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On some level, I understand why people get worked up when they buy shell Aldens with try-on creases. They are damn expensive shoes now, and you want 'em to be perfect. On the other hand, they are shoes and will be creased as soon as you wear them anyway. I think my strategy, if it happened to me (and it never has-- 40 pairs into it), would be to ask for a break on the price. But if the store said no, I would just keep them.
Isn't the Alden of Madison split toe loafer on the Grant last? As far as I know, only AoC has made a split toe loafer on the Aberdeen last, and that was long ago. By the way, those wingtip monk straps are fantastic
Where's Mac? It's not the same without the big fella.
Has anyone seen an unlined chukka boot made with mocha kid suede?
10.5 D
Don't think whiskey shell could be re-dyed like #8 can, but I don't have any experience. No guess about Ravello.Oh, and take me to the woodshed for this, but I don't think anyone would give a hoot about #2 shell if it weren't rare.
Nothing but the Van last since 1986, when I started wearing Brooks's unlined loafers.
Are all 3 pictures of the same hat (you are selling a few of these)? The color in the last picture seems different-- more beige. Which picture most accurately represents the true color? Thanks.
Steve, those are on the Grant last from AoM, n'est-ce pa?
Adam, any chance of AF9 reappearing? That is an all time great in my book. Thanks, Ed
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