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That is an excellent strategy. I have used it myself a time or two.However, I am caught half way right now. I bought some Brooks Brothers #8 ptb in the wrong size on sale, and darn it if there hasn't been a restock in two years. It looks like Brooks has stopped selling that model.
On sale, 50% reduction, at their website.
+1 Sounds like his feet are almost perfect squares.
Selling Leather Soul Ultimate Indys, brown chromexcel, 9D, almost new. Check classifieds. Replaced with Yenni's version, which has dark stitching on the toes.
Selling Alden Ultimate Indys by Leather Soul. Size 9D, bought new by me. This makeup has brown chromexcel leather, Commando soles, 4 speed hooks, and classic white stitching on the toes. I have worn them only about 4 or 5 times. There is only the slightest wear at the tip of the heels. I have about 25 pairs of Alden shell shoes and boots. This is the fourth pair of non-shell Aldens I own: calfskin full straps, mocha kid suede tassels, suede ptbs, and these. So none...
My impressions exactly.
I will reiterate this once more, and for the last time. The "M" in M-58 and M-75 stands for military. I didn't know that until Brenda told me.
My information comes directly from Brenda Gilli at Alden. I have known her for two decades.There are two M lasts in use by Brooks now. M-75 for these wingtips and M-58 for shell ptb's (which also seem to have been discontinued by Brooks).Similarly, the shape of the M-58 is close to the Barrie, but not the same.
What size are they?Duh, never mind. I looked at the picture. Wrong size.
Those are Alden #8 wingtips made for Brooks Brothers on a M (military) last. Only Brooks makeups use the M lasts (there are two in use, M-58 and another one I can't remember).This last looks an awful lot like the Plaza last, but it is slightly different. In my experience, it runs a little bit bigger than the Plaza last.Brooks seems to have stopped carrying these, sorry to say. I am looking for a cherry used pair. I had a pair, which I purchased in my usual size, but...
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