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Have a look at John McDougall's website. He is a world-famous board-certified physician practicing in California. www.drmcdougall.com He most definitely is not an Internet wannabe-expert or quack. So you were type-1 diabetic for years and never diagnosed? Your pancreas is making no insulin?
There have been a couple of Alden whiskey shell shoes at Brooks over the years: lhs and captoe. Perhaps others too
Great model! From Madison, eh?
IMO, saddle shoes are the least versatile. You already have wingtips, so that leaves the v-tips, which are very handsome shoes.
What is mocc stitch on an Indy boot? I know about machine and hand stitching.
Following on Mike's incredible Ravello monkstraps. I have been jonesing for AoM's #8 wingtip model. In Aberdeen tie shoes i wear a 9.5; in Aberdeen slip ons I wear a 9. What size should I choose for monkstraps? In other words, is the strap as snug as laces?
Medway and Ridgeway soles are nice.
Code:Much nicer than regular Barrie ptb's: shaplier last, metal eyelets, and no storm welt. I have a brand new Brooks pair in the wrong size that I bought on sale with the idea to just exchange them when my size was restocked. That was three years ago and the restocking ain't happening.
I have a theory. Mac's shoes always look spectacular but used- very well cared for. The Mayor's also look spectacular but most don't seem used at all. I would like to see sole shots for illumination. Maybe they are used mostly indoors. If so, well played.
New Posts  All Forums: