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Probably not. I would not machine dry though in any event. What style no. is the fabric?
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso I sold some on here about 6 months ago that were awesome. If you care you can probably check my post history for them but I don't feel like it. They are made by different manufacturers and there is no consistency. I can't tell you to buy them without seeing them because you may be buying a very shitty pair of shoes. Either post pictures or use your own judgment. +1 I have one pair of rubber-soled...
For a first try (?) at Jantzen, the sleeves don't look that short to me; you must have done your homework. Give it a wash or two, then check the sleeve length and the chest. You might be right on the neck. A formerly devoted 15/33 OTR, I used to think that my sleeves were just the right length. Now I know better, having consulted with Ricky.
Ermenegildo Zegna at 60% off Uniqlo
Various red-hued Uniqlo socks.
Funny, just had the same thought and came here looking for input. Doesn't seem to be much. I am going to buy one though. At $75, not a huge investment.
^ Agreed. Regardless of whether you talk to Ricky, the solution will involve you first sending the shirt back. If you must speak with him, call, don't email. Incidentally, what fabric did you choose? I just got my extra fine 8057 (blue with medium white squares) in the mail. My best yet from Jantzen in terms of cotton quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle To my SURPRISE RICKY FROM JANTZEN JUST CALLED MY CELL PHONE TO CONFIRM MY ORDER wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Has anyone else ever had that happen? Wow, never heard of that. Maybe his server is down. Maybe he had a good day. Either way there is no telling what tricks and crazy delights Ricky will pull off next.
Quote: Originally Posted by nate10184 If you submit an order online do you get some kind of order #? I'm going to send them a shirt to duplicate so I want to make sure they know its mine when they get it. They give you an alpha-numeric customer number that doesn't change from order to order. I think it's five or six digits. Then you can use that number when re-ordering, corresponding with them, etc. I include this number and my last name...
^ agreed. This actually looks pretty good. It's not a dress shirt, it's a fancy clubbing shirt through and through.
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