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Pierce Brosnan, towards the beginning of the movie, wears a blue sport coat with double vents, no padding in the shoulders, and a shirt sleeve attachment. Any guesses for the maker?
I'm interested. Do prefer Dainite sole; saw that a few others do also. Any way that can be accomodated?
With your teeth.
This is the good stuff.
Calf mate. Look at the cutout for the penny slot.
Is the whiskey shell unlined LHS the only Alden makeup Brooks has ever offered in a color other than #8 or black?
A fool and his money are soon parted.
Cox, the green makes your skin look sallow.
Meanwhile, these beauties are like fine wine in a bottle, waiting to come out. Make an offer for one pair, new or used, or for a package. Nice to have reserves.
Probably did 15 months ago.
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