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Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I'm a Laker fan and I'll say that Kobe will never "pass" Jordan. Jordan was more dominant, by far. Kobe might end up with a more impressive career, due to longevity and starting at 17, but he wasn't at the same level. Kobe absolutely maxed out his potential, developed all of his skills and fully exploited his talents, but he wasn't as physically gifted as Jordan v. the League. If Kobe had Vince Carter's body and explosion...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker They cant fix the ripped sides without stitching them back to the underside - which is too brittle to hold a stitch, so they need to replace the whole underbelly. The flap, yes - its the initials. The patination is insane - I should take pics of the unexposed leather on the inside. Its beautiful. They cant do much for the leather thats cracked already, but thats just in a few places. That makes sense. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del I would rather get a new SAB case for around 2000 USD or a LV Nomade for 3500. Yeah even if money was no object I would still probably get the westminster wrap-around from SAB. It is/was $1500 during the friends and family sale at BB. Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker - New handle - +/- $400 - Condition leather on dry/cracked spots - +/- $400 - Replace underside of flap...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Let me say this - I want to have them do it - I just dont have the scratch to dump into it right now. Im going to back burner the project until I can properly get it done up. And if there was ever a sign to have them do it - as I picked it up from the boutique to take it home, head hung low as Tom Dooley, I said to myself, let me just carry it to the car (100 paces) and use it as is for a bit. The damn handle...
I wouldn't trust refurbishment to anyone other than Hermes. I'm curious as well to see how it turns out, I've tried restoring some old bags on my own and its tougher than I would have thought. Hopefully it doesn't have any hidden cracks.
[quote=artoftime;3626489] QUOTE] Probably my favorite interior of all time. The color of the leather, the stitching, the fact that it has a manual shift knob and not an automatic one. Damn near perfect car.
Thought I had these sold but it didn't work out. I'm dropping them to $135 shipped CONUS.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty I've now taken a SC back three times to Wilfred's to fix a small roll under the collar. Considering their prices I doubt I'll stick. lefty I have some rippling under the collar of a RL Sig Label Sportcoat. Who can I trust in NYC to make this alteration?
Bumping this because I'm curious if anyone has found any good flat laces in brown.
Are you kidding. I was wondering around midtown this morning with nothing to do, actually walked by bloomingdales but didnt go in.
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