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Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac it would I just find it hard to believe, looking at these. The threaded bar seems to go far back which should conflict with the ankle... although I could be wrong.
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OK... sounds like a confirmation of my AS sizing thoughts. The main question for me is still whether a regular shoe stretcher (as they are reasonably easy to find and not so expensive) would fit a Chukka boot despite their high ankle.
Indeed that's one disadvantage of mail order. What I thought would be the best possible value for money hasn't lived up to that, yet. I haven't given up though, I'm hoping to stretch the left shoe. I think it should be possible.
Hi all, I recently bought a pair of Chukka boots: Alfred Sargent Havant, to be found at This was the first time ever for me to purchase shoes online. All my other shoes are in UK size 8, so I ordered the AS Havant in 8. I even asked Pediwear before purchasing if they thought this was the right size for me, provided that I do have a pair of C & J Oxfords (Westfield to be precise) in size 8 and they are simply perfect...
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