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for the fat waxed flesh buyers - are you planning to size down .5 from your 2030 size?
+1. I wear size 8 in both, and 2030 is slightly longer. I use a thin insole on the 2030 to eliminate heel slippage.
voted for #23 and #13. I switched from #11 to #13 because I realized that I only have 2030s and should probably add some variety..
Wow. Aren't the 2030 way too long for you then?Are the 2030s and 110s suppose to be the same length (in the same size)?
Sizing question for those you that have (or are otherwise knowledgeable about) both 2030s and 110s - Do you recommend getting the same size in both lasts? - I have a pair of 2030 service boots and a pair of 2030 derbies in size 8, they both fit comfortably with either thin or thick socks. - I think my Brannock size is 8.5D. - I wear an 8.5 in chucks - I wear an 8 in Alden barrie Thanks!
another vote for #11 and #23.
I bought this from Mikey34 a few weeks ago and never wore it. (I also picked up a schneider berber coat around the same time, which fit me better..) This coat was originally from Wrong Weather. Here is its description from WW: - Medium coat made in blue wool blend. - Features hidden buttoned fastening, lateral large pockets, back single vent, padded interior and knitted rib detail on the collar. - 70% Wool / 5 % Cashmere / 25% Polyester - Made in Belgium -...
Iron Heart 9634 Straight Super Black Size 33 From Self Edge: 22 Ounce Japanese Denim Sanforized Cotton (will not shrink) Zimbabwe Cotton Super-Duper-Thick Black Leather Tag Straight Leg Poly Thread Measurements: Size: 33 Waist - 16.5 Thigh - 12.25 Knee - 9.25 Leg opening - 8.5 Front rise - 11 Back rise - 12
- Iron Heart 634S Straight Selvedge - New and unworn I got the wrong size awhile back and forgot about these. Paid $360 and never wore them. more info here: http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=71&products_id=205 $250 shipped CONUS *photos to come* Please pm if you have additional questions.
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