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I thought this was going to be a joke thread.
Check out the ties, you can usually find ones which say "Makers" (not made for outlet), though I was in an outlet about a year ago wearing a Retail store tie and I held, felt, and examined the 346 version and honestly couldn't tell the difference.
Soiled paper towels, cracked egg shells, whatever else is in your garbage can.
At the beast possible price, which comes once or twice a quarter these suits come to 70% off or $658. They were $1895 up until recently when they were marked up which brought the price to $568, which is pretty damn good for an Italian made 150s zegna fabric suit
Your first sperrys should be sebagos ... I've owned both for years and they just hold up better and I like their fit but sperrys are just fine also. As far as colors go I'd stick with the classic brown you can't go wrong
5, 6 sometimes 7 days a week. 5 suits, but I also rotate in jackets and dresspants
A co worker recently went through about an hour with a customer picking out everything from ties to suits, sportcoats and pants. After a fitting and picking accessories he lays it out on the counter and rings up merch for a total of about 2400. Before paying, the man calls his wife, who informs him of the "bill me later" option recently added to our website. The man hangs up, informs us he will be buying online and walks out of the store. Seriously that stuff is...
Sneakers ... not sneaking?
Now go home and get your fuckin' shinebox!
I'm at about 30 and wear them all but I am picking up a few more every month or so
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