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Let's make a deal! The shading on the sides towards the heel is just the picture. The leather there is flawless.
Probably a smarter move to get winter tires on another set of (inexpensive) rims. That is what most people do. If your regular rims are nice, they won't get beat up by using them in winter slush and salt. Plus you won't have to move tires back and forth. The above advice about sizing is right on.
I would convert your road bike to a fixed gear instead of buying a whole new bike. Much cheaper and you can confirm whether you like that kind of training.Just remove front (optional) and rear derailleurs, one of the chain rings (optional), shorten the chain, and get a track cog for the rear hub. Less than $100.To figure out the gearing, pick the terrain you will ride when training in a fixed gear and experiment to get the desired ratio. I.e. big or small chain ring and...
So Black Friday gives 44% off? 30% and 20% Is that the best deal of the year?
Highly recommend riding a fixed gear on the road. You really learn how to pedal. Everybody needs training-practice-help on the pulling-up phase of the pedal stroke. Plus you train for elasticity and snap in your legs.Rollers are much better than wind trainers and easier on the bike. Fork is not locked into place, so less stress is transmitted to it. You are working on your bike handling skills too. But pay attention!
I'll take you at face value. Internet ink is pretty cheap. The shoes you mentioned are overpriced cra*, especially for business wear. The brand your dad mentioned is Crockett & Jones. They are good stuff. The best ready-to-wear shoes possible are made by Edward Green, John Lobb, etc.
346 is the street address of the flagship store in NYC. So until the store was sold the first time to Marks and Spencer, and maybe for some time after, it was the label below the main line stuff. Still pretty nice. No relation whatsoever with the low-quality stuff now.
I am reasonably certain that suit is made by Attolini. Which means very nice.
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