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I REALLY need to get oe of those Nick Hart for aquascutum shirts "like N O W !!!" The london shop havent returned my email yet.. Im in Manhattan ( NYC ) ... where i can find anyhting antywhere... but this... Damn!!! Anyone got any ideas?? Bloomingdales on 59th dont they say.... I also prefer the original "Bowie" to the "new Bowie" but I'll take anything right now.... White, 16.5 neck is my goal I'm sick of Googling this... Help...
Yeh MoM Awesome pics... and while a lot might find the look boring.. its a classic, and if its in yer blood, its in there... I know 'cus i never really was able to gave it up either... I'm 52 and in some ways it still looks kinda fine for me... (I think?) OK i did splurge on for 400$ Raf Simons Patent Doc shoes last year but the rest is my old stuff.... much like I had when I was 12 in 1969 in Northants UK (where my family even made the original AirWairs... in the...
Fred Perry micro-gingham micro collar shirt wanted Black/white or blue/white Size L or xl 42 or 44 This one has the very small button-down collar. I also want a Platinum twin tipped "Laurel" Small Collar Polo and a Red twin tipped "Laurel" Small Collar Polo (both of these a 42 is fine... but 44 might be fine too). Used or new is good..... but must be in nice shape please
WELL Big Pun....Ruined or not.... at least you had the pleasure of owning it for a while..... I've been wanting THAT shirt for 20 months....but sadly I misssed it when it was for sale.....now there are none to be had ANYWHERE! Still im sorry that happened to you
GOD..... What great photos.... i had the same color sta-prest.... i f--ing loved em... i was 10 and hoped Mum woudnlt know why i wanted those EXACT trousers.... but... i dont think i ever fooled em... The pics made me smile.... very smart..... and reminded me of home
Oi Oi.... very nice..... You look good. Dont you mean "Trim Fit" tho???
Put em all on ebay
Hey Guys... Looking for suggestions on an approach to a problem.... I'm getting rid of a ton of clothes.. and need to know how best to do it... Im just not going to wear my Ralph Lauren stuff anymore... or the RL Rugby Stuff for that matter... so how do i get rid of it? Theres a lot .... maybe 120-140 RLPL shirts and 60-80 Rugby products (need to count it all).... Most stuff is worn once tow twice or not at all... and everything meticulously care for.... ...
Oi....... THIS IS PROBABLY NOT THE BEST FORUM TO ASK THIS QUESTION.... BUT LETS TRY?.... When I was a young skinhead lad in the 70's in the Midlands in good ole England..... I had a Brutus Bowling shirt..... Mine was Red, with embroidered name on it, and Rockabilly-esque graphics on the back. Had a pleated back (white gussets) and clear buttons.... white collar. When I wore this with my Crombie and Doc's (or monkey boots)I felt like the Bee's Knees... ...
What size do these translate to in US Mens please?
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