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My sizes also. 9D for Aberdeen slip on.
Interesting thought. What Alden shells do you have in the closet unworn? I have 3 pairs: Brooks unlined lhs in whiskey, ptb in whiskey, and Brooks ptb in #8. A few more pairs have fewer than 5 wearings.
One of my favorite designs!
Zip,Very nice boots! This is what shell Indys should look like: regular stitching on the front. The raised stitching looks weird to my eye. My two pairs, #8 and cigar on commando, are the old style. Won't buy any of the current shell versions. But did order some Ultimate Indys from Leather Soul: brown chromexcel on commando.I think raised stitching looks great on full-strap loafers and tassel loafers, however.
Toot away Adam! Funny, I was thinking of the Alden of Carmel makeup while reading these posts. Dynamite shoes. And bring them back please! The Aberdeen last and rear foxing make all the difference.
Brooks Brothers is carrying Alden suede chukkas now. I called to ask what last they were on. Didn't look like Barrie in the pictures. Maybe Leydon. Gal called back after a couple of days and answer was snap. Any chance that is correct?
What last is that on? Doesn't look like Barrie.
Those are Mike's shoes, but I have a pair too.
M58 is what the Brooks Alden shell ptb is on. Fits basically like the barrie last. Down a half size.I think it looks better myself.
Today - Alden x Brooks Brothers Unlined Whiskey Shell Cordovan LHS [[SPOILER]] -MikeLooking good. You and me. Rarest of the rare.
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