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It is auspiciousone. Case closed, thanks.
Thanks M, but that's not it. Last time I was in touch with him, through ebay, he said he was going to stop selling there because of all the look loos and high seller fees. If I had to guess, I would say he was in Texas.
There's a fellow with a website who sells high-end clothes: Attolini, Kiton, Barbera, Cucinelli, etc. It's not Virtual Clothes Horse or Shop the Finest, but it is the same kind of store. He used to sell a lot on ebay too, but I think he stopped. Anybody know who I am talking about?
Do you have a 42 also?
So where did you find the Conistons?
Classic, good move.
Try a wider width in the Brooks loafer.
When does the 40% coupon offer expire?
Those Greens are insane.
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