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Is something going on at Brooks Brothers wrt Alden shell? The stock seems ridiculously low and has been for many months. Almost like the relationship is ending.
Mariano seems in general a cool cat. But leaving his button-down collar unbuttoned is such a tired affectation.
Pictures of the stains?
Won't he notice if he never sees you wearing the watch?
Thanks mate.
This is a very famous look, invented by Chipp: Harris tweed and madras. Very cool in my book.
Allegri is top of the heap.
Pierce Brosnan, towards the beginning of the movie, wears a blue sport coat with double vents, no padding in the shoulders, and a shirt sleeve attachment. Any guesses for the maker?
I'm interested. Do prefer Dainite sole; saw that a few others do also. Any way that can be accomodated?
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