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banking/finance people don't even do hardcore stats, except maybe quants which none here are because no math/stat PhD's prolly ITT.lol just lolnope
dem marketing skills
LOL wtf lyle progression shitty author to shitty speed skater to literally shitty porn star
lost something like 4 kg in two months since I haven't been able to train consistently at all. fuck you core micro.
poast it fgt
got news on friday that funding application for a bigger paper got the greenlight and I'm on as full-time full-salary researcher basically been drunk like for 3 days straight now
my colleague has a stream of dumbasfuck undergrads crowd her office hoursi always try to bum smokes off them because they think I'm next level
>finally start watching The Wire bc everyone creams their pants at this show >supposed to be super good and realistic >everyone calls pistol magazines clips fucking shit show, can't watch it
pitch her for slave labor
best korea is best. Om just jerked 170@56, which is like suleymanov -level shit.
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