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Looking for something nice. Was gonna buy some Bang and Olufsen ones, but now they are made in China. That is a deal breaker. Suggestions please.
Thanks Mike. I have those in #8 and cigar already. Whiskey is talking to me.
Source please.
On the hunt for the now discontinued 904's: wingtips in mocha kid suede. 9.5D is my size. I have checked: Shoemart North River Outfitters Alden DC, SF, and Madison Alden hq Lawrence Covell Pelle Line Sherman Bros. O'Connell Leather Soul Carroll and Company Benton Knight Hunt Club Clothier The last two were suggestions from Alden hq. Other stores? My eyes have been opened to the wonders of kid suede.
That's true for me also. I bought 9D, but they slipped too much. 8.5D stay on nicely, but it is a tight fit. My usual size is 9.5D.
When I got my first real job, I bought many Brooks shirts in size 15.5 - 33. After a little while, I figured out my true size was 15.5 - 34. I have kept those shirts hanging in my closet all these years. Around 27 years in fact. So these are shirts from the glory years of Brooks: no lining in the cuffs and collars. Before Marks and Spencer bought the company. I wish to hell that I had bought the right size and magically forgotten to wear them. I thought about...
Another kind of Alden suede is mocha kid suede, which is my favorite. Not quite as much nap as calf suede. I just placed an order with NRO for a pair of wingtips in that leather. Discount code seemed to work. We'll see tomorrow when the store is open.
Does Attolini make its own shirts?
The chukkas are not made by C&J. I bought a pair with the idea that they were, based on the price. But the labeling inside was machine stamped. So I returned them.
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