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Quote: Originally Posted by Riio i got BHA and AHA mixed up, i have a BHA (sal acid) gel from paulaschoice and an AHA cream from acne.org. i still break out with AHA, i was hoping to find a BHA that wasn't as messy as the BHA gel If you have Normal to Dry skin you may want to try the BHA lotion. I know that's not messy. I've tried it.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles the embedding is not showing up. what did the OP attempt?
Quote: Originally Posted by Riio you using the lotion, gel, or liquid? i've been using the gel for a while and it gets the best reviews on the site but it's really sticky and takes forever to absorb. i have a BHA cream that moisturizes and absorbs in like a few minutes, is the AHA lotion like that? I use the gel as well since I have normal to dry skin. They don't make the AHA in lotion or liquid. I also have tried the BHA cream which is...
Quote: Originally Posted by squelchy451 yeaa i dont shave much..i only shave when I start to get a faintly visible moustache, which occurs about once a week scrub = loofah or a special body wash-like product that says something like 'body scrub' in the description? I was thinking something like St. Ive's Apricot scrub but to be honest a loofah probably works just fine. It's your face you got to watch out for.
Quote: Originally Posted by squelchy451 The only toner I ever heard of is the one that goes inside a printer. I don't shave much...at most 4 times a month. Since I dont shave that much, I guess I'll just stick to cologne. I think AHA will work well...do people exfoliate only their face or other part of their body as well? I've read somewhere that exfoliating my forearms can help reduce farmer's tan. If i'm exfoliating my arms, then it would be more...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff Nah. It isn't. It's not just the radiation you have to worry about, it's also the magnetic fields. You ever put a guassmeter up against a monitor? It's goes nuts. Bottom line is as technology becomes more apart of our society we'll have to deal with all the radiation, etc that comes with it. Big business doesn't really care about your health as long as their making money.
Quote: Originally Posted by squelchy451 Hi Just a few questions Aftershaves: useful or waste of money if used in conjunction with another fragrance? Exfoliating: I heard it's useful for removing tan lines. From what I heard, use only 2-3 times per week. What kind of products should I use? Thx! Aftershave: Nothing different than a toner. I think it's useful. If you already use a toner (doubt most guys do) then you probably don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Here's a copy of the pulled LeBron story. Remember the internet always wins: http://img821.imageshack.us/f/bloglebronespn.jpg/ Why'd they pull this story?
It's looking to be a great season next year. Fantasy is ganna be tough this year. Would anyone take LeBron over CP3 and Durant come next year?
Quote: Originally Posted by PaoloM There are many people here that should be wearing straight collars as well. With collars, with the exception of the London-cutaway and the tab, among some others, collars are not really something based on personal taste. It is based on what flatters your head, neck and shoulders. Wide head- straight collar; long head-spread collar. What if you have a round head? (i.e. width approx same as height) I...
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