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Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform Yes, but what constitutes harm is part of the issue. The issue with alot of ingredients in non-natural products is not necessarily that they have definitely been proven harmful (at least not in certain quantities), but that the verdict is still out and therefore play it safe and stay away. Parabens are obviously one such ingredient, so too are artificial coloring and fragrances. I've just strated getting into...
Quote: Originally Posted by AntiHero84 Check some of the other premium denim brands, there are plenty of cuts which feature a more generous cut; such as KMW, The Flat Head, Samurai, Evisu, and even Levi's LVC collection. Cool man. I'll give these a look.
Quote: Originally Posted by squelchy451 I was looking something more along the lines of exfoliating / possibly whiter skin I rarely get acne, and if I do, they're in the part of my forehead covered by my hair. "Whiter" skin? I'm assuming you mean you are white and want to reduce redness. If you mean that you want to go from brown to white that's a whole different story.
Quote: Originally Posted by EdenResident I'm another water only guy. I usually just take a hot and cold shower in the morning then use coconut oil as a moisturizer afterward. (I also use coconut oil as my shaving cream). Sometimes when my skin feels dry, I use honey and coconut oil as a mask (leave the mixture on for 15 minutes then take a shower). The routine (together with a healthy diet and adequate exercise) is working great for me. All the facial...
There is nothing wrong with non-natural skincare products as long as the ingredients are not considered harmful. There are plenty of products out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi trade news.... love this trade for the Pacers. i'm a big fan of Collison Good news for the Nets. Will bring a twin tower-esque feel to the front court. Collison will be picked up by me in fantasty if I don't get another premium PG. You can't hate on him. His numbers were on par with CP3's when he was out with a bum knee last season.
Are you guys okay with jeans that fit weird at the leg opening? For some reason I need a generous opening so that the shoe is properly covered. I feel like the only jean that really provides that is Banana Republic.
Quote: Originally Posted by sailor mike I use a totally pure organic natural moisturizer, in fact I believe that the skin is best treated with nutrition like the rest of the organs of the body. If you are ok with putting chemicals inside your body then skin care products with chemical ingredients may be fine. For me I preder to always work toward optimal health from the inside out. So I use only the purest most natural skin care products that are high in...
I just can't stomach coconut water. Doesn't sit well with me.
I eat about 30 almonds a day. I agree with everyone else; they are a great food.
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