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Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum dang. shipping is 35 to the states Bummer! Well, that's how I feel a lot of the time (only the other way round.) Might still be worth it on a blazer or something?
A new Australian boutique, Icarus Store, has some pretty good sale prices right now - including 60% off (or thereabouts) Patrik Ervell. Picked up an Ervell shirt for $120 Aus. There's an okay range of sizes left - a fair few smalls, mediums, and larges, and I think I saw one XS ervell chambray for my fellow little people. Good prices on a few other brands, too. http://www.icarusstore.com/index.php?main_page=specials
kelvinsense is just fantastic. Not only have all my past dealings with him been very pleasant, but he's just done me a great favour by proxying some jeans for me that I couldn't get here in Australia. He stood to gain little from it, but helped me out anyway. At the very least, I owe him my thanks. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello I just wanted to point out that oatmeal is waaaaay better. Haha. Well, I disagree, but if I can't find charcoal anywhere I may settle for oatmeal.
I wasn't sure at first, but the fleece blazer has really grown on me in the past week or so. Anyone know where I could get a size small, in charcoal (saw that four horsemen has it in oatmeal but really want the darker charcoal colour)?
PM sent on the W+H jeans.
Yeah. I'd have thought so, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol where did you see this? Well there are a few a/w pieces here. no idea if this is the stuff he was talking about, obviously.
I already have one of these (and it's lovely), so someone else should grab this (size 1) man of moods knit blazer from yahoo japan.
This shirt is much too big for me but softy's an excellent seller. someone buy from him.
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