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Honestly, the turn around times are unnacceptable. Not sure how you guys deal with it.
Paula's Choice One Step Facial Cleanser for my Normal to Dry skin. Best product I've used.
There are better and much cheaper choices out there.
I agree on the glasses. Esp in the first pic. They really do make you look feminine. A little too feminine. Unless that's the look you're going for.
Nike Free for the mother f'ing win.
48 Laws of Power - Great read.
Great thread. Show's friendship and helpfulness amongst this community. And ppl sticking to their word. Keep it up you guys.
Anyone thinking about getting the Nike Jay-Z All Black Everythings?
Dude those are not wrinkles. If you are still concerned no need to buy expensive "eye" creams. Just put regular moisturizer under your eyes and you'll be fine. The skin under your eyes is no different than the rest of your face.
Quote: Originally Posted by squelchy451 I'm not white I'm a bit tanned for an asian. It's that my elbow/forearms are more tanned than my upper arm. I just need to get a little less tanned...not completely brown to white, michael jackson style. Hmm...I don't think there is a "safe" way to make your skin lighter. At least I don't know of any way. Just cover up more I guess and be proud of your darker skin.
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