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Do we have an ETA on the navy cordovan roy boots?
For the folks getting the navy shell - are you getting the same size in the 4537 as your 2298 size?
@NAMOR - PM sent about the navy cordovans. Thanks!
What about the Navy Latigo 2030 service boot that barely missed the cut in the last round?
for the fat waxed flesh buyers - are you planning to size down .5 from your 2030 size?
+1. I wear size 8 in both, and 2030 is slightly longer. I use a thin insole on the 2030 to eliminate heel slippage.
voted for #23 and #13. I switched from #11 to #13 because I realized that I only have 2030s and should probably add some variety..
Wow. Aren't the 2030 way too long for you then?Are the 2030s and 110s suppose to be the same length (in the same size)?
Sizing question for those you that have (or are otherwise knowledgeable about) both 2030s and 110s - Do you recommend getting the same size in both lasts? - I have a pair of 2030 service boots and a pair of 2030 derbies in size 8, they both fit comfortably with either thin or thick socks. - I think my Brannock size is 8.5D. - I wear an 8.5 in chucks - I wear an 8 in Alden barrie Thanks!
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