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Quote: Originally Posted by yiyi0 http://www.................us 2010 New Year's gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine's gifts, parents gifts, friends gifts, alumni gifts travel equipment, sports equipment, warm clothingAre you ready?I'm ready, I buy a lot of gifts on this site。 there are jordan air max oakland raiders $30 Christan Audigier BIKINI JACKET $50 gstar coogi evisu true jeans $30 coach chanel gucci LV handbags $35 coogi DG edhardy gucci...
By the way, does anyone know the standard full retail price of these pants? (wool and cotton respectively). Curious to know how good my deal is.
For everyone's info; payment sent for #15. Nice batch!
In general I would say those who are not really brands but rather manufacturers producing under their own label. E.g. Piacenza 1733 (similar to Loro Piana I think) for wonderful cashmere sweaters, which they also make for many high-end brands.
It's a quite popular brand here (especially the big pony stuff ) for those who can afford it, and/or for those willing to buy over the Internet. I don't know about our customs fees either, eBay sellers usually marks down the value.
Interesting, then it seems it's significantly more expensive here in Sweden. They don't even carry Purple Label here so I can't compare prices for that line. What's interesting about market positioning, in my opinion, is that it would make a lot more sense a decade or even longer ago, when there was less information on the Internet. Today it's different. I suppose globalization, Internet, and maybe eBay in particular affects the local image of a brand - at least for me,...
OK, then I would look for something on eBay. http://clothing.shop.ebay.com/Mens-C.....blue_present (I excluded blue_present in the search since that seller's prices are ridiculous)
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola You can't expect live currency adjustments. It would make things even crazier then they are. I doubt many shops adjust prices more then every season (F/W S/S) Sure, the dollar is cheap now for us, but even at a "normal" level (whatever that is) the prices would be close to insane compared to the US prices. Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola The other thing different markets have...
Your budget? Looking for wool, cashmere or cotton? I really want a cardigan myself, but the only cardigan I really want would be a cashmere cable cardigan from Polo Ralph Lauren, and I think they are too expensive (seen them for $195 at eBay) for my current budget. BTW I don't think you have to be 65 to wear the cardigan in your post, just make sure you have a modern pants, shoes etc. and it will look classic and nice.
I would like to know if anyone knows the reason of the extreme markup in R.L. retail stores here in Europe. The customs can't explain it all, can they? Today I went into my local R.L. store in Sweden. I knew the classic $425 (or is it $397.50 these days)) Polo cashmere cable sweater would be expensive here, but it was even worse than I thought. The full retail price of this sweater is $815 here with today's currency. Another example would be a pair of fine Polo...
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