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For some reason I didn't end up with any Cordings last year. For this autumn though, I shall.I have difficulties choosing between the cords, the needle cords and the moleskins. I think I prefer needle cords over standard cords as they seem slightly more urban.Unfortunately I'm unable to visit the store so I'll have to purchase online. So, can anyone make some comparison between the needle cords and the moleskins? Most of all I care about fit (narrow, tapered leg is...
OK, thanks. In November I'll be in a desperate need so there is time left. Those Benjamin coats, interesting! I'm guessing you're heading for a classic formal overcoat style? Like your suits?
Hi Ben, just wondering if you expect some winter outerwear to arrive this autumn? I'm trying to find something quite casual in the $500 area but there isn't really anything interesting for me, with a slight exception for your size 39/40 Boglioli coat.
I've got a pair of slim linen pants from Mabitex, been using them maybe 6-7 times recently, and thanks to this thread I'm scared as hell every time I wear them.
Bump for a great seller - fast communication and shipping, accurate measurements on the sport coat. Many thanks!
For everyone's info, I've sent payment for the NWT Dunhill EU 48 (38R) sportcoat.
Hi, could you please provide the waist measurement of the "NWT Dunhill EU 48 (38R) sportcoat"? Also, do you think the sleeves can be shortened by one inch without getting too close to the sleeve buttons? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Colour on the Caruso isn't that over the top but I'd wonder about the texture. OTOH the ad claims silk blend but it's wool/linen. There is soft cotton. Yeah the Caruso color might be good, it's hard to tell from the pictures. The herringbone texture is fine with me, but yes, there is a confusion with the fabric composition. Generally though the seller seems to have a nice range of sport coats. Also it's...
I do expect some differing measurements, but my expectations on particularly eHaberdasher and StF are high. But I notice that very few sellers provide waist measurements. NORE, that Polo looks exactly like something I would consider in terms of pattern and cut (as far as one cal tell from the photos). However, the shoulders are two inches wider than my Caruso, which I doubt will look good. Also, at that price, I wouldn't expect it to actually be a Polo Ralph Lauren SC,...
Background I'm searching for a nice s/s NWT sport coat - looking for a 38R/40R item all over eBay, SF B&S, eHaberdasher and StF for the brands I know and recognize, mainly the following: Polo, RLPL, Caruso, Corneliani, Canali, Borrelli, Cucinelli and Zegna. Some of these may be hard to find at my $500 budget, but still. Issue Carefully considering the measurements provided by sellers, I wonder how much shoulder and chest variation one can accept for a nice fit....
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