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There has got to be somebody who can help us?
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym For Ron's boots, you might try his eBay store. The AS boots will be of at least as good quality as the Aldens and Church's but cheaper at places like Pediwear. What is Ron Rider's Ebay store name?
I have seen these really cool cloth (silk, wool, ?) flower boutonnieres on some Italian blogs and I wonder if anybody knows where to find them. You can see what I am talking about on When you go to the collection section you will see them featured on the blazers and suits. They really look nice for /spring/summer. Does anyone know where to find these online or in the U.S.?
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Where did you see and get this stuff? Love the Roda squares!
Will keep. Closed.
Will pay well for this coveted jacket as I have been looking for this jacket for some time. Please contact me if you have more, the buyer wants to sell, or you know where to get this from. Thanks.
Will sell this Lacoste Polo shirt for $25 shipped. Gently worn and gently washed.
I have a gorgeous classic light blue dress shirt with french cuffs from a Saville Row Shirtmaker. It is a regular fit shirt with spread collar. It is the most versatile shirt other than a white dress shirt. Will ship for $50 Measurements: Pit to Pit: 20.5 inches Shoulder: 18 inches Sleeve: 28 inches (unfolded french cuff) This RLPL tie is a really nice light brown linen tie. Perfect condition. Will ship for $35
Sorry! Didn't know the rule. Disregard.
Letting go of this beautiful white Borrelli shirt with barrel cuff. I bought this new from Ian (a fellow SFer) I am only selling it because I have too many of them now and I need one with a French cuff. This is a solid white shirt with all the Borrelli handwork. Will ship for $60.
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