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Eso, those are all-time nice. Source?
Leaves, that Hove is incredible. And I like the new R1 sole.
Seven fold, That is very interesting and puzzling to me. Here's why. Clearly there is a difference between British and American lengths. That is why Green prints two (both) lengths. For many if not most British makers, E is the standard width. I would say in the US a D width is standard. But Green only prints one width. What does that mean? Green has said in the past that their shoes should fit snugly in width, like a slipper. More snugly than Americans are used...
Probably too wide. Plaza last is not narrow. And a sminch long in my book.
KandK: 3.5 years to develop his scam.
Take a step up in the world and wear labels on the inside.
Directly as possible: no upside to wearing vest or hat. Both are close to strange nowadays. Blue suit, white shirt, and red tie are a drippy combination. Like a hack politician. Grey suit, blue shirt, and a tie with a little pop.
Here's something new. An Alden sizing question However, I am not anywhere close to a rookie; I have about 30 pairs, almost all shell, in various lasts. Have just started to buy Alden suede shoes. Looking at some suede unlined chukkas on the Leydon last. I wear a 9.5 D in Plaza, tie Aberdeen, Hampton, and Grant. 9 D in Barrie, Trubalance, and Van. 9 D in slip-on Aberdeen (full-strap loafers and tassel loafers) and 8.5 D in unlined slip-on Van (Brooks shell...
I live on the westside of Los Angeles so I see lots of well-known cats. Off the top of my head, recently: Kate Beckinsale, Dustin Hoffman, Alexandra Paul (flat-chested chick from Baywatch), Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon, Al Pacino, James Worthy, Jerry Seinfeld, Reese Witherspoon, Axl Rose, and more that I can't remember.
New Posts  All Forums: