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WENDY&JIM AW16 cashmere lab coat with backpack straps HELMUT LANG AW04 watch bracelet VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO AW03 wool turtleneck MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA SS13 cotton trousers MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA SS13 limited edition perforated leather captoes with nail heel
Pants are anthracite grey, slightly colder than the knit. They are crafted out of very nicewoven type of fabric (90% cotton and 10% polyester).They also made blazers and full suits from same fabric for that season ;-)Sweater yes, grey on grey. I like those very much, but they're pilling like hell.
@Fuuma Thanks, and I agree, dress shirt would make it more complete/structured, just recently not a big fan of sweater/shirt combo, especially with those laceless captoes I prefer more légère silhouette. Sweater could be one tone brighter though :-)
MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA SS09 cotton sweater with suede elbow patches MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA SS09 McQueen anatomical cotton pants MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA AW09 laceless "chalk" captoes VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO AW06 complice trench coat, cashmere scarf
WENDY&JIM AW16 labor cashmere coat with bondage straps VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO AW07 intarsia wool turtleneck VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO AW07 twill wool slacks with waist corduroy inserts DRIES VAN NOTEN AW12 polished leather short boots
Had been looking for this garment for years. Finally got lucky recently ;-) My all time favorite knitwear piece! VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO AW03 ivory turtleneck
Thanks, actually quality wise, and I have a chance to compare with many brands from that time,those knitwear items are on highly superior level and honestly I can't find anything produced thisdays to match it.I have also fitting turtleneck from same collection that makes an unique weird combo ;-)
STEPHAN SCHNEIDER AW11 dark grey flannel base shirt VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO AW06 complice cardigan VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO AW07 wool slacks with corduroy inserts VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO AW07 tweed padded vest with bomber like collar DRIES VAN NOTEN AW12 polished leather short boots STEPHAN SCHNEIDER AW16 home scarf
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