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I'd strongly recommend these. Good quality + good price. I'm wearing them now. Gonna call in and replace with this one. Good call? I looked head on with the 2747 and didnt notice the huge curve that I was able to tell from amazon pics. I will be absolutely unable to wear it. I just got tired and wanted to get something for all my looking around. This was the 5th brick and mortar place I went to.
Quote: Originally Posted by orlagu To OP: depends on certain frames. I'm wearing the 2857-V and all I received was compliments. If you're concerned about the silver arrow, don't worry, no one will be offended by that. They won't even notice it at first glance. IMHO, the 2747-S is not suitable for eyeglass frame, since it sports a rather non-conservative/sporty and outdoor design. I agree now that I look at it. Was a mistake. I'm going...
Quote: Originally Posted by cbbuff It's going to be a little tough for anyone to give you an opinion if you don't have a model # or a more importantly a picture. Of course. Silly me. Searched it out. I actually went with sunglass frame with the lens popped out with prescription lens in. At the time it seemed like a good idea as I wanted the wider side flare-out. Now I'm not so sure. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by anginaprinzmetal Don't know what you got, but Persol has some of the most classic sunglasses styles. In other words, they are way above what most non-SF people wear. Yea. I got eyeglasses not sunglasses though. Basically look the same. was more squared than rounded. Don't have exact model #.
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse Pic? Persols look pretty sporty to me. Got them today. They should be ready in a week.
I just got some. I am a little worried that they are too flashy for work. What do you guys think? I'm usually a lurker here.
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