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I have the cambridge in shell as well (I believe it was only ever made in shell). Fantastic shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by bryce330 It appears to be up and running again - 25% cashback on eBay. I can't get it either. What search string did you use? Nothing I try works. I missed out on this the first time I'd love to get in on it now.
Quote: Originally Posted by meister Just a question... did you do the restoration with elbow grease or did you have to bring in the professionals at any time? I did it myself. I baked them in my car for a week or two with leatherique oil which really softened up the dry/hard leather and eliminated a lot of the creasing. There was also some sticky material in the leather that the leatherique lifted out. Then I spent quite a while polishing...
I picked these up on ebay on a whim and used them as a restoration project. They were in really rough shape when I got them and I did about as much as possible to get these looking nice. Can anyone tell me anything about these in particular whether they might be bespoke. The seller advertised them as such and they have that swoopy bespoke shape but otherwise I don't see any tell tale characteristics of bespoke. I was initially drawn to the square toe which reminds me...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Very true. Living within one's means is great for overall peace of mind and I think overall happiness. I agree I have a friend whose father was an extremely successful executive at a Fortune 500 company but saved 50% of every paycheck since he graduated from law school. Now he's in his early 50s and retired. I know money doesn't buy happiness but I've never seen a more laid back peaceful family.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas I know about a lot of this thanks to the experiences of many of my high school classmates' parents. I was in middle and high school in the early 90s as managed care drove many M.D.'s salaries way down. Today many of these parents are continuing to work long hours essentially to keep the plates spinning. Many have downsized their houses significantly. It's not like they're living in poverty by any stretch of the...
All sold pending payment. Thanks.
Wow got hit with a wave of PMs on #3. I think its spoken for. Hurry and get the other two.
I initially bought these ties for myself but I've been trying to clear out some of my inventory these days and thought there might be some here who would like these. They are NWT Holliday and Brown ties which most of you know are excellent quality and tie a beautiful knot. I'd like to get $55 shipped CONUS for these. The first is baby blue with a yellow and white flower pattern. I didn't realize until I got home but I believe this is a 7-fold? tie (Please correct...
I guess they are real I just can't believe the number of pieces they have. The leather in the sofa seemed too rough and old not to have ANY cracks which made me wonder about its authenticity. It sure would be a fun job to be one of Ralph's "people".
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