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Quote: Originally Posted by jkc350z is there anywhere on the tag codes that might tell the suits true color? Yes. The last two digits of the fabric number will tell you. 41 is navy, 01 is black and 10 is charcoal I believe. This suit is a a very dark navy, cavalry twill. Under certain lighting it will look black. This was one of the best BL suits put out that season.
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Quote: Originally Posted by s_santk I purchased the RLPL sports coat on Tuesday and received it today (thanks for the fast shipping Bill). Unfortunately the sports coat did not fit perfectly, so in the spirit of the forum I am relisting it here for the same price, $225 shipped rather than listing it on eBay for quite a bit more... See description above. No problem... as I said, the jacket was a sample used on RL models, so the waist is...
Prices dropped.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Guy from Shanghai dibs on RLPL cord size 32. 1) What is the real color? The 1st pic looks blueish on my monitor. 2) Flat front or pleated? 3) Measurements on front rise & knee width? Thanks James The first pic color is way off, I just included it for the model. The second pic color is true as can be. The pants are flat front. Front rise: 10.5" knee: 9.5"
Purple Label (St. Andrew's), navy blazer w/horn buttons. 2 button, ticket pocket, double vented. 100% cashmere. This garment was a sample; probably worn once in a photo shoot. Sleeves are not finished with buttons, however buttons will be included. Tagged size is 40L. Retails for $2995. SOLD Sleeve: 24" Length: 31" Chest: 20" Waist: 17.5" at smallest point Shoulders: 19" Purple Label batik cotton trousers. These pants were never actually made in production, this...
I don't have any solid colors that I'm willing to part with, but I have a bunch of stripes. Would you be interested?
PM sent.
RRL O-ring, braided belt. length 47.5", width 2". Worn black leather. Retail approx. $250, asking $110 shipped (DROP TO $90). This belt is a sample, so no tagged size, which would approx. size 36. RRL Wide wale, heavy cord pant, straight leg. Never worn. Tagged size is 32. Brownish olive, color is correct in second picture. Retail $265, SOLD Waist (across top): 17" Inseam: 32" Front rise: 11" Leg opening: 8" RRL, Slim boot cut jean, in gold wheat wash. Worn...
Sold pending payment.
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