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Quote: Originally Posted by NYliGuy Pm sent on #5 Is #5 still available? At least it's listed.
Quote: Originally Posted by davesmith what is SF B&S ??? i am new here Oh, sorry, here's the answer: Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I love seeing the virgin eyes glance at B&S for the first time. Say ta-ta to your bank account sir... +1 on the bank account.
I agree on Mabitex, they are awesome. See this post: Seriously, I do have a pair of cotton Mabitex (pretty much the same happened to me as the poster of that thread!) and they are alright, but my wool Mabitex pants is the real deal. Great pants for the price of Daffys and even SF B&S price, if you ask me.
Purchased a pair of size 32 Borrelli jeans at eHaberdasher, and although the measurements indicated they were slim, they turned out to be on the ridiculous side. Maybe I was wrong when I compared the measurements to my other jeans. The Borrellis were impossible to wear so I had to return them (which eHaberdasher handled very fast and helpful, credits to them). A pity since the denim looked fantastic and would look even better with a little wear. Now I've reconsidered...
Bumping this old thread in praise of Aquascutum. Got my first rain coat from them recently, and I absolutely love it. Can't wait for spring to arrive so I can wear it. It's a reversible coat, navy on one side and taupe on the other. Here's the exact coat that I purchased: However, the size 38 turned out to be too small for me so I returned it (the seller was very helpful). Instead I found an identical size 40 from...
My deepest condolences to you and your family. Perhaps you could replace the orphaned tassel and the remaining ones with some golden silk tassels, like the ones you would use to keep curtains in place? Would look very avant-garde to the brown leather! By the way your shoes look fantastic. I like the shape of the last, the stitching and the color. Which brand/model is it?
Ralph Lauren Purple Label discounted on eBay?
OP (& Jay Gatsby): Similar experience with Mabitex here too (just closer to the crotch) when I tried to sit down in the backseat of a BMW 1-series. So, as much as I laughed at your picture, I also feel with you.
I'll help you bump since size 8E on last 341 is my only experience from C&J, and I certainly need more experiences.
I also found mine to be rather small. I'm a UK size 8 on C&J last 341, but my Broadlands have been tight even in UK 8.5 ... so I've used trees to help stretching them slightly. It has helped.
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