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Probably in the minority here, but I prefer shell Indys with the old stitching. Why have such decoration on a work boot? It looks out of place. On other styles, hand stitching looks great. I am glad I got my #8 and cigar shell Indys before the switch.
Mike, where did you get the unlined #2 LHS?
Definitely a half size down for Aberdeen slip-ons. Full size for tie shoes.
Have both. Not redundant at all. One is a boot, the other a shoe.
Yes, at least to start.Beware the widths. Green's philosophy is that their shoes should fit snugly in width- like a slipper. Snugger than most Americans are used to. So no translation in widths is necessary. That is of course different than (all?) other British makers. For example, a C&J E equals an American D.Proof of this you say? The sizing written inside the shoes shows two lengths but only one width.
Mike, those have darkened substantially, haven't they? Mine (unused) are still a raw, light shade.
I think I am giving up the booze. Especially fitting on whiskey Wednesday. I have new whiskey ptb, unlined loafers, and C&J Warlows (arrived on Monday). And chukkas worn fewer than 5 times. I want to sell them in one bunch. What is a good price? The loafers are from Brooks and the rarest of the rare. The whole thing is darn near an irreplaceable collection. Please don't PM me about these yet.
Have a look at John McDougall's website. He is a world-famous board-certified physician practicing in California. www.drmcdougall.com He most definitely is not an Internet wannabe-expert or quack. So you were type-1 diabetic for years and never diagnosed? Your pancreas is making no insulin?
There have been a couple of Alden whiskey shell shoes at Brooks over the years: lhs and captoe. Perhaps others too
Great model! From Madison, eh?
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