful stuff when I'd see some epsilon of improvement. if I had just simply taken a nice block of absolute rest, I think it might've recovered quicker. tendons heal pretty slowly.
summer 2013: fuck up elbow. diagnosis, NSAIDs en masse. can't do shit. no lifting, cannot even open jars or bottles (elbow health 0%)sept: physical therapy, rubber dildo coldsnap procedures. intermittent lifting, elbow aggravated with most anything training-related (not normal life) (elbow health 30%)spring 2014: realize physical therapy does exactly jack and shit, elbow slowly getting better. aggravated by weightlifting movements (elbow health 50%)summer 2014: graduate...
just as motivation, my elbow (which was really bad some time ago) is now 100% again. so hang in there!
it's the flavor of the day.what I don't like is coaches overextending their programs like they really think they know what they're talking about. Take my coach for example, here's a dude who put people in the olympics.. hell, he even was at the olympics himself. He teaches people to snatch and clean & jerk. Why? because he's a weightlifter, and that's what he knows. like really well. he wouldn't go on to market himself as a powerlifting coach or whatever, because he...
New Posts  All Forums: