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Quote: Originally Posted by eHaberdasher You do realize there is a link next to the magnifying glass on each suit item page that links to additional photos of the garment, right? Hi Ben, For some items I've noticed that the photos opened by clicking the magnifying glass don't magnify anything at all. At least this is my experience when looking at your Borrelli shirts. For most other items though, yes, the magnifying glass does open a larger...
Bump for a nice seller who shipped today as promised (got your PayPal confirmation, thanks).
Quote: Originally Posted by cbbuff Remove an arm. no
Quote: Originally Posted by nmprisons My biggest concern is that it is pulling betwen the shoulder blades. I don't mind the lapels and think the silhoutte looks good on you. Paired with the rights shirt and tie, you will look good from the front. What kind of adjustment is necessary to avoid the pulling between the shoulder blades?
Quote: Originally Posted by furo brown pants. grey shoes. grey belt.
I rotate, but mostly depending on day, occasion and outfit, rather than season. Daily use: Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet Weekends/evenings: Ralph Lauren Safari for men Anytime (but mostly evenings): Penhaligon's English Fern
Anyway, back to my opening question: Quote: Originally Posted by CashmereLover How much do you love Purple Label blazers / sport coats? I'm trying to learn the market for RL sport coats (PL or Polo). Searching for a 40R spring/summer sport coat, but haven't found any on eBay so far (well, this 38R Polo sport coat is kind of what I'm looking for, but the chest seems a bit too small and the lapels are too wide.). Let's say that I was going...
Quote: Originally Posted by jim10 +1 on Blue_Present prices. Right now the bay has 15 PRL suits in my size. Other than Blue_present, the price range is $275 to $695. Blue_present's suit is $1,568. That's more than most of the Purple Label suits in my size. I'm always curious as to who buys these suits, and why. I've even seen him listing prices slightly above the standard Ralph Lauren retail prices. But for a large part, he seems to list...
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del ^^ If the ebay prices of RLPL and PRL are the same, you are looking at bluepresent Generally RLPL cashmere SCs run from 700-1100 USD while PRL should be from 400 to 600 USD No, I always filter my searches to exclude blue_present since I hate seeing both the ridiculous prices (I'm amazed people pays that much) as well as seeing that model who appears for most items. I often wonder why I don't see more...
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE Not much really. The Polo ones, on the other hand are very nice. Which aspects are you considering? Style (cut, pattern), construction? I suppose constructionwise, RLPL sport coats should be at least equally good as PRL, and probably better... I have noticed on eBay though that the retail price is almost the same for some RLPL and PRL, around $1500.
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