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Greg, I tried some search, but need advice on sizing on SS memory coat. I'm 5'10" 185 with broad shoulder. In J crew ludlow suit, I typically wear 40, and in a more trad suits like BB, I wear 38. I looked at the measurement for the memory coat size V and it looks huge....Should I be sizing down to a IV? Interested in the camel version
interested in a 48/50 quilted rider in black or any version of rider in oxblood
wish i could afford this. great fabric.
do you have the shearling collar?
interested in all black varsity in size 48, or if it's the raglan version from 2011, size 50. I have a medium grey CM that is worn, but no rip that i'm willing to trade.
This was a grail for me. The iconic high neck intarsia from Crust (FW09). From perhaps his best collection, perhaps the best leather used in that season. I spared no expense and conditioned the leather with Sapphir Renovateur a year or so ago. Size S, fit slim 46. I've bulked up too much from lifting..and although I can fit into this jacket, the sleeves are way too tight for me to move comfortably. Open to trade with medium or even japanese large for: incarnation, zam...
WTB quilted DR (black of whiskey) in 48
What can I say about the legendary Cloak label by Robert Geller and Plokhov). I bought these from the soho store shortly before they closed, wore twice outside (never in the rain/snow despite its name), and then packed them up and forgot about them until I found them today. The body is made from the famous harris tweed, with woven leather buttons and thick knit cuffs and shawl collars. I have never seen these on sale anywhere else. I'd say these fits pretty TTS 50 or big...
still available?
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