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Eat lunch at desk and then go for walk around building and have a nice smoke. Great stress reliever.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt752 I got some cartons of Djarum black cigarettes i'm trying to get rid of if you're still looking for them. Email me Matt, Are the ones you're selling the ones they use to sell in the US? Meaning the ones with the wider boxes and the silver strip on the cigarette? Or are you talking about Black cigarettes imported from Indonesia or other places?
Not sure what the deal is with people attacking the OP, but it's obvious the guy just needs a little reassurance. I can empathize with you since I also feel the same way sometimes. Life does seem mediocre sometimes; being on auto-pilot like you said. The only difference between me and you is that I'm 24 and you're 19. You have so many years to shape yourself and your life before you should even begin to feel like this. It's also like what another poster said; we...
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba thx! I'll switch over to one with witch hazel, the irony of this one for oily skin is that the oil-removing quality makes my skin more oily over time. However, according to the Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients (Sixth Edition, Ruth Winter, 2005, Three Rivers Press), "Witch hazel has an ethanol [alcohol] content of 70 to 80 percent and a tannin content of 2 to 9 percent. Witch hazel water ......
Haha. Dang. That's true. I really don't have that wide of a frame and was just joking about qualifying for modeling. But I'm def not a tube. I'm the classic definition of an ectomorph so my torso does have some sort of V-shape to it.
Problem with color contacts is they really limit the amount of oxygen your eyes get. My eyes used to get really red and it negated from the effect the color contacts used to give. I stopped wearing them a while ago.
A tube? Can you clarify? Can't tell if you are insulting me?
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Ideal proportion for male models is ~ 40" chest and 30-32" waist, and only getting smaller. Hardly "big" by most standards. I'm 5'7", 145 lbs, 32" waist and 36-37" chest. Do I qualify?
This used to happen to me all the time until I started stretching out my back properly and doing back exercises. Scapula does not bother me at all anymore. However, my traps are another story. Muscles are so tight around that area. Any suggestions for this guys?
So I'm hoping someone can recommend me something. I'm looking for well fitted jean that have a generous boot cut opening. I know the the slim fit style is in right now but I just like when the opening is wider and covers a lot of the shoe. So my question is does anyone know what brands would be good to start with? I just need to find a good fitted jean that I can be happy with. Thanks.
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