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Nice touch using a '62 or '63 Porsche 356B coupe.
Subscribed. Do monk straps stay on as effectively as tie shoes? Or should I go down half a size?
Buying some mocha kid suede lace ups on the Hampton last. These will be my first shoes on this last. I checked the famous sizing chart, and it shows tts. The store selling them says the last runs big. My true size is probably 9.25. I wear 9.5 in Aberdeen, Grant, and Plaza lace ups, but sometimes the Plaza lace ups feel a little big, especially with dress socks. Crowd-sourcing sizing advice: 9 or 9.5?
Anyone? I am wondering about monkstraps.
AoM has a great wingtip version. I would have bought a pair except that I have to figure out out my size. I go down half a size for Aberdeen slip ons, so should I do the same for these or does the strap secure the fit?
One of my favorite shoes. I find that the M75 last is slightly longer than the Plaza. In fact I gave my 9.5D's to my son and am looking for a pair of 9D's. But I continue to wear Plaza 9.5D in tie shoes.Where are you finding these? Brooks hasn't restocked in 2+ years.
Don't know. Only have paid attention to chromexcel leather.
Imo, having the tone moc stitching makes all the difference. I just bought another pair of brown chromexcel Indy's from B&M to replace the Ultimate Indy's from Leather Soul for that reason.I am selling the Ultimate ones if anyone is interested. Size 9D, worn fewer than 5 times. Perfect shape. Commando sole and speed hooks.
Probably in the minority here, but I prefer shell Indys with the old stitching. Why have such decoration on a work boot? It looks out of place. On other styles, hand stitching looks great. I am glad I got my #8 and cigar shell Indys before the switch.
Mike, where did you get the unlined #2 LHS?
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