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Just picked up a Thorens TD160 and put on a new Shure M97xe. I'm using a Musical Fidelity V-LPS II phono preamp. Haven't had it long enough to break in the setup yet, but sounds nice. What phono preamps are you using?
had an error come up when I originally posted it. didn't realize it went through.
Posted in early January that I ordered it and posted the pic yesterday when I got it. Possible that someone else got one as well?
Just picked it up this week. 6 speed manual and recaros. Compares positively to my E90 so far.
Picked it up today. Manual trans and recaros.
will do. in the meantime, this pic is virtually identical to what I ordered:
And back to talking about cars we drive. Currently an E90 335xi. Ordered a 2012 CTS-V wagon yesterday. Opulent blue metallic over ebony interior. 6 speed manual and recaro seat option. Arrives in two months.
decided I like my sheex. so does my woman.
Yes. This. Exactly.Just don't buy the speakman with 4-jets. It is much less expensive, but the housing is made of plastic, while the 6 and 8-jet speakmans are all brass.
Do your research on this one. 2006 was the transition year to the e90 body style for the 325 and there were some reports of premature engine failure that did not show up in the e46. Suggest you identify the car you are interested in, test drive it, then get on some message board for that brand to learn what you can before shelling out the cash.
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