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This, exactly this. Bar work and the classic lifts keep my mobility right where it needs to be.I used to use almost an hour or 1.5 hours daily (including post-lifting) static stretching and foam rolling, there was no actual benefit except the fact that some static stretches just generally made me feel a bit better.
the 56 A group was amazing as fuck
DNP is probably cheaper, clen won't do much at least in that time.
I would want to perhaps read that paper, but at this time there's a pile of about 30 papers on my desk that I have to absorb, or such is the opinion of my advisor.
calluses are your friends, take care of them and reciprocally, they will take care of you.
>scooby >knowledgeable lol, gtfo
OP and his gf died of cancer.
This is good to hear dude
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