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Eureka...... My first score on the forum..... Exactly what I wanted.... took two weeks. Brand new in the box and even with the original shoe bags too for $65 Its a lot more reasonable than I'd ever have guessed.... Awesome thanks.... I love these shoes.... Score!
QUESTION.. Where can i find info on a shirt i saw recently?.... dont remember exactly where... hence my appeal here. Made by Woo YoungMi ( i think???) It had a wierd collar I loved, sort of two collars on top of one another (like a loosly permanently attached collar on a band collar shirt) Double Collar buttons.... It was beautifully made. I cant find anything about the product online..or where they sell it..... Any ideas what it was please, and where I can find...
I have several... The totally RED one is a Thomas Pink thing (sort of a crappy brand really) Its Cranberry Red. Classic Collar Dark Colored Buttons... Bought that in London (dont know if they ever had it here) Never wear it... My absolute favorite is a RL Purple Label Keaton It has a GREAT solid red body and the collar is white. I've worn that one to church a few times.... keeps me interested, and repels the old ladies. (I also bought the same solid ones in...
I want a newTonic suit.... but something NICER that the Merc ones. SORT OF English ska, Skinhead, Mod. WHERE CAN i have a really awesome one made please.??? Something thats gonna look super hot with a Fred Perry button down, and brogues. Info and suggestions greatly appreciated.
ANYONE HAVE ANY LEADS for a pair of patent black common projects shoes? Please
Want to buy a pair of Common Projects Mid Achilles in good condition in the Shiny Patent Black Finish. Thanks To fit a US size 8 male.
Can anyone PLEASE help me find a pair, of RAF Simons Dr Martens shoes in the Black patent (high gloss) finish I need size 8 us (sz 7 in England). I've tried all the retailers i can think of and no one has them..... so I'm hoping someone here has a source.... used is fine too.
I am really in LOVE with the Raf/Martens shoes. I'm buying a pair this week for myself...the regular basic type DM shoe..... in Patent Black with the red stitching around the sole... Its perfection I think.
Quote: Originally Posted by doctorj! Size L (16.5 or 17) Can be new or gently used. Looking to pay around $50 to $60 each. Solid colors, colorful stripes are fine. Thanks! AJ I have many RLPL and they are either 16.5 or 1& (i fluctuated) Most have only been worn 2 or 3 times... and always done carefully in my Miele Washing Machine (Hung dry) and then ironed w/out starch by a woman. Mine are for the most part the English ones with...
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