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first grey hair at 26 crew checking in
like an old domestic proverb says:this is as fucked up as easter was for jesus
maybe I'd ask because this is a health thought, lately I've been getting really weird flash migraines lasting about 5 seconds or so localized behind my right eye with seemingly none of the normal triggers. am i going to die?
My grand total of people who I still wish to associate with from uni is like
and you call yourself a miscer
true, but like fuji said you need to define what you mean by proficiency. if it's WWC/EWC olympic level, then yes you most definitely need to start training pretty serious at age 9-10. however, if by proficient you mean something less spectacular, it can totally be done even when starting at a later age.and dont mention Lu here as an example he probably had better technique as a track & field guy than most US (or finnish) lifters already.this.it seems you have little...
just remember to only consume urine obtained mid-stream OP.
just considering the source
lelsomehow I'm not surprised at all
switch to masturbating with your left hand
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