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From the dead ... Top marks to C&J for looking at this thread and responding. Kevin Hill, the manager at the NYC store, just gave great service to me in a shoe-belt deal stretching out over a long time. Top marks to Kevin also.
Leisure Sunday - Alden Unlined Whiskey LHS. Happy Memorial Day! -Mike The rarest of the rare: unlined whiskey LHS from Brooks. I have a pair myself.
My experience also.
Is there ever a month without a sale?
Thanks for posting this. It reminded me that I have a pair, which I had forgotten about.
Fantastic suit and beautiful fabric. Not my size. CA makes the best rtw in the world, I say.
2 years waiting for the exchange. Woah. I have a pair also. Shell leather seems nicer than what Alden provides-- better finish.
Anyone ever see Indy boots made with mocha kid suede?
Thanks Carson, hits the spot! Check out has spot for discount code. Anyone have one?
New Posts  All Forums: