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Is the whiskey shell unlined LHS the only Alden makeup Brooks has ever offered in a color other than #8 or black?
A fool and his money are soon parted.
Cox, the green makes your skin look sallow.
Meanwhile, these beauties are like fine wine in a bottle, waiting to come out. Make an offer for one pair, new or used, or for a package. Nice to have reserves.
Probably did 15 months ago.
Saw yesterday a code for 50% off on Zimmerli at A Suitable Wardrobe. Like a damn fool, I didn't write it down or bookmark the page. Now I can't find it. Any help? Muchas gracias.
These cats have truly destroyed their pricing power with their constant sales. Who in their right mind would ever pay full price for anything?
Looks like they will go away with lots of rubbing (cloth, spoon, thumb) and brushing.
Where are the dots on that knot?
New Posts  All Forums: