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Sold pending payment. Thanks.
For your consideration a beautiful pair of tan Grenson Parish Chelsea Boots in UK size 11F. I bought these on ebay and had them shipped over from the UK. I'd keep these but I bought another pair of Chelsea boots from Rach2jlc and really don't need two pairs. These are subs but I can't say for certain why. My guess is that the right shoe has a bit more antiquing on the toe than the left. You can see this in the pics, I think its only something you'd notice if you were...
I'm a pretty regular buyer on Ebay but have never sold anything. I have a few things here I plan on selling and know from time to time they have free listing periods. How often do these come around? If one is coming soon I'll probably just wait otherwise I'll probably just go ahead and cough up the few extra bucks to list. Any of you Ebay experts out there know? Thanks.
Yeah if this was a 40L it would be gone.
I like both but agree the Chestnut will probably age better. Also the orange tint of london orange might clash with some outfits. Either way I'm jealous.
For whatever reason I can't seem to update the original post but these have finally been sold. Thanks to all who showed interest.
Can't seem to edit my original post but this item is SOLD. Thanks for all the interest.
Alan - Thanks this was exactly what I was looking for. This forum never ceases to amaze me. I'm going to order one in saddle tan when I get home tonight.
This sounds like a silly request but I absolutely cannot find a simple cognac colored belt with a silver buckle. By simple I mean no stitching, weave, design, logo, etc. This is the closest thing I can find but of course it has the damn Polo horse on it. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/i...entPage=family I remember Ed was selling some from Barney's that fit the description perfectly but I missed out on them. I'm a 34 but will cut down anything longer. If...
Measurements are up. Thanks.
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