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david letterman. He irritates me dane cook and jerry seinfeld have both made me laugh in fairness to the 2 of them. They're not as big in europe as they are stateside
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma +1. You wanna dump her because she wants a dog and that means she has no ambition while you're this little dude who is going to conquer the world!!?? WTF is wrong with you people!!?? Go suck on a urinal cake and let me know how it goes. Her wanting the dog doesnt mean she has no ambition. the two facts are unrelated. But thanks for that very useful post. Suckin the urinal cake went very well by the way....
Quote: Originally Posted by sjg22 If you're younger than 30, I saw probably dump her. If you're 25 or younger, I say definitely dump her. She will hold you back from experiencing your youth fully and will likely hold you back from a career perspective. Not being too comfortable in your 20s is a good thing. It pushes you to explore things outside your comfort zone. If you're at the "I want kids" stage of life, think whether you want to spend the next...
HA. thanks. Enjoyed the few funny ones there. People take their crappy f#ckin lives too seriously dont they
Quote: Originally Posted by APK See how you answered your own question? And so quickly. Dude I dont understand? Pls explain. I dont get it
Man I got a DILEMMA... How do you know if you and your girlfriend arent right for each other?? She has a heart of gold but we can't communicate without arguing and she has no drive or ambition (apart from wanting a dog). Zero. when she talks I switch off. When I try and tell her somethin she bristles. Man, the list of problems goes on and on - she just remembers the good stuff though. She's 100% loyal and in love with me. WTF aya supposed to do? Everytime I get to...
I want to buy the best chocolates in the world as a gift for someone special (my mammy ). We get these belgian chocolates called leonidas in ireland and they're the best I know of. Rolex make watches, rolls royce make cars, who makes chocolates?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red The fact that what pisses people off the most has to do with fucking television! +1. what pisses me off? My flat mate is an effin couch potato and stares at the effin TV all day every effin day. I come home from work, he's thrown on the couch and my heart SINKS in my effin chest (I need to move out) THANKS
My Top 10 Dubrovnic - Croatia (real nice old town, decent food, bring your gf) Glasgow, Scotland (great for shopping and drinking, clubbing) - Don't wear a football jersey Bangkok - Backpacker Central London - Cambden on sundays and greast nite clubs (is the fridge in brixton still open?) Munich / Berlin (octoberfest / love parade) Darwin, Australia (small big town really, very laid back, alomost like the wild west in USA, and lots of hot chicks) Beijing - Was...
Is the depression really that bad that you cant fight it cold turkey?? I feel for ya man and apologise for the lack of sensitivity. Maybe its an irish thing but I dont trust the tablets. Fix the depression and make friends with your dick. Take 6 months out. Have an adventure. Sorry if thats impossible - is it really that impossible?
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