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username79, why don't you just post pics to put ppl at rest? show them your result and be proud of what you have done. of course there will be ppl who will judge you but lot of ppl are curious as to you result.
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 I wrote this e-mail to a nutritionist friend of mine that was interested in my "diet": This is really impressive man. Congrats on your health. I try to eat as healthy as possible as well and have broken down all my calories as you have. My question to you is with all the physical activity you do how the hell do you get by on just 79g of carbs?? That's insane. Are you ever hungry?? Congrats on...
Quote: Originally Posted by kylelovesyou By "slim" I mean "very slim." Also looking for something similar. I've found that the H&M jackets fit really well. I gt a 36S or a 36R. However, looking for better quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by Weich77 forearm looks a bit large, can be narrow, the last button on the placket can be closer to the bottom (less than 14cm) cuff height can be shorter Thanks for your opinion dude. I was thinking about taking in the bicep about .25 inch and the forearm about .5 inch. How do you feel about the length? Decent? Feels comfortable.
Hi All, Just received my first shirt. I took some quick pics and just wanted to get all your opinions on it. I personally think it fits very well. Best dress shirt I've owned. Just wanted to get other opinions. I know the pics are kind of grainy and might not be the best in terms of giving critique. Thanks for any help.
Can anyone please recommend an alternative to the shoulder shrug to work the upper traps? Are there even any decent alternatives? I've googled and everyone seems to have some sort of beef with everything else. Anyone's upper neck and head "shake" when they do shrugs? I just don't like the feeling.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Consistent application of douchery gel. Hahaha. Nice. You remind me of this guy birdman on a car forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm There are people who believe different muscle groups respond better to different rep ranges. I have seen it mentioned in various articles. What I generally recall are that large muscle groups respond better to higher rep ranges, so people who believe this will tend to perform sets of 20 reps for legs. ie - Your typical 5x5 program will grow your upper half a little harder than your lower. I did the...
I get Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt. Tastes great and is organic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano Use Grapeseed oil over medium heat. I never get smoke. Mark (or anyone else) Is the smoke from cooking the same as smoke from a fire?
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