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I'd rather the CEO of a company I'm invested in be poorly dressed and good at his job than the opposite.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Thats why you should use - which lets you see any negative/neutrals for any ebay member for the history of that username. Awesome site.
Hammer from Iron Man 2
The back doesn't look too bad other than the shortness. I don't understand how the front is so bad I also don't understand how the tailor can just say "sorry." At least others here know to avoid said tailor. Maybe you should email him this thread so that the next person will hopefully get a better response.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Dreamy. Post shirtless pics. K I'll PM them to you
Because you can't buy any old OTR stuff because it will fit you like a tent. You need to find something extra slim fitting. Seems pretty simple to me. P.S. I don't think I'm scrawny...6' and 185lbs.
Agree about the sleeves although it's not a huge thing for your wedding since you'll have a jacket on for most of it. Also the length is fine since you'll tuck it in. You can get a tailor to make the sleeves less baggy. You should do that asap so that, just in case it turns out poorly, you can go buy a new shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG So they're trying to teach kids that "fair" means the best team only wins if it's not too much better than the other team?'s the opposite if anything. If you work hard and play well as a result, you lose!
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod I like the comfort and design of the W211 E63 more than the current W212 (which does have more cool electronic toys). The CLK 63 black is probably too harsh on my back. Best thing about the AMG engine is the sound, other than, of course, more torque than you know what to do with. If you like tweaking your car the W211 E55 is nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles a) If you have unlimited data, you can keep it. b) This is a dick move probably aimed at preventing people from illegal tethering. This. I'm not a hardcore user, so I'd actually be fine with 2GB per month anyway but I'm glad I'm grandfathered in to unlimited.
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