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How much do you love Purple Label blazers / sport coats?
I've successfully used myibay online sniper.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Anyone bought a Borrelli shirt from ehaberdasher ? Are they slim fit or regular ? What P2P should I expect for a 15.75 shirt I purchased two 15.5 last year (one in April, one in October or so) and they are both slim. Only Ben could give you general advice though. I would be interested in some general info as well. P2P = pit to pit?
Thanks, I have a quite good idea of what to look for. I guess what really triggered me to post this thread was that I've seen some Polo sport coats in fabrics (like silk and linen) that I strongly relate to summer, whilst these coats - in terms of weight and patterns - have appeared to be more suitable for fall. This has been a bit confusing. I'll try to avoid this confusion by looking for sport coats that are more obviously made for spring/summer.
Got your answer, thanks! New PM sent for #3 and #5.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkBuck I would add mohair to your list. And what would you say about mohair? I have never experienced this material (and I suppose it's over my budget for most sport coats containing mohair). As for angora, I do have 25% of it in a Drakes scarf, and it's extremely soft...
It's usually around 20 Celsius here, daytime, during summer. I do think in terms of patterns and colors as well, but sometimes it's confusing. E.g. this sport coat: Its fabric composition (67% Linen, 20% Silk, 13% Wool) seems like spring/summer to me, the color too, yet it looks quite thick and heavy... (description says medium-weight). As for lined/unlined, I would prefer fully lined.
Please help me, dear SF experts. I'm a complete rookie when it comes to suits and sport coats, especially concerning the fabrics. I would like to find out what conclusion I can make when a certain sport coat is made of a certain composition. Here's what I think: Wool: all year, depending on weight. Cashmere: at least winter, but what about summer? Silk: no idea but I'm guessing summer? Flax: summer. Angora: no idea, all I know is that it's a rabbit. Alpaca:...
Hi, I realize you might be away, just wondering if you saw my PM about Mabitex thigh measurements? Thanks.
Yes yes all our girls in Sweden look like that, but let's stick to the topic. Welcome Mr Andersen!
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