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I can relate to you OP. In college I used to sleep 9-10 hours a day. 1AM - 10AM was my usual schedule. I felt great. When I graduated and got a job I started waking up at 6 - 7 and was miserable. I truly couldn't function and longed to be back in college. I hated work and I hated life in general. This continued for a year or so until I decided to become very strict in terms of following a schedule. I started working out and planned out my day from beginning to end...
My perspective on the "all or nothing" view point is similar to many here. I personally am trying to stop drinking as well. I just don't see the point in having one beer. It doesn't do anything for me. Why have it? I usually become loose and end up having 5-6. I can't understand how people just have one. So I've decided to just cut back on drinking on the regular but indulge properly here and there when the opportunity presents itself.
Hey All, I've been at my current job for almost four years. It was my first job out of college. Now I feel like it's time to move on. I dug into my old folders and pulled out my resume from back when I first applied for this job. It needs a bit of work. Anyone have experience with any professional resume design websites? I know there are a ton of them and they all charge ridiculous amounts of money. Is it worth paying for it? Any feedback would be...
Quote: Originally Posted by xzacx love those purple Lanvins - would grab them immediately if I found them in my size. These arrived yesterday: Very nice. Could you please tell me how many inches the sole is? At least 1.5?
New Chapter Mens or Vitamin Code Mens. You don't need anything special. Vitamins are mostly bullshit.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS A 4-cylinder car simiply simply does not give you the quiet, smooth ride of a luxury car? longskate, this is more or less true dude. you are just not going to be able to get both. here is my experience. like you i value a smooth, quiet luxury ride where i feel minimal bumps. my commute is long and a bumpy ride has caused much stress to me. i first had acura rsx. after three years i couldn't take it anymore....
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Pun Yep. I curb my envy of stylish posters when I realize they have 36 inch concave chests and look like ET when nude. hey you cock. i have a 36 inch chest but it sure as hell ain't concave! sala!
What the hell you two matharchods arguing about?
Dam, I can't believe how much some of you pay for a cut. Why tip so much?? $10-$20 in tips seems ridiculous. I get a cut once every two weeks and pay $20 flat.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower He's a bit goofy looking, but his advice is actually quite good. http://www.youtube.com/user/scooby1961 that's one goofy son of a bitch lol
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