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I actually used this website for the first time late last year bc I needed a slim white shirt and was having a very difficult time finding a rtw one. My impressions of the shirt itself were probably not as favorable as yours though I don't regret trying them out and might have another shirt made in the future. The one thing that really disappointed me was the collar and the lack of removable collar stays. I thought the collar stays were a little crooked and bent from...
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdykarim I'm pretty sure that's the int'l price. Though I haven't checked in a while. Yeah thats initially what I thought when I saw it but I can't find any other price on their website. EDIT: Just called the 1-800 number and they said prices were 95 and 120 respectively. Not sure why they have this form up.
Does anyone know how much this service costs? I just opened the order form and noticed it says $170 for standard and $195 for prestige. If I remember correctly these used to cost round $100 and $125 respectively. Did prices recently change? If so it really makes the service impractical given the price of new AEs on ebay and the like. If this is true its really sad.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheGreek In my opinion, when I see someone in a suit getting in or out of a non-luxury car, first thing that pops into mind is : cheap insurance salesman/or encyclopedia salesman. When you have an expensive car/truck you can basically wear whatever you want, and it dont look bad. But when you have a cheap American car, wearing an expensive suit, you might as well be wearing a clown suit, because thats how your being viewed....
I certainly don't have as nice a wardrobe as some here but I dress well for my age. I could afford a nice car but I still drive the beatup (literally was in an accident and never fixed) 90 Lexus I bought in college for 1k. I do sometimes feel weird driving around but its basically just a commuter vehicle. Cars are just such a depreciating asset that I can't bring myself to buy a nice one. Its also a good source of laughs for friends and family. I guess I should be...
Sold pending payment. Thanks.
For your consideration a beautiful pair of tan Grenson Parish Chelsea Boots in UK size 11F. I bought these on ebay and had them shipped over from the UK. I'd keep these but I bought another pair of Chelsea boots from Rach2jlc and really don't need two pairs. These are subs but I can't say for certain why. My guess is that the right shoe has a bit more antiquing on the toe than the left. You can see this in the pics, I think its only something you'd notice if you were...
I'm a pretty regular buyer on Ebay but have never sold anything. I have a few things here I plan on selling and know from time to time they have free listing periods. How often do these come around? If one is coming soon I'll probably just wait otherwise I'll probably just go ahead and cough up the few extra bucks to list. Any of you Ebay experts out there know? Thanks.
Yeah if this was a 40L it would be gone.
I like both but agree the Chestnut will probably age better. Also the orange tint of london orange might clash with some outfits. Either way I'm jealous.
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