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Man of Lint opposed to fluff. Couldn't resist noting.
Charlie, me too.
Public service announcement for those north of the river in Melb. I browsed through Savers in Sydney Road this morning and came across four perfect condition Hemdem shirts. French cuffs. A fetching pink self-stripe, a couple of attractive blues, a grey. There are likely to be more than four there but I didn't look hard as they are way too big for me. They are unsized and likely custom made. I'd estimate a 46 but could be as much as 48. So bargains there for a big...
Quote: Originally Posted by fxh Viccel is the socks +1
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanohare Shite for the rest of us who don't have legs that hang out of a nest. Beautifully put. Standard is high today. In another thread I've just read on of the best one-liners ever. The killer line is not far down so read the thread from the top.
Quote: Originally Posted by Unregistered Best post of the year thus far. Agreed. Hall of Fame.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Looks like they have some nice socks. I may have to try them one day. Yeah, live big, Wraith. Buy a whole pair. I'm thinking I might listen to Neil Young's classic Almost Cut My Hair.
Quote: Originally Posted by fxh Invitation Meet-up - Melbourne Thanks for organising this. I'm in. Will PM number.
Kemal, that ^^^ is a nice colour that I expect will work OK with the black rib. Unfortunately your available size is a tad small for me. I expect that you're doing a trial run in your most popular size. In that case, nice as it is, I'm surprised -- but pleased -- you've chosen a purple/lilac shade. I think your recent colours -- the sky blue, light pink, pistachio etc -- are gorgeous. But I wonder what are your most popular colours. Would you, out of interest, let us...
Quote: Originally Posted by KemalOnyurt One of our friend asked about superfine socks Thanks Kemal. I'll try them. I would have thought that if they are thinner than summer you might have made them first in mid calf. But as you have converted me to OTC I expect that even OTC they will be cool enough for summer. Best wishes for 2011.
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