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Got my second pair of moleskins today, two years after the first pair. What a disappointment: the fit has radically changed to be extremely generous - all the way from thighs to leg opening. From 7.9" for the old ones to 8.7" for the new ones. I will return these for sure.
I am impressed, there certainly is unique knowledge at this forum. Obviously both the tag and the white "Made in Italy" label match. Many thanks for your quick and accurate reply.You don't happen to know if Lubiam make any fused "low line" jackets? Or are they all at least half canvassed? As you can tell from my first post, I have not yet learned how to tell the difference by looking at the construction.
Hi all, I recently bought a "Harrods Super 110s Wool Jacket" from Malford of London. It was the last one but it is still listed here: Apparently it is made in Italy. Does anyone have a clue who makes Harrods own clothing, and in particular, their jackets? I am very happy with the Harrods jacket in terms of fit (just need to shorten the sleeves by half an inch). As for...
What about Johnstons? I have not tried them myself (except for a silly cashmere hat) but I recall reading some good reviews on them. They do have cable sweaters. Also, if you can get hold of any, I think SF members approve Ballantyne cashmere as very high qualitative.
So, I ended up buying both the moleskins and the needle cords from Cordings. I love both pants, except the fly (of both pants) which is buttoned and rather difficult to handle. Between each hole there is a seam which makes it tricky to button. Although one get used to it, the fly will never be as convenient as a zip fly or the jeans-style button fly, which you can simply and roughly rip up. I also ordered identical needle cords (but in another color) to a friend, but...
From a fellow being completely new to Rugby and quite used to (and pleased with) Polo: Anyone here who has views on the quality and fit of Rugby wool pants? I'm looking for some nice grey winter wool pants (size 32). From what I can tell from eBay listings, most of the Polo stuff is cut with huge leg openings of 9", whereas Rugby seems to be slightly slimmer. E.g. there are some listings with grey or navy (chalkstripe) pants made from 70% wool, 25% polyamide and 5%...
I think there are several of us who are interested. See this:
I've decided to (likely) buy both the moleskins and the cords. Not needle, I want heavy and warm stuff. Let me get back in a couple of weeks with a comparison!
Thanks a lot guys, I'll try the moleskins for this autumn.
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