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Does anyone have any that they are selling?
I would love a Brioni vest if anyone has one.. Could you please send me pics to my inbox??? Thanks
Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had a Brioni vest? If so could you please send me pics to my inbox? It would be greatly appreciated... Thanks so much
Sorry, I really have no clue.. Could someone help
I'm assuming you are kidding Tarmac.....
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Zappos carries some if you are into online shopping Ebay is another thought.. What model do you have currently? just curious. Alligator oxfords.. Thanks for the site man, I appreciate it
Are you selling these Chris??
What's up man? Alligator oxfords... Do you like the style? It's to flashy for some
Looking for a nice pair of Cesare Paciotti shoes for myself. I currently own a pair and like them a lot. Anyone have any ideas of where I can purchase them?
How about the tie in the middle? With the flower patter?
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