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Wow just wow.
I will take the number 27 tie bar... just pm me your info
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin My Dad has his wax kit and a monogram that he uses to emboss. I'm hoping he passes it on one of these days. He typically uses his for greeting cards and thank you notes. The kit was actually his grandfather's, who served in the Royal Navy. Sorta makes it cool, although I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable using it. Why wouldn't you feel comfortable using it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I've done it for years -- usually just the initial of my last name, but really, anything will do. I also handwrite, on very nice embossed paper, with a dip pen. It's extravagant, but shows that you went the extra mile. ~ H Really a dip pen? Very nice. What type of pen?
Thanks for the response and the difference of opinions is interesting. I don't think I will ever go to wax sealing but it did impress me. I may start embossing my initials just for a little extra extravagance.
I have been writing hand written letters to several friends for a few years now. I have always used nice stationery. However, recently two of my correspondents have started embossing their envelopes. One simply embosses their initials just above where the envelope is sealed. The other places and embossed golden sticker with his initials. Also, another has starting wax sealing his envelopes with his single initial. I was wondering if anyone else does this and if so why and...
I will take the dolce gabbana tie...
I wear a bow tie occasionally just to change things up a bit. Just have to be confident and you can pull it off.
I had a great Panini from a local restaurant. it was very simple great fresh made bread, prosciutto, and provolone. It was incredibly simple and probably the best sandwich I have had in several years.
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