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Haha. So I successfully used a grill pan to make me some "Lemon Zest Chicken". Threw together some marinade ingredients in the blender, poured it over some chicken, let it sit for a while, sprayed PAM on grill pan and let it heat up, threw chicken on there and viola!! 5 minutes later I was eatin' good!!!
Thanks fellas. Just got a grill pan and I'm going to try this out this weekend!!
Great thread. Felt it should be bumped up. I'm 5'7.5" 150 and H&M shirts also fit me very well. However, they lack in quality. I have a couple of MTM shirts I bought when I was 125lbs and shave since bulked up. The shirts fit amazing. Express Slim Fit Small also fit very well. Just wish they'd have more of a color selection. I'm having problems with denim. Can anyone recommend a good denim brand for us short guys?
hey grundletaint, how hard is this to do? how long does it take you on average to make a chicken dish?
Anyone have any experience preparing chicken dishes indoors? Do you use a grill such as George Foreman or are there others way to prepare a chicken dish that are quick and easy??
Anyone know what's going on with this guy? Are he and his girl married with kids?
Facial Care: Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliant (AHA or BHA), Mosturizer (Sun Block for AM/Hydrating Cream for PM) I think people underestimate the place of a sun block in your skin care regimine. Diet: Eat healthy and drink lots of waters and foods with antioxidants. Don't rely on vitamins or pills from a bottle. Invest in a blender. Exercise: Workout. These are some basic things to consider when thinking about good facial care.
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 Sounds like you love spending money on cosmetics. Try washing your face with water and a clean washcloth in the shower. Save the laundry list of expensive Kiehls products for your boyfriend. Ouch. Pretty harsh for a guy who in another thread got caught up defending his extravagant grocery bills to a bunch of wolves. Like you care about what you eat, the OP cares about how he looks and thus spends more...
QFT. The majority of people are usually guilty of being dogmatic; spitting opinions as facts.
My question is Valor, is it even possible?? Are your bones already formed by mid 20s?
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